Test your intelligence! Game "Meng Right and wrong" simple evaluation

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Answer game in iOS more and more popular, what idiom answer ah, guess the picture ah, guess the text of what followed, today's small series of this game, although also related to the answer, but the form of a completely different, in this game, the system will be a problem, let the player to make the right and wrong judgments, the correct words selected tick, The wrong choice of X, a new way to answer the question, and gave a new feeling, the game's name is called "Meng Right and wrong." Because it is the answer game, so the screen will not be very exquisite, but from some graphic design point of view, the whole picture layout of the game, making a lot like the answer card, text in the middle, right and wrong in the lower, color is also made more flattering, colorful screen very prominent functions of the meaning of music, The rhythm of the game is very regular, like a drum beat rhythm point, sounded a little sense of feeling, and the music style is more soothing, sounds a little happy, but also very suitable for the atmosphere of the answer, so that players in a relaxed atmosphere to choose. On the operational side, the game uses only the touch of the iphone screen, after judging the game is right is wrong, only need to touch the bottom of the tick or x can be very simple, for any player, small series believe that can immediately start, the screen in the upper-left corner of the current total number of checkpoints and the number of players answered correctly, The right-hand side shows the number of opportunities the player has left, and the gold coins on the right. Each pass a mark, will reward gold coins, the remaining number of times below there are time to show, each question will have 20 seconds to the player's thinking time, more than 20 seconds system directly determine failure, and the title below the pass, there are 6 opportunities to skip the current topic, Players need to be well grasped. Play to believe that we all have some basic concepts, the title of the game is not fixed, some is the basic common sense, some are more tricky problem, in fact, as the game is advertised as the current most popular topic, can say erudite, only a well-read audience can break through the test, Of course, when faced with a problem, you have to understand its meaning verbatim, sometimes a word of the difference, will let you eternal hate, so no matter how you well-read poetry, in reading the problem must be careful, in fact, in small part of the understanding, this kind of game does not need to find a special time to play, at work or work, Casually answer a few questions easily under the head can, encounter difficult problems, also do not have to rack your brains to come up with the answer, directly optional, the game will give the correct answer, relaxed at the same time, also learned knowledge, why not? Although this game, small make up a person may not be able to lift this type of game craze, but I still recommend to all iOS players to try, this can play, but also learn knowledge of the opportunity is rare OH.
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