The controller of the Joint Trust has been released on bail

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According to counsel, this is a positive message to the client Chen Yu Chen Yu Yangcheng Evening News reporter Daoxu Report: both chairman of the suspected unit bribery crime was detained by the joint letter of the eternal Benefit (002373) and news. Company announced today, the company was informed on September 7, the company's last board chairman, former general manager Chen Yu has been on bail on September 7.  Chen Yu is still the company's controlling shareholder and the actual control person. Chen Yu is suspected unit bribery crime was detained on April 2 this year. At this time the company listed only just 10 trading days. Rich story is, after Chen Yu was detained, the by-election chairman and general manager Peng also suspected of the same charges on September 3 by the Public security organs criminal detention.  This is unique among Chinese listed companies.  Peng was detained, the company held on September 5, the Board of Directors, elected Director Wang Jianqing acting as chairman of the company, if Peng resume the ability to perform the duties of chairman, then Wang Jianqing no longer on behalf of the Chairman to exercise the responsibility.  Peng was also detained in the news to the stock market, the Union letter Wynn shares fell 7.15% in Monday, closed to 29.11 yuan, Tuesday, Rose 3.13%, closed to 30.02 yuan, I do not know whether Chen Yu on bail is a positive result. What does it mean for Chen Yu to bail? Yangcheng Evening News reporter interviewed Guangdong Cotton Tree Drive law firm lawyer Lin. Lin introduced, after criminal detention on bail, generally considered to be guilty of lesser, to the parties is positive news.  On bail, the next possible trial may not be tried, even if the trial, the penalty is generally lighter, economic offenders under 3 years of imprisonment, generally can be suspended. Chen Yu was born in April 1964, has been the general manager of Lenovo Group Research and Development Center, 2002, founded the Union letter forever. Chen Yu currently holds 18.2534 million shares of the total share capital, the largest shareholder, the actual controller. Bail-pending is a positive news for Chen Yu, as is the case for listed companies.
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