The background reason and concrete strategy of the Internet giants ' whole business layout in succession

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Abstract: Foreword: Tencent Science and Technology this week launched "Big Chess" plan, narrated Tencent, Baidu, Ali, Sohu, Grand, 360 and so on the internet giant successively carries on the whole business layout The background reason and the concrete strategy. Over the next 5 years, we are likely to see the Giants

Tencent Science and Technology this week launched the "Big Chess Game" planning, about Tencent, Baidu, Ali, Sohu, Grand, 360 and so on the Internet giant succession of "whole business layout" background reasons and specific strategies. In the next 5 years, we are likely to see the Giants in each line of business to cast a chess layout, a full range of competition, checks and balances, this situation may become the mainstream of China's internet in the future.

Tencent Science and Technology (Lei Jianping) August 16 news, with well-known angel investors, Jinshan Software former CEO Lei (Http:// investment Amoy and other companies to obtain investment, can be cattle to buy Jinshan subsidiary Shell and other news, the industry has discussed "LEI Department" The strength of the huge and the advantages of mutual integration between the assets.

Some investment bankers estimate that Lei investment company's overall valuation has more than 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, if lei in these companies on average 15%, plus lei in Jinshan stake, which means Lei book assets of more than 200 million U.S. dollars.

From the current point of view, Lei investment in the business has been between the signs of mutual borrowing, such as mobile phone browser UCWeb in the mobile phone cool station column prominent position to promote mobile community website music, its position is even too high Sina, Sohu, QQ, Air, 3G and other sites. More play yy voice and Jinshan games have cooperation, 7k7k game Information Network also reached a joint operation with Jinshan. Addition。 Legend of Lei investment can be cattle recently bought Jinshan subsidiary Shell.

There are also rumors that Lei is interested in investing in the Phantom. The possibility of this operation comes from: "The investment charm clan, may make the UCWeb browser to obtain the bigger area pre-installed, the music news Mobile information, the tariff pass and so on application can implant the handset, Kingsoft PowerWord, the Golden Hill handset Guardian and so on the software also can in the handset foothold." It enriches the content of M8 and helps other companies to increase their income. ”

200 million dollars in carrying assets

Lei investment in the company, which has not confirmed the investment of cattle (Tencent Science and technology mapping)

Lei in a recent conference call, said that he has invested 10 dozen companies in the past 3 years, in the investment project management in principle is "not familiar with": that is not familiar with the things that are not familiar with the matter, in principle, do not invest.

such as Vancl founder of the LEI founder of the network of Business Excellence partner, after the old departure from the network of Excellence, Lei is the VANCL investment 1 million, and through the blog and other ways to help VANCL publicity, in VANCL financing things on the go-between. Lei, the founder of other companies that invest in Lei, is familiar with this.

These companies, now invested by Lei, have become an important force in the Internet industry. such as VANCL in the apparel business ranked first, UCWeb in the mobile browser first, more play nets, Lok Tao nets in various fields ranked in the front. Of these, at least 2 to 3 have reached the scale of the listing.

Jiang Haotien, managing director of Arctic Light investment, said Lei's investment in all areas of the Internet was very successful. Another investment banker, who declined to be named Lei, said VANCL's current valuation had reached $1 billion trillion, ucweb with more than 2 to 300 million dollars, and that other companies would surely have surpassed 100 million dollars. If lei in these companies average situable, if coupled with Lei in Jinshan shares, Lei book assets already reached 2.3 billion U.S. dollars.

Mutual borrowing by investment companies

Lei investment Music received UCWeb key recommendation (Tencent Science and technology mapping)

Lei invested in the company, may also include the former 360 security division general manager Fu founded can be cattle antivirus. Recently, the cattle to buy Jinshan subsidiary Shell Security, Jinshan disguised as a partial stake in cattle. This is seen as a case of LEI affiliated companies ' mutual borrowing.

There is a point of view that in the future Jinshan may be through the acquisition of cattle into the under, so as to make Jinshan security business products front form the traditional charging products "Jinshan poison PA + Jinshan Bodyguard + can be cow free antivirus" comprehensive front, to be able to furcated against 360 antivirus, Jinshan poison tyrants continue to charge, in order to achieve the purpose of fighting and breeding war.

Storm CEO Fengxin as Old Jinshan people also gave their views, he believes that the May antivirus war exposed 360 of the industry pressure weakness, the opposite of the gas is very high, renowned for the implementation of strong, Lei can and Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou 祎 tapping.

In the field of online games, the Lei department can also exert their fists. At present, Jinshan games with 7k7k game Information Network launched a joint operation, and more play network also has a very good cooperation. Fengxin that, if lei in charge of Jinshan means that its cooperation can be further expanded, play YY voice system is Jinshan game booster.

It is noteworthy that it is said to play YY voice team for the former Jinshan departure of the word PA team, lei in the old Jinshan has considerable appeal. Some analysts pointed out that if you can integrate the Golden Hill games and play more resources, the future has considerable space for imagination. This is a powerful way to go to the Golden Hill and play more.

The Charm developer community focus on promoting UCWeb products (Tencent technology screenshot)

Lei adhere to the investment philosophy is: unfamiliar people, not their familiar things, in principle, do not invest. This makes lei a relatively small amount of energy needed to invest in projects, claiming that he is only about one-third of his energy. On the other hand, because of the nature of his investment, there is a great degree of correlation between these businesses. In addition to Jinshan itself, lei investment companies can also be integrated by a larger range.

Previously there have been rumors that Lei has invested in the domestic handset manufacturers of the charm, for its investment in mobile internet companies to seek client support. Lei to deny, but did not disguise the love of the Phantom Family mobile phone, and many times through Micro Bo hold the charm of the family. Industry believes that the future lei do not rule out the possibility of investing in mobile phone manufacturers.

Observers believe that if the charm and other mobile phones can be pre-installed UC browser, music and other Mobile information content and products can also be implanted in mobile phones. PowerWord can also be pre-installed to mobile phones, increase revenue sources.

UC Browser is also the Golden Hill security into mobile phones and 360 mobile phone guardian competition for a powerful weapon. UC Browser can rely on its own installed capacity to recommend Jinshan mobile phone guards to help them seize the market. At the same time, mobile news content provider can also be recommended in UC Browser, in turn, music and Jinshan mobile phone guards enrich the content of the UC browser.

Some analysts believe that through the cooperation with 7K7K and many other startups, Jinshan is more likely to move from a traditional software company to a company with internet genes, ushering in a new round of growth. Fengxin has asked Lei questions, the future has no ability to make Jinshan into a 10 billion dollar big company.

There is, of course, another opposite view. Investor Jiang Haotien It seems that Lei invested so many companies may not have thought about the integration, now investment into the system does not necessarily need to integrate, because this also involves a lot of investors, the company's management and the different sectors of the factors.

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