The development of the virtual operator is blocked: The landline can't get through

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According to the Sound of economic "world Company" reported that up to now, including Alibaba, Beijing East, Suning and other 19 enterprises have been issued by the Ministry of Industry and the virtual operator license plate, and issued their own preferential packages. Originally thought, this is the virtual operator to subvert the traditional operators of the beginning, but did not think, 170th yards is a bit out of the first death of the meaning-many users reflect, not good. For example, when you dial number 170th on a fixed phone, it will appear as an empty number, the bank and the website do not recognize the 170 number, so they do not receive the verification code, and the number of software interception and other issues. In response to the various problems appearing in section 170th, today, "World Company" also interviewed a virtual operator-the telephone world, the phone world's vice President Jiangweiping admits, did receive a lot of user complaints. Phone World Vice President Jiangweiping: from the ratio is still more, we have about 5% to 10% of the user has occurred this interconnection, verification code is not received and so on. Jiangweiping said the problems exposed in these uses did affect the sales of their company segment 170th. But, in most cases, there is nothing they can do. Phone World Vice President Jiangweiping: It should be said that some of the problems with our coordination has been resolved, the basic operators also help us to do some interoperability basic data modification. However, a considerable number of industries and businesses are still only in the process of coordination. So what we're saying to users now is that we're going to solve problems, record problems, and clearly tell users that there are problems, but we can't promise when we can solve them. At present, the virtual operators do not have their own communications network, but from the mobile, Unicom, telecom three basic operators there a lump sum, and then through their own billing system, the introduction of differentiated value-added services sold to consumers. In the Chinese virtual Operator Industry Alliance Secretary General Shong View, fixed telephone can not dial 170th, in fact, is the cooperation between operators and virtual operators, in order to achieve accessibility, the fixed telephone network needs to update the data. China Virtual operator Industry Alliance Secretary-General Shong: This is mainly interconnected issues, each mobile network has a segment, this number of wholesale out, must be in the fixed telephone network to do a recognition of the number 170th code data, has not been completed. It is now being resolved and should be resolved by August. In addition, Shong also said that the phone can not receive the bank, the site's verification code, the principle is the same. The bank is required to upgrade the system to identify section 170th. Shong said that the major banks are already working on related issues and are expected to be completed by September. 170th, the launch of the major virtual operators in the set up their brains, but the final fee is not more than the three major operators discount too much. At present, China Mobile 4G tariff has dropped to a minimum of about 5 cents per trillion, and in the voice business, the three major carriers of the package fee also dropped to 1 cents per minute below. In the face of this situation, the virtual operatorThe price advantage is left. And some industry insiders believe that, in addition to price factors, number activation rate is also plagued by virtual operators one of the problems. To Unicom, for example, it to the cooperation of virtual operators have set the number criteria: the number of each city release, activation rate must reach 50%, will be put down a batch of numbers. This is to use the pulse of the short time to seize the market of the electricity quotient, objectively set up a barrier. In this regard, the phone world's vice president Jiangweiping that the basic operators are not subjective to the virtual operator. However, if the business cooperation to further open up, it can give virtual operators a greater space for development. Expert Comment: Economic voice: Do you think paragraph 170th is a good choice now? Huang Liming: I think this number is still in the experimental phase, the corresponding convergence is still not up to, I think the network on the evaluation that they are a mouse. Now the virtual operators to develop the space is mainly to provide some traffic services, voice services can not compete with the telecommunications operators, because its own tariffs do not prevail. Economic voice: What do you think will be the prerequisite for future virtual operators and traditional operators to compete? Huang Liming: I think it is important to break the monopoly of telecom operators, and now it has been broken, such as micro-letter. In addition, now the virtual operator's intervention will also take some means to preempt customers, they may also provide some new services.
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