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Absrtact: Wen/Wang Yanwei Fund company Electric Business competition in full play, many places are facing new challenges, the short-term biggest pressure may be it technology updates. Recently, a Shenzhen fund company, the head of IT department of the "First financial daily" reporter revealed that the foundation

Wen/Wang Yanwei

The fund company's electric Business competition is fully launched, many places are facing new challenges, the short-term biggest pressure may be the IT technology update. Recently, a Shenzhen fund company, the head of IT department of the "First financial daily" reporter disclosed that the fund company's previous system may not be able to withstand the future of the trading pressure, this is the current fund companies need to be very cautious treatment of the problem.

The past fund trading system is not real-time, T-day transactions, T+1 Day confirmation, T+2 Day can be queried, funds very late, money market fund "T+0" has been a very significant innovation. But now the fund company and the electric business cooperation, realizes the Fund "the real time to account", the t+0 also cannot satisfy the customer demand, may face the 7x24 hour real-time transaction and the payment. The person said, this point alone, the pressure is already very big, and then with the whole system with the Internet, and Alipay, tenpay this large tripartite payer cooperation, the Fund's background data processing volume, storage volume are very big challenges.

"The volume and trading pressures brought by the domestic electric power companies are simply beyond the control of the Fund's previous system." "The person thinks.

Taobao has been proud to say that their system encountered the problem is any manufacturer including IBM, HP, Oracle can not solve, so Taobao has a specialized research institute, which has a lot of talent, they have to deal with this online transactions of the huge amount of data to do a lot of work.

The company's trading system will be under great pressure, even if only a small portion of its data is introduced into the fund's website, the source said. So now the fund company started the competition of the electric business, the challenge of the system is to be very cautious, not too blind and radical.

The existing technical staff of the Fund company are not enough to support these needs. According to the regulations of the SFC, the technical staff of the Fund company must reach a certain proportion of the total number of companies, but this is not a lot.

One of the ways to solve the technical escalation problem is to introduce the outside mature technology service provider.

In fact, the development of the foundation system of the fund company, many are outsourced to the technical service provider, or directly buy mature system, and then do some transformation. The demand for technology outsourcing from the fund company may also be greater when the amount of data processed in the future increases dramatically and the processing speed is higher.

However, the full development of the electric business, not only the technical system to deal with the pressure problem. For the marketing department of the Fund company, how to analyze the customer, how to use the new means to do a good service, how to targeted rather than the massive bombing of the net-type of the customer service, all need the fund company to change the way before, not only to the daily arrival of the data on time and efficiently correctly handled, We must continue to do a good job of customer management.

Fund industry people generally believe that the future of customer marketing is very important is that customers come in, the fund company how to analyze these customers, digging out valuable customers and find ways to retain customers.

"There is also a big gap between us and the electrical business." The electricity merchant to the customer demand excavation has done very extreme, but the fund company this kind of traditional financial enterprise, before basically is stands in own angle, stands in the professional angle to think the question, the back brings the massive customer to the internet finance, these thinking and the system must change accordingly. The person said.

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