The biggest "price wars" of the big electric dealers can't stop their anger.

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The second half of the shelf

Recently, just finished June 18, "The history of the most cattle shop celebration month" Jingdong Mall CEO Liu announced, "the third to fourth quarter of this year will set off the largest, most tragic, the most comprehensive price war!" And Jingdong will continue to lead the price war. ”

Later, Suning easy to buy executive Vice President Li Bin, said the price war is Su Ning easy to buy this year and even next year established long-term strategy. August 18 is suning three anniversary of the celebration month, see not scattered! and Suning chairman Jindong asked Suning easy to buy do not consider short-term interests, to continue to increase market, information, logistics input.

And the Cat Mall recently announced the second half of the benefit measures, said the total investment of 1 billion yuan, continue to build from the end of July to the Spring Festival online shopping spree. Real money to repay consumers and to provide subsidies to businesses will always run through it, regular delivery.

After finishing the July 18 ~7 month 28th large-scale promotion, the Gome Mall has also High-profile said that the so-called price war before, is not a real price war. To let the market and consumers clear understanding, what is the real price war, the market to a thorough shuffle. Bowser Shopping Network vice President Pengliang said, look forward to the price war again attack, big appliances and 3C casually come, then see everyone who is lower. Gome is in the strong retail era of the return of Mr Huang, Gome Mall and Bowser network is "ultra-low price" quietly joined the second half of the price war.

Recently, Suning announced that the first half of suning shopping entity merchandise sales amounted to 5.28 billion yuan, if combined with recharge, air tickets, hotels, lottery and other virtual products sales, Suning easy to buy the actual total sales close to last year sales scale, the first half of the sales target is basically completed. At the end of the year to achieve 20 billion yuan guaranteed sales will not change. This may let Su Ningqiang push line under the same price, the establishment of line under the actual situation combined with the operation of the embryonic model to deal with the second half of the price war more confidence. It also heralds a more brutal price war in the second half.

Compete for Suppliers

The Battle of open platforms for suppliers has quietly opened up in the electricity business, as the price wars of several big domestic power companies are raging.

Industry insiders believe that for the second-line electric business enterprises or Internet brands, traditional brands, stationed in the major electric power companies open platform, is a low-cost marketing of a new way.

July 19, Tencent official announced QQ online shopping open platform to start, the first batch will be connected to more than 300 merchants, and plans to introduce more than 1000 in the end of this year with a certain scale of sales and have a good service capacity of merchants settled QQ online shopping open platform. It is understood that many of these businesses are Jingdong Mall, Taobao or cat platform on the big sellers.

In 2010 online Jingdong Mall open platform, Beijing-East Vice President Zhangshouchuan also said that the construction of Jingdong Mall open platform can be complementary with the mainstream business in Beijing, will provide users with more choices, while open platform also has the role of pulling high gross margin.

In order to attract larger merchants, Tencent announced that the first batch of merchants will be exempted in this year, including entry fees, advertising fees, buckle points, and so on all the costs, and commitment to invest a large number of marketing resources to help store UV (Access users) average three times times, so that more than 80% of the settled businesses to achieve profitability.

It is reported that last July, Amazon introduced a free open platform to attract suppliers. In the future there will be bigger and more sellers in the major electric platform.

Industry insiders pointed out that the open platform war will ultimately compete with the platform's technology and service capabilities. At present, whether the supplier is out of the demand for the spread of the brand, or in contact with the needs of customers, will be in more platforms open shop. In order to achieve profitability, the supplier will use the open platform to provide customers with newer and better products and services. The technical and service capabilities of the platform will become the key to the future competition of the open platform.

Electric business war, consumers buy it?

At present, this is the relative off-season of the traditional retail trade, and many electric dealers just use crazy promotion, "build" out of a season.

If the amount of concessions claimed by these electricity dealers is added, the amount is already over $5 billion. But behind the impressive figures, do consumers really get the benefits?

First look at the business disclosure of promotional performance. Cat said that the June 18 cat home page on average per second click as high as 250,000 times, Cat Electric city sales rose 400% over the same period last year.

Jingdong said that the store celebrates a day of 1.016 billion, the best one-day sales performance, an effective daily order 1.5 million orders.

The voice is not down, questioning sound. The most acute voice is "Jingdong ' 6 18 ' real turnover only a mere 300 million yuan, and because the east 90% of the orders are cod, the actual payment rate is only 80%." Excluding these factors, the actual transaction estimate is only 240 million yuan. "The question for the cat is that last year's average daily sales in the city were not disclosed, so it is not known how much of the 400% growth has reached." There are comments that this actually reflects from a side of the sales situation is not optimistic, so businesses can only use vague concepts to "confuse".

From the merchant here can not explore the degree of "moisture", but the intuitive feelings of consumers can explain the problem. Experienced a lot of thunder, rain promotion, consumers will inevitably numb tired, for this price war, many consumers are the same feeling: concessions are far from sounding so shocking, and to get concessions is also a lot of threshold.

For example, a 100-dollar coupon issued by an electric dealer's website need a single consumption of more than 500 yuan to use, and can not be used, that is, a single consumption of 5000 yuan can still only use a coupon; the most favorable commodity of a certain electric dealer, then show out out of stock from the activity from the beginning, until the activity is over, have customer "second kill "To the unknown, and to receive a cash coupon issued by a certain electric dealer, must be a certain level of users of the site, ordinary users and new users do not touch at all; and the consumer found that the electricity dealers also play a shopping mall promotion that set, the first price discounts, although just enough to reduce the fulfilment of the words, or can be cheaper than the previous price, But consumers still feel cheated.

There are media on the mall's promotional activities to compare prices, found that 8 pages of the main push 317 items, only 38 commodity prices than other businesses lower the price of goods, but also a lot of price increases significantly. No wonder consumers are not buying it. Expert analysis, the capital of Beijing east itself tight, and raise margin impact IPO, is its fall the root cause of this round of price war. It is really a big problem, especially for 3C products, whose gross margin is notoriously low, which explains why all the electric dealers who started from 3C are actively expanding their sales lines and introducing higher-margin clothing and cosmetics.

For the price war will continue to be fatigue bombing, consumers also have to say, rather than make so many smoke and mirrors of the promotional tricks, rather than real repair services This class, the electrical business is increasingly homogeneous, the price will not vary too much.

Therefore, when the price becomes the normal, in the logistics distribution, after-sales service and other links to improve the quality of the electrical business may be the way to break through. At least from the current situation, Jingdong and cat and other industry leaders in these areas still have a lot of unsatisfactory, there is a great room for improvement.

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