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By speculation in public opinion hype in China all the way Tesla Ferrari, began to taste the public amplification effect of the pain: By the end of June this year, Yizhuang Tesla delivery center, Mr. Yu from Inner Mongolia waved a hammer, just hit the white M odel S's front windshield to show dissatisfaction. July 4, Tesla M odel S car accident in Los Angeles rare, high-speed M odel S hit the lamp post, completely disintegrated in half, then the battery fire destroyed the body. "Owners smashed cars", "Three Guarantees loopholes", "vehicle temporarily deducted", "trademark disputes" and a series of negative issues, uproar.

Judging from the series of negative news above, Tesla is currently in an unprecedented dilemma. Some of the problems even beyond their imagination, so that Tesla staff members have lost patience, in the face of the owner "when the car" inquiries made "when to pay when to pay" fire On the oil "answer.

In fact, the core issues Tesla reflects two contradictions: First, the ambivalence of China's commercial promotion of electric vehicles is somewhat too radical and the objective difficulty is too large; the other is that the radical media boom has raised the expectation of over-owners The actual delivery capacity of the conflict. The contrast between these two contradictions, together with the contrast between high-end vehicles, high prices and lack of high-quality services undoubtedly caused the above-mentioned negative events to concentrate.

Tesla encountered, in fact, the world's new energy companies common problems.

The same into the Chinese market, BMW electric cars, although Tesla in the product each other competitors, but the charging problem is the same pile. Tesla took the lead in opening up the Chinese market and playing the role of the pioneer. However, with its inaction, lack of response and radical measures, Tesla lacked the necessary preparations and eventually all kinds of problems came to light. Tesla, BMW and other new energy products into China, who walk in front, who as a pioneer and leader, will be the first to pay more pressure. In the future who successfully completed the project on the issue of building a pile, who may have the potential to become a passer in the Chinese market.

The catfish effect of Tesla does bring objective and objective promotion to the Chinese market with various impacts of technology, management and management. However, catfish are in the same water environment and Tesla is similarly plagued to some extent.

Not to mention the catfish itself is also lacking. Earlier, Tesla was widely criticized for using graphite as an important raw material for batteries. Graphite production process not only pollute the water, destroy crop cultivation, but also a lot of graphite dust will pollute the air. China is the largest producer of graphite in the world. If Tesla is promoted in China, graphite mining will intensify and the environment will be polluted. This time of public opinion turmoil has led directly to Tesla announced that only the procurement of battery materials in North America.

Tesla's puzzle may also be an opportunity for other businesses.

From booking to mentioning the car, take a year, the unexpected difficulties of the super charging station will drive up marketing costs and delay the delivery time again and again. It is estimated that a district in China to install the charging pile, only about 400,000 yuan to upgrade the grid. This makes Tesla not only difficult to complete the annual sales mission, but also dispel the patience of Chinese consumers, so that product loyalty and recognition of decline. This is very different from Tesla's ambitions and marketing plans.

As also united, defeated also united. Tesla's first car R oadster was developed based on Lotus's Elise sports car; drive technology from ACPropulsion; batteries were purchased from Panasonic 18650 batteries; motors were purchased from Taiwan's Tomita Electric; charging The electricity in the network came from on-board solar systems provided by SolarCity, another company that was founded by the company. Tesla's business success attributed to all kinds of cooperation, to solve the problems and problems encountered also need to rely on new cooperation, cooperation and start-up Tesla dependence on cooperation is indeed a doomed.

Therefore, the radical Tesla urgently needs to speed up the pace of cooperation in the middle and later stages of soliloquy and actively look for ways to cope with it. This includes finding cooperative support from opponents for common interests and avoiding over-concentration of pressure on excessive issues. Since it is a common problem that no one can bypass, let us all take it together and benefit one by one. A brand syndication may be set up jointly by new energy key players such as Tesla, BMW and BYD to develop and improve universal charging stations or to share charging facilities on the basis of Tesla's patented technology through the charging port converter. Industry associations or management coordination, follow-up to the market products and businesses consciously join the joint organization. The establishment of the joint construction and sharing mechanism can facilitate the charging of new energy vehicles of different brands, make full use of limited resources, avoid duplication of waste, and enable market pioneers such as Tesla to reduce pressure and play a leading role in promoting the construction of charging stations .

However, Tesla has another problem, which is that the product's recognition of the decline after the new car's effect decays. Tesla has recently been downgraded by the S & P rating for the B-level, as "junk stocks" from the capital market to reduce the degree of trust and heat. And once the fiery capital market depends largely on the Chinese market, which makes Tesla change the current situation in China is imminent.

Even though Tesla's high-end cars are aimed at niche people and do not need a wider range of charging stations for other EV products, the future exit of low-cost EVs in mainland China also requires the charging stations in second and third tier cities in China Support, otherwise the capital market will be dragged down more frigid. Whether in the near future or in the long run, cooperation and cooperation have become Tesla's unswerving alternative.

Of course, there is another way, belonging to the depth of the joint form --- sale.

Tesla has long been an attempt to sell the business. Hot hot capital markets, the higher the market value point shot, sell some or most of the shares, you can sell a good price. This new BYD and other energy companies, will be tempting news. Even if all Tesla was sold, its SolarCity solar company will still provide solar support in a cooperative manner, Tesla's product prospects will be better. Businesses that buy Tesla can more aggressively digest Tesla's patented technology and try their best to integrate technology, bringing together the best of both worlds, complementing each other to make the business even more powerful.

The integration of global technology rejects the fight of similar products, the alliance has become the trend of the times. In particular, new energy products, if joint research and development across industries and regions across regions, will do more with less, the success of the time greatly reduced, the cost significantly reduced. The day when new energy big brands hold hands each other is the breakthrough of the bottleneck of new energy technologies.

Xiao Cheng (well-known car critic)

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