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Donews November 8 News (reporter Zhang) in ">2014 year we conference, Japan biological perception expert Tomonori said, In addition to the usual language and non-verbal characters, humans can also communicate in other ways, such as facial expressions, body language and voice and intonation.

Tomonori said that human communication in peacetime is divided into two ways, one is the language, a kind of nonverbal language, such as e-mail, text messages, letters, and so on, but in addition, people can communicate in other ways, such as facial expressions, body language and voice intonation, there are still some communication methods have not been unearthed.

At the meeting, Tomonori demonstrated a range of products developed by its company Neurowear, such as the emotion-sensing headband Necomimi, the music player Mico Automatic photographic sensor Neurocam, and object sensing equipment mononome. Tomonori points out that these products are the use of biometric technology to identify the human brain on the basis of demand, to provide users with the highest degree of mood of the product.

Necomimi For example, the product from the appearance of very consistent with the "Japanese characteristics." On the hardware side, Necomimi has built a new CPU module to measure brain waves and measure the faint radio signals in the brain to perceive changes in the user's mood.

Data show that Tomonori is a research scientist from Japan, whose leading neurowear team is dedicated to using biometric technology to create new social tools. Tomo team's newest new product, "Neuro headphone" and "Neurocam", can be used to recommend music or record videos for users by detecting their brain waves. Finish)

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