The core weapon of electric business operation: conversion rate

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E-commerce website, the product information page is the most direct move or drive away the user's page. Do you know what information page is valuable? What information is intrusive? Will the color of the button be marketed? The Electricity merchant website is unable to absorb too many natural flow naturally, all has the value flow must pay the cost, therefore enhances the conversion rate to become the electric merchant diligently to pursue the matter.

Sales information and conversion rate through a website improvement case analysis, for everyone to show the commodity sales information and conversion rate of direct relationship. The most obvious conclusion: abstract introduction is far less than the specific emotional transmission of the effect of good. Citycliq's Product detail page chooses a pure and straightforward presentation, which increases their conversion rate by 90%. This also proves that Citycliq pay the same cost, get more than one times the profit, this is the magic of conversion rate.

Data source: Zippycart & Killer Infographics

What did Citycliq do in the process?

Free trial for all users for 30 days, and a trial only takes less than 60 seconds to register. Added 30% users to the site (High-value potential consumers).

30-day trial, the site also promised that this use is not only free, and do not need a contract, there is no hidden consumption and additional conditions. This has completely dispelled the concerns of another part of the sensible consumer, and has won 28% more users (high-value potential consumers) for the company.

For those who want to buy, provide real value assurance: Clear product value, envision user effect, provide success stories to convince, while promising no stealth consumption and can provide delivery payment. Such a full range of product sales information for the site has brought more than 15% conversion rate growth.

By changing the page design more concise, clear, intuitive, found also for the site has brought 7% conversion rate growth.

button and conversion rate

Data source: Zippycart & Killer Infographics

Does the word "free" really work? Soocial website in the registration link, only increased free two words, conversion rate increased by 4.2%. "Free" is the reason why it works, because it conforms to human nature! And Firefox in the promotion period, only the product copy from the "Try Firefox3" to "Download now-free!" , the download conversion rate was raised from 9.74% to 10.07%.

Data source: Zippycart & Killer Infographics

The top 100 online retail sites in the United States use more than 10 shopping cart copywriting, and there are a number of options for using the shopping cart button graphics. Using the Red shopping button instead of the green button, you can increase the click conversion rate by 21%. More magically, adding a guided arrow increases the 20% click conversion rate.

7-Step Order button to achieve high conversion

Data source: Zippycart & Killer Infographics

Use large headings, red and bold fonts.

Adding red dashes can attract more eyeballs.

The hint of price drop is obvious, the group buying website is a good example.

Top retailers have shown that the red and orange purchase buttons increase the user's active response and improve conversion.

The aesthetic proves that navy blue fonts can increase user trust.

It is helpful to add a link below the button.

Credit card identification and delivery payment can build trust while highlighting the order button.

The power of a trust-type sign

Data source: Zippycart & Killer Infographics

If your product is inspected by the authority, it will be very convincing evidence, such as the Diamond Inspection certificate and so on. And if you have confidence in your product, you may wish to provide 30 days unconditional return. on its homepage added a trust sign, conversion rate increased by 32%.

It's best not to do the following

Data source: Zippycart & Killer Infographics

Do not only after registration to purchase the appropriate practice is not registered can also buy, but after registration can gain more value.

"Your landing has expired!" "is very disgusting, or for those who can not confirm orders for a long time to leave a chance."

Do not provide empty shopping cart features, first users do not need, and then once emptied, the customer may be directly lost.

Resetting a form is a nightmare, and filling out an order is a test of user patience.

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