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November 25, the first in China to create science and technology independent research and development of one-stop cloud self-service platform-Wei Yun online electric business platform officially on-line operation, it pioneered the cloud computing services online, offline dual-track operation (O2O) mode. The biggest feature of the platform is fully automated, fully self-service, fully autonomous, users can be directly in the "Wei Yun Online" quickly get any business applications, easy to complete online registration-landing-selection-order-payment-delivery, to achieve the purchase, it capacity on-demand delivery, customer application One-button deployment, flexible expansion of resource use.

Zhong Kai Chong "Wei Yun Online"--the first enterprise park in China one-stop it cloud self-service platform

It is understood that the Kai-Chong has become the largest industrial park in the country it and cloud services chain of the national High-tech Enterprises, formed a national key regional service network. Its "Wei Yun Online" electric business platform can be online to provide services to enterprises nationwide, deep excavation of user needs, enhance the user experience, and continue to launch new business and products, can be said to be on the internet to open up a "cloud computing services Supermarket", users through the service portal can be customized services, self-help management, Enable services to respond faster through a powerful cloud platform background.

Online under the rapid expansion of the national park chain operation, the rapid development of users, while building a "national Kai Chong Cloud Network", integration of national resources, reduce operating costs, to provide enterprises with more targeted, more professional services.

In addition, in September this year, the Sino-China Data Center Industry Development Alliance launched the "Wei Cloud" project has been fully launched, will cooperate with "Wei Yun Online", integrated cloud computing industry chain upstream and downstream enterprise products, into the Cloud fund, the Joint Park government and industry enterprises, response to the establishment of 10 large cloud application demonstration base, Construction of 100 Cloud application Demonstration Park.

Wei Yun Online front is divided into five major sections

1 Recommended forum for the park (industry) solution

2 Enterprise Basic Resources Products

3 Business Cooperation Office products

4 Enterprise Marketing Promotion Product Section

5 Enterprise Intelligent Management Products

Wei Yun online backstage divided into three major sections

1 operation and Maintenance management

2 Financial Management

3) System Management

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