The business future of Big data: Chance is opportunity

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Not long ago, two reports caught my attention. One is the author of "A Brief History of Time," Stephen William Hawking, who used big data for the British team in Brazil's World Cup-and, by the way, a team of scientists at Yahoo's headquarters was also based on Tumblr data from the Light blog site, Published predictions that Brazil would eventually win the championship, and another was a 2014-version internet Trend report by Mary Meeker, which sparked widespread domestic media attention.

The information in two reports is interesting, in particular, the contemporary most outstanding physicists also use the topic in practice to the value of large data to give affirmation, standing in Yahoo Beijing Global Research and Development center just spent five birthday time point of view, this really gives us more confidence in the future- After all, big data is both a big resource advantage for Yahoo and a direction for the team to work for the past five years.

Large data innovation relies on large platform

As an old Yahoo employee and a longtime information technology innovator, my view on two reports is: first, big data won't be a blip in the industry--the average user might be interested in the hidden connection between something seemingly irrelevant to the data, For example, why would England wear a red shirt that would raise the odds of winning about 20%? But for the team involved in research and development is more concerned about how to obtain more valuable data, how to make the data analysis results can be accurate enough to distinguish between small and even individual differences and preferences, how to change the rules of discovery to stimulate the demand for power-- In a word, the full collection, analysis and utilization of large data will completely change the competition pattern of industry and even the future of billions of users.

Chances are opportunities. When we have the means to improve the decision of a product, a certain advertising, or the probability of an inducement promotion for a particular consumer group, we can turn a small opportunity into a big opportunity and a low probability into a high probability.

However, the development of large data also has some thresholds: for example, to have enough users to generate large enough data, and, if necessary, to ensure that the user's privacy is not under threat, the implementation of data and the production of data between the users of secure, strong, continuous links; In addition, there are verifiable, The result of repeated revisions and hence the increasing effectiveness.

So big data innovation can best rely on a big platform-this leads to the 2nd: in the number of users, user stickiness, user activity, and so on, Yahoo still has an undeniable influence and potential.

According to Mary Meeker's report, in March 2014, Yahoo ranked fourth in the world's top ten Internet service providers (based on the global monthly independent user traffic statistics), the same position as in 2013-there is no more important resource and leverage for an internet company than a loyal user This provides the most solid foundation for Yahoo's resurgence, but at the same time, with more than 800 million users and 430 million mobile users around the world, these numbers also spur us not to waste the advantage of Yahoo as a big platform, but to be based on our unique large data resources to lead the trend of insight, Closer to the user's perspective and more efficient than in the past to develop more competitive products, in this regard, Yahoo North Research and Yahoo headquarters colleagues are working together.

Third, the rise of Chinese internet companies is not only a general trend, but also a continuing success in the era of big data-dominated global commerce-and, according to Mary Meeker, Alibaba, Baidu and Sohu, which have not entered the world's top ten Internet service providers last year, ranked six, 七、九位, Tencent, who was on the list last year, jumped from tenth to eighth. The world's top ten Internet service providers, American companies accounted for six seats, Chinese companies accounted for four seats, the influence has been close to rival-rooted in the world's leading mobile internet market and talent base, in a unique cultural background for billions of users to provide products and services, In the past 15 years, Chinese Internet companies have developed competitive thinking and product concepts that are hard to replicate and even mimic by multinational rivals, and in the faintly visible object interconnection, everyone interconnected, the next wave of people interconnected, with 1.3 billion people, about 850 million internet users of China will become the world's largest data source, Innovation source and market power source.

Yahoo Beijing Global Research and Development Center is also in the local successful enterprise learning and reference. Over the past five years, in addition to uphold the "three win" concept, for Yahoo to recruit first-class talent, research and development of core products, but also at all times to pay attention to and research on the domestic IT industry new models, new phenomena. The future, not only Yahoo, is expected to have more and more internet companies and China's local industry giants work together to carry out various forms of cooperation.

A business future that foresees big data

Meeker's report highlights several key trends in the future of the Internet, including a surge in mobile internet usage, continued growth in video, photos and other rich media content, the unprecedented growth of tablet users and huge opportunities in emerging markets like China. Here are only selected to show some key data:

The growth of Internet users has slowed to less than 10% per cent. The number of smartphone users is still strong, but it is also slowing.

Smartphone users accounted for only 30% of 5.2 billion mobile users; tablet shipments grew 52% last year, though they exceeded the growth rate of PCs in all years, but tablet users were only 56% of laptops, 28% of smartphones and 8% of televisions.

97% of smartphones around the world use the "Made in America" operating system, compared to just 5% in the era before the iphone.

2013, Internet advertising revenue growth of 16%, mobile advertising growth of 47%, the latter in the Internet advertising accounted for the increase to 11%.

While mobile advertising is growing optimistic, mobile apps account for 68% of the total mobile revenue, much higher than advertising.

The existing Bitcoin wallet is about 5 million, up 8 times times the same time last year.

WhatsApp and secret represent a phone book that is superior to the Buddy Atlas, and this is the future of instant messaging applications. At present, the global OTT messaging service has accumulated 1 billion users in 5 years, and people's communication methods are also changing, pictures and video sharing has soared.

The content is provided by the consumer, the community is created by the user, at the same time serves the user;

While watching TV, consumers also use mobile devices, mainly browsing the web and shopping, and smartphones have become the most viewed screens.

China Mobile internet users currently reach about 80% of the total number of Internet users in China. Compared with other markets, Chinese mobile internet users have reached a "critical majority" and will therefore dominate the revolution in mobile commerce.

Only 6 of the top 10 internet companies are U.S. companies, less than 9 last year. More than 86% of the top 10 Internet companies are located outside the United States. "The Chinese market is developing fast".

As a former Morgan Stanley analyst, this time, Mary Meeker's report is the most important one in years, and the hot trends are all-encompassing and comprehensive. There are a lot of companies, a lot of business model, she showed ppt up to 165 pages, interested friends can look for a look.

(Responsible editor: Mengyishan)

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