The capitalist's first bucket of gold: with Blood and tears

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2 years ago, I was a mouse, I thought "capitalist's first bucket of gold is blood" is brainwashing nonsense.

Today, when I was "convicted", account was black, the article was sealed, I understand, your cowardice is camouflage, your humor is marketing, your popularity is the stock price, your freedom is vain, your love is exposure, you want to make money is the truth.

When I was registered, Sina Weibo recommended me a bunch of hot Weibo accounts, and I thought you were very considerate.

When I landed, see Li, Li Bing, Li are here, I thought you domineering full.

When I turn to a fan and find my family, colleagues and peers here, I think you are the real world online.

When I refresh the Web page, see the various hypocrisy of CCTV ridicule, than on your generosity, I silently point forward.

When I was having fun, I saw all kinds of jokes. Select, beauty Select, it Select, I thought you peculiar flavor.

When I look to the left, every day there are a variety of hot topics can spit, I think you know China.

When I found food, but did not know who sent the MMS, I sent a microblog, I thought you are a network of reproduction.

When I was a friend @, about me chatting, bragging, nonsense, I thought you are a key artifact of the reverse attack.

When I was a variety of media "onlookers change the world" brainwashing, I thought leaning on you, I was pushing China towards a well-off little God seven.

Then, I mixed it media circles, I and Sina Weibo people directly deal with, began to close to the truth.

Originally, those account recommendation is your trading chips, how many people because of the greeting, sent a gift, invited a feast, rely on your forced attention to places, in the media, grassroots, tourism, finance, entertainment on the list of the night to jump red, how many companies because you beat the breast to ensure that at least 10,000 fans a day on Weibo pirate. The so-called "let users play micro Bo will not be impossible to choose" is a false lie.

It turns out that celebrities are being tempted to come, you saved in the safe in the thousands of iphone is to let celebrities into micro-bo "meaning", your beauty PR hands-on teach the old man to put the client hair Micro Bo is to let the big guy out of the face, you send Hong Kong outbound tour is in order to let the tuba not and Tencent play, The hundreds of to tens of thousands of bonus you have for inviting celebrities from different levels is never to say that you're ready for a pile of cash that's tempting when the iphone doesn't work.

Originally, those friends appear, is constantly someone in accordance with your instructions, to the mailbox invitation, to SMS invitations, to go to MSN invitation, the United States its name Yue social play, in fact, everyone is your salesman, but also free.

Originally, you are more real than CCTV, you have depth than the South, you are more interesting than the new weekly, because you never produce content, only responsible for the deletion of posts, and after the deletion of the post only a leisurely say "someone arranged, you know." ”

Originally, you captive those grassroots large, is to let them when the martyrs, the flow of electricity to play, catch fans sell ads, to do the whole case marketing, play false prosperity tricks after playing through, kicking open their own play.

Originally, Sina Local website is relying on the name of the microblogging boom to take a high valuation, Sina Local Web site has a little more than a joint venture with local advertising marketing companies, and not with the media joint venture, the Sina local site is by virtue of "I let you on Weibo," took the local government and local name of the huge market costs.

Originally, you wait for the user Micro Bo, will analyze each user's geographic information, interest tags, tone of voice, ready to play a history of the most accurate marketing, trying to say I want to buy sneakers immediately after the Wong letters "I have cow shoes." Sad to urge is, this system played for two years did not rise, can only be in micro Bo above, below, right, straight ahead, all kinds of posture hard inserted ads.

Originally, you are always popular in the domestic media, because you tell the media, open it, influential! Brush me, have news source! Maintain me, there is interaction! Join me in the activity, there is the explosion of communication force! depend on my diversion volume, instantaneous bursting! In my article, the First World War can be famous! When media leaders are accustomed to the vanity on Weibo, dare not hold you, dare to offend you, dare not to large suites, high frequency to lift you heaven?

Sina Weibo to make money, yes, Cao's origin of accounting is placed there, and less than half of the active degree is not joking, Micro Bo also have to take advantage of the last glory cashing.

Sina Weibo to drive grassroots, also to, black eat black, fish is the normal.

Sina Weibo to seal the article (several science and technology media said, this is the first time by Sina article), can understand that the grassroots accounted for half of the sweep, this can only be quiet, can not be stabbed, otherwise panic sentiment spread to ordinary users, triggering a large evacuation.

But, Sina Weibo can not pretend to be lofty, do not wear the mask of the media, play the tricks of the dough.

The media properties of Sina Weibo were problematic at first.

Sina Weibo emphasizes media attributes, and Tencent Weibo insists on social attributes-a place where Sina mocked rivals and is now his Achilles ' heel.

It's not right to play social with the media.

and micro-circle of senior practitioners have discussed: Hot events can trigger a proliferation of micro-blog, but the average user's active degree has great harm.

This side has a master to write the best meat jokes, where is the public know about the frame, next to the celebrity about cannon letters screenshot, then ordinary people still have the nerve to say that their traffic jams, do the new nails of the broken thing? The whole product of the gas field there, only celebrity event is a matter, cock silk fart thing is not a matter.

So ordinary users learned to watch, forward and join the fun. The Olympic Games came, the opening ceremony, the flow of the day, the two days before the Chinese team won the Gold Hot tournament ended, the flow to low, the closing ceremony came, the flow immediately rebounded, the Olympic Games ended, the flow of a few weeks can not come back.

This is why Sina Weibo is always so many things happen, every day is gray China, because Sina can only rely on the constant manufacture of hot products to maintain a good curve.

Imagine as an investor, see a product activity curve early every day is the upper line, it is really happy, the results to the medium term, a high to scary, a low to the bottom, than the roller coaster curve exquisite, it is really heart disease will be sent.

This is also the reason for the decline of the forum. Hangzhou 19 Floor has a huge amount of stickers, there are foreign beauty said hang find work, asked everyone good, a gang of people building "come on", the United States to come, and the landlord to make contradictions, a gang of people out of various ideas, the United States fled rent, the result suddenly heavy rain the House floor flooded, how to do, more people to join the discussion.

This post is like the Tianya "Xiao Yue Month event", a variety of top, all kinds of hot hold. Results beauty Last post, water retreat, the floor intact, things to solve. All kinds of users ask: What brand of flooring.

Is such a very deep hidden, planning the great advertising stickers, the Administrator KPI estimated early completion of several progress. Subsequently, but the 19 floor then the flow of traffic plunged. Why, the user is shy: And this ratio, how can I have the audacity to say.

This is the disadvantage of media + social play. In the end, Sina Weibo is left with only narcissists and marketing accounts, and users dive.

What is real social? I had a friend's birthday yesterday, a photo of a circle of friends, A said: "Originally you today together?" B said, "Why don't you call me?" C said: You want to do with them ah? D said: A good base friend lifetime. E said: This place seems to taste good. F said: "Not here, next time I take you to a better place." G said: It's not good to drive, we'll ride a bike next time. H said: All kinds of support g ah ...

Private topic + true friends Circle + no moral interaction, this is the real social product. Sina Weibo has strayed 108,000 of years.

Now, since the slag wave does not block the article because of "above", it means that the mask of the media has been torn off.

Make money by making money. How big the buttocks wears the big underwear, does not use the media attribute to conceal oneself.

Wait for the slag wave Weibo to become the world's largest deletion + Soft Wen + full case marketing enterprise.

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