The commercial potential of the Internet of Things

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The web of Things (Internet of things, abbreviation IoT) is a popular concept today. It can connect your computer, such as a washing machine or water pump, to a wireless network via Internet Protocol to get information about the item. For example, you can turn on a light through a sensor or send a text message to your phone.

Information Week editor ">chris Murphy called it awareness to focus on the future of the Internet in the business world. She said that once there was a person in the lighting business who, after showing others a device that could trigger a message through a photovoltaic cell, saw a wide range of applications, and immediately thought it would solve a commercial problem. Monitor the operation of the swimming pool pump.

Murphy points out that although this is different from GE's description of the internet of things, there is no statistical analysis and predictive analysis of turbines, self-driving cars and large data, but it seems more innovative and useful to monitor a VfD and make it Alert via SMS or ipad applications.

Using the Internet of things, we can do many things. For example, when a washing machine or dryer finishes its work, we can receive a reminder that when the toilet paper is about to be used up, we will be reminded to change it in time; we can install the weight sensor in the milk jar, and we can get a reminder when the milk is about to be finished; the application of RFID technology in the kitchen can make life more convenient.

Although we can use sensors to work for us while leaving the internet, things are vastly different when we gather the information of the sensors and interact with the users through the Internet of things. Looking forward to the future is difficult, but I can think of many applications by the example of the friend Murphy mentioned before. For example, the data show that the pump is on a regular strike in the Saturday, so it is necessary to add some "no small toys to the pool" by the pool or replace the new filter cover.

We've heard that Hadoop can intelligently manage the grid through the processing of large data, but I believe that the internet of things will have better business prospects and make the tools around us smarter. So, I think 2013 will be the year of the strong development of the Internet of things.

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