The first five projects of Lenovo College of CAs have been invested

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July 15 Afternoon news, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lenovo Institute of the first phase of the ceremony was held in Beijing 15th afternoon, five students will receive the project of Lenovo Holdings and other companies investment. The first 95 students graduated from Lenovo College, the Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Lenovo held a new training course for scientific and technological entrepreneurs to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Lenovo College opened three classes, the "Lenovo star" entrepreneurial CEO training class, which is oriented to the CEO of a start-up enterprise, is a "practical training class" for the transfer and transformation management of scientific and technological achievements, and a "workshop" for the cultivation of technical leaders with potential for industrialization, respectively by Lenovo Holdings,  The Chinese Academy of Sciences and China University of Science and Technology motherboard, a total of 95 training trainees. "Lenovo star" entrepreneurial CEO special training classes are different from the General MBA, EMBA unique.  In the course, according to Lenovo's more than 20 years of entrepreneurship and development in the process of accumulation of Chinese early entrepreneurial growth, combined with the successful experience of technology entrepreneurs, tailored to the students, to change the concept of focus, by Lenovo founder Liu, Lenovo Holdings, such as senior managers of corporate management lectures. "Lenovo star" start-up CEO special training class from each courtyard recommended 143 projects selected 30 trainees for training.  Another major feature of this class is the combination of angel investment and venture capital, with five participants investing in their projects.  Five participants in the project were invested in the top 25 million heads of the "Lenovo Star" 30 participants, five students of the project was invested, the highest company valued 66 million yuan, it received 25 million yuan investment.  The projects of the five trainees are: based on the magnesium alloy Technology of Shanghai Institute of Micro-Systems and information technology (formerly known as Shanghai Metallurgical Institution), Jiaxing Sino-American Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. was established, which obtained the Zhejiang Science and Technology Development Investment company;  Relying on the Electronic Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences to engage in geo-spatial information bearing application system of the new Vietnam Science and technology company, it won the Bo Research Education Technology Investment company investment; relying on Shenyang ecological established Shenyang Zhongke new fertilizer Company, it has obtained the Shandong Shi can abundant chemical corporation investment; The Beijing Allianz High Tech Electric technology company, which was founded by Zhu Zian, a Beijing High Energy Physics Institute, has gained the investment of Lenovo Holdings, a beijing-based China science and technology company based in Beijing Automation Institute, which was established by Wei-Yu-han, which is a student of iris recognition. (Xunli)
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