The biggest challenge in developing "cloud computing" is the idea

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Make full use of cloud computing to promote economic development. The biggest challenge in developing cloud computing today is not technology but ideas, both to avoid reckless haste and to prevent bungled aircraft

"Cloud computing is the important support point to get rid of the international financial crisis, all over the road of the Sea of clouds, change the concept, balance the relationship between cloud computing industry and service." SMEs should make full use of cloud computing to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. "National informatization Advisory Committee member Ningjia and wave group chief information Officer talk about Shaoxing 4th in Jinan," Shandong Cloud computing Technology and application training, said, to make full use of cloud computing to promote economic development, the current development of cloud computing the biggest challenge is not technology but the concept, both to avoid blindly rush to the horse, To prevent the delay of aircraft.

"Cloud for Rain" is "good cloud"

Ningjia said that the current China's information systems are complex and decentralized, enterprise data centers abound, from the country to the province, to all departments and even to the city and county. Such a large, complex, decentralized architecture to our construction costs, operational costs have brought very high costs. We should make full use of cloud services provided by cloud computing to change the way of information development.

"The development of cloud computing heart is hot, the head is cold." "Ningjia Analysis said that the current cloud computing in China is" three hot three cold "phenomenon, that is, the enterprise heat, government cold, local government heat, central Department of Cold, Central integrated Management Department hot, professional department cold. All over the country are doing cloud computing industry, such as Beijing has "Xiangyun plan", Shanghai has a "Sea of clouds Plan", Inner Mongolia Autonomous region has "blue Sky Baiyun Plan", some places to build the world's largest cloud computing center, on thousands of servers, this with a certain blindness, should avoid blindly on the horse to lead to new waste.

Ningjia said that in order to integrate cloud computing and "two" into the deep, closely combined, through the development of cloud computing, to drive the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of the mode of development, more importantly, it is to optimize the network resource allocation, information resource allocation and information infrastructure resources allocation of a significant opportunity to drive the transformation of information industry, Drive the transformation of producer services.

"The most promising area for cloud computing is to apply it to the process of enterprise and government information processing, that is, to provide quality services, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises." Cloud computing's pooling and pooling of resources in infrastructure, application platforms, and applications can save a lot of money. Ningjia said that the building of cloud computing center should take fully into account the industrial base, development needs, construction costs and environmental factors. In the center scale also need to fully consider the reality, should be large, small is small, to avoid their own construction, self-built, only cross-sectoral, trans-regional interconnection, to play cloud computing in the disaster disposal and emergency management advantages. "Cloud is not big, which cloud rain, which piece is good cloud." The development of cloud computing can not be the same, to turn clouds to rain, the cloud landing. Cloud computing will ultimately be transformed into a real-world capability. ”

Small and medium-sized enterprises can "borrow clouds Rain"

At the meeting of the day, hundreds of business representatives from all over the province apparently were more interested in the speech of the Wave group chief information officer on Shaoxing's "cloud computing how to help SMEs develop". Before the meeting began, many representatives of enterprises around Shaoxing consulting related issues, asking for his business card.

"The domestic cloud computing technology has been out of the hype stage, this cloud has fallen to the world, began to enter the service implementation phase." "In Shaoxing, compared with large enterprises, cloud computing has been more effective in reducing costs and introducing successful experiences to SMEs," he said. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China is the first in the world, but the information construction is relatively backward, there is a general lack of funds and technology, lack of software and hardware, shortage of professional and technical personnel and enterprise basic management is weak, less information, market response slow and so on, but there is the same as the

Shaoxing believes that the current small and medium-sized enterprises in our province have management consulting, intelligent decision-making, customer management and other aspects of the demand, and cloud computing can be a small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve digital, meticulous management of the important tools, through which can be introduced into the industry's successful experience, to achieve the same management effect as large enterprises Shandong Cloud Computing all aspects have a good foundation, with the country's only high-performance server and storage technology State Key Laboratory, the National Super Center, the province's cloud computing center has been built to use in high-end servers, mass storage, middleware and other fields have strong technical reserves. Can be targeted at enterprises, radio and television, taxation, health, government and other specialized software and hardware integration industry cloud.

"Through cloud computing, companies can effectively reduce costs and reduce investment by using IT resources in a way that the cloud operators use to buy services, paying by usage, and computing resources that can be expanded or scaled down by business requirements at any time." "Talk about the introduction of Shaoxing, cloud computing for SMEs to provide more IT solutions, information services available at any time, it resources can pay by volume, operation and maintenance to professional operators, small risk, enterprises can better focus on independent innovation."

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