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The "guide" will catch a plane, only less than one hours to write a visit to Tesla China experience shop feeling. Experience Shop is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, East Bridge, the first floor of the Chinese herb, is open to the public, a noon meal point, there will be a group of young people passing to take pictures, it is eye-catching.

The last time I wrote some reflections on the internet of automobiles, but the feeling still did not write thoroughly, this article writes I to visit the Tesla experience shop some feelings, will be more intuitive some, my photography technique is actually general, does not have to see, hoped you like me to ponder the thing.


Today got the Tesla experience shop director Shen Reception, to the dinner point, but also hungry belly to do me a tour guide, hereby thank you.

1.Tesla Experience Shop God horse features?

Car O2O should do, Tesla have their own ideas, compared to those who have 4S shop under the traditional car dealers, Tesla clear temporarily do not take this route, but the full use of "direct experience shop" model. As Tesla from Apple to the retail store president, so the design of the experience shop is also very stylish, but there is a partition, roughly the characteristics:

Red and white as the main color, strengthen the brand logo;



Emphasis on the user experience, in addition to not give you the car to start the key, the other is with you, the shop assistant can not see the clothes, this is similar to Apple's emphasis on the user live experience.

Experience shop location as far as possible location in the city center, but because it is a start-up company, so more savings, store space is not big. The future will be in the suburbs to pave the repair site, the same will not emphasize luxury decoration.

The Experience Shop offers on-site network booking services, a hanging touch screen on the walls of the showroom, and some Mac computers placed on the table to provide customized cars. The whole process I experienced, you can choose the whole car color, tires, interior color and whether there is a skylight, and so on, the module is relatively fine, the completion will give you a whole picture of the display, and then you submit your name, mobile phone number and mailbox can be, currently in the domestic reservation is 250,000. More than 100 people are said to be lining up now.





(Scene touch screen computer customization)

2.Tesla what are the core technologies?

I see the most core technology has two, one is Tesla battery integrated management technology, the second is its motor management technology. For the former, it combines more than 7,000 batteries in extremely complex ways and then seals the base of an aluminum alloy package, which is equivalent to sitting on a pack of batteries when you're driving. At the same time, this design also gives the car more space to use, such as you may no longer see the owner buried in the front of the car to look for the source of the fault.



About motor technology, I do not particularly understand, but Tesla has SpaceX company, specialized in aerospace technology, which allows it to use a small motor for a large vehicle to provide a powerful power. (See figure below)



In addition, Tesla also has some core technology or ability, make it appear more alternative. For example, its system, mainly embodied in two pad size of the touch screen, the installed operating system is regularly updated, will be made open platform, you can butt many including music, maps, search and other app applications, which will become a very imaginative fourth screen operating system platform. At the same time, because it is a regular update of the software system, so many user suggestions will be integrated step-by-Step into the user interface, which is similar to the miui of millet.





(Use the Tesla user interface to control the opening and closing of the skylight)



(User interface System allows you to adjust different temperatures for different seats, or you can focus the sound effects of the music in the car to different locations)

Also, Tesla in the flexible production and supply chain is also quite accomplished. For example, almost all of them are automated production using intelligent robots, its robotic arms are readily available to assume different functions at the same time, each vehicle from the beginning of the production of the first step are placed on a chassis named Smartcart, according to the system involved in the process of walking, and finally after the whole car combination is completed before will be taken away from the chassis. Such benefits are two, one is once a single operation failure, you can directly drag the car to one side, does not affect the entire workshop process; the second is low cost, do not need to lay a large number of cranes and ground track, and more flexible.

In the supply chain, Tesla pay attention to cutting costs, it can be said that cost control is also one of its core competitiveness. For example, as a result of aerospace at the same time, they can purchase aluminum ingots directly from the raw material manufacturers, their own processing suitable for the automotive aluminum alloy; In order to frugal the cost of the seats, they in their own factories for the seat processors open a special area, free of charge to provide venues, in order to produce, ready to In addition, they are more stringent on the supply of materials, such as Panasonic for its battery materials are for the exclusive, other electric vehicle manufacturers can not get.

3.Tesla thinks he's not a rich man's toy.

In fact, Tesla not particularly like to be said to be "rich players", according to my understanding, once its third generation of electric vehicles on the scale, to 2016 years without a car price can be reduced to 35,000 U.S. dollars, is actually very civilian.

As for why this impression occurs, many parts lie in the characteristics of Tesla's marketing and the group of enthusiasts it attracts. Tesla from the establishment to now did not spend a penny advertising, whether it is a media or a new medium, its founder Musk is a very topic-effect celebrity, plus did a very cool thing, almost all the media ran to interview. At the same time, Tesla car environmental protection and cool sports cars and other characteristics, but also makes many early enthusiasts willing to do word-of-mouth spread.

In addition, Tesla is now completely on-demand production, the general user online after the order, according to different models or distribution distance, roughly within 1-3 months can receive the goods.

From the above features, Tesla's core is more like an internet company, with a great emphasis on quality control, cost and supply chain. Shen said that Tesla and including Geely and other electric vehicles are not a species, the former is based on the Internet company's open platform thinking to do resource integration, and the latter prefers to do vertical integration, many links to do their own. The two ways are superior and inferior, we can think for ourselves.

PS: Took a photo and Tesla car from the photo, do not take out a disgrace, interested in the can own to want, hey hei.

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