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Recently, the public test tutor Zhangxiaolong left the original Hua figure education to join the online education start-up company-Ape Bank, marking another teacher from the traditional offline education institutions "fled." In fact, in recent years, the traditional institutions of teachers more and more choice of online education, or YY education, Taobao students Open education channel, this and ten years ago, such as Humic, Luo, such as the founder of training courses completely different. With the education and training of gold ten years away, leaving offline opportunities have become less, the opposite line is a blue sea, the teachers from offline to online transformation has become a trend.

phenomenon traditional institutions are keen on online

, another traditional training institution, has resigned and opted for an online education.

September 4, Beijing Commercial News reporter learned that the original Hua figure education civil servant examination Zhangxiaolong after leaving the new trend, joined online educational institutions ape questions. According to the data, since 2006, Zhangxiaolong has served as the Director of teaching and research, and was appointed president of the University of China at the beginning of this year. During the education of Hua Zhangxiaolong, the performance of the book, compiled more than 20 sets of teaching-assisted books sales millions, half a year to the performance of Hunan branch in the overall growth of 300% ...

in the eyes of outsiders, Zhangxiaolong is in the rising stage of career, but why leave a mature education and training institutions and choose a start-up company? "When the monkey Bank invited me to join, the pay scare me, not too low, but too high." I only want half, choose to join ape Question Bank, not value it gives how much salary, equity, but fancy its development foreground. Zhangxiaolong to Beijing business newspaper reporter.

According to the Beijing Business newspaper Reporter survey, in recent years, more and more traditional training institutions practitioners to choose to start or join the online education, such as the recent original Oriental Teachers Shaocheng and Wei Xiaoliang created an online education project has caused the industry's attention. Statistics show that a large part of the current online education entrepreneur ranks have experienced in the traditional education and training industry.

In addition, if you count in yy education, Taobao students set up channels to teach teachers, those entrepreneurial "retail" is more. According to the latest data of YY education, currently registered on the website of the total number of lecturers nearly 120,000 people, of which 171 people have been certified, including Le Jing, Li Huilai, Tian Yadong, such as the former New Oriental, China public education and other institutions.

Advantage allows online education to come close to learners

education and training has always been a rapid flow of talent in the industry, a few years ago, the departure of the masters of the entrepreneurial choice is mostly open training courses and the original organization competition, at that time the larger influence of the original new Oriental teacher, Luo founder of the Global IELTS and Old English. In recent years, although some famous entrepreneurs choose to set up offline training courses, but in terms of volume and influence on the scale has been difficult.

Huanqide Education Study abroad general manager Chao after leaving the choice to join a study in the field of vertical website-thankyou company, and as Vice president. It seemed to him that it would not be difficult to survive, but it would be difficult to find a new institution by his influence when he left the original institution and pulled a bunch of horses. "The entire study industry is encountering the ceiling effect, performance is difficult to continue to grow, to seek breakthroughs, must draw on the power of the Internet." "This is an opportunity and a challenge for online education entrepreneurs, and the experience of traditional educational institutions in terms of teamwork, management, industry connections and marketing can be better played in startups," Chao said.

Online education circles popular such a word: "People who understand education do not understand the Internet, people who know the Internet do not understand education." Zhangxiaolong that the essence of online education is to rely on internet technology for learners to provide education services, have a wealth of teaching experience of teachers to better understand the needs of learners. For example, the Ape bank, the founder of the former NetEase portal division President Li Yu is a typical "internet-literate person", so in the early development of the question bank is relatively conservative and cautious, the civil service questions are limited to the objective part. According to the introduction, Zhangxiaolong joined, the ape the next step will be to strengthen the Shen and the measurement of subjective problems such as research and development, rely on standardized answer system, and the introduction of artificial intelligence correction, so that learners really completed online model test.
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