The electricity merchant price war smoke again, the expert reminds the user experience not to choose the wrong

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"Don't do", "Don't Panic", "Don't Pull" "Do not Wear", red June electric dealers again about to fight, a great deal of red do not accept the potential of the hand. And in the past year or two, a scene full of "promotional" offensive in the network overwhelming, the electric dealers to price war for the hype depth, all the appliances brands are still joined, want to take the opportunity to sell, the final fact shows that the real fatigue is the consumer. This year, the red June price smoke still, but there are good signs to Haier Mall as the representative of the brand electric dealers hold high The value of the banner, focus on user Service experience, with delivery and installation of synchronization, according to the new concept of delivery, so that the vast number of netizens really feel the new changes in the carnival

Those years we suffered, the user experience do not ignore

Although the low price can stimulate the adrenaline of consumers, but with the deepening development of network shopping, such as order, payment, distribution, after-sale and so on a series of shopping flow more and more attention of consumers, any shopping link service is not in place, will directly affect their shopping experience. If only price hand-to-hand combat, and ignore the user experience, ultimately hurt the user's heart. "Mentions the price war to the net buys the user the harm, the electricity merchant industry personage feels quite deeply."

According to the survey, after each price war, the user complaints volume will soar. For example, in terms of products, there are a lot of consumer complaints, the original purchase of the value of low-priced products are actually manufacturers have eliminated products; in logistics services, due to high-density orders and the proliferation of site traffic, logistics and distribution problems. Many users complain that online orders clearly show that has been dispatched, but is not received. If involves the return, the refund and so on flow, the electricity merchant, the factory and so on are all kinds of prevarication, has harmed the consumer's legitimate rights and interests.

In particular, in the Home grid purchase field, if the manufacturer in the price war without profits, or even loss management, as cannon fodder, manufacturers are not likely to provide follow-up services, which for more and more attention to after-sales service of the home grid purchase users, is undoubtedly fatal flaw. In the face of the arrival of the crazy online purchase price war, there have been more and more users of the Internet, tend to choose those more brand security, more emphasis on user experience, and logistics services to the power of the platform, which is also the main reason for the rapid development of Haier Mall.

Adhere to the user experience is not shaken, Haier Mall to promote the value of online shopping

To provide a good user experience is the core competitiveness of the electrical business, which is recognized by the industry, but in the face of the aggressive electric dealer price war thinking, few brands can adhere to the principle of user experience is not shaken. There are reports that Haier Mall will not take the initiative to participate in the price war, but continue to adhere to the main logistics and service licensing, in the country 2,576 counties and cities in the implementation of the delivery, delivery and installation of synchronization, so that users enjoy the efficient and convenient ease of "value net shopping."

At present, Haier Mall relies on Haier Group self "day and Day Shun" logistics platform, has all over the country's county and city of warehousing, distribution, service outlets, the buyer in the Haier Mall under a single purchase, Haier will arrange distance from the nearest service network delivery, and not restricted by the region can go to the village, to the households, by about delivery. At present, Haier Mall has been implemented in more than 1500 counties to achieve within 24 hours of the limit of up to 460 counties to achieve within 48 hours of delivery. At the same time ensure that the delivery of synchronization, so that consumers instantly enjoy the online purchase of the use of new products fun. In the after-sales service, Haier across the country more than 17,000 service providers, can fully guarantee the follow-up use of products without worry. In the network to buy large household electrical appliances consumers most concerned about-brand quality, logistics and distribution, as well as after-sales service, Haier Mall has unparalleled advantages.

It is understood that Haier Mall is the Haier Group's only online official mall, Haier is not only a full range of home appliances one-stop sales service platform, but also bear the Haier E-commerce branding, user member management, after-sales service, and other aspects of the role, its strategic development has been the positioning is through the perfect logistics service system Constantly improve the user experience, to create "value network shopping." In the noisy background of the electric business war, Haier Mall insists on the attitude of the user experience, and believes that it is positive to create a healthy network shopping environment for the consumers to realize the value of online purchase.

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