The five biggest threats to cloud computing

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Cloud computing is the field of the current IT industry's most future trends. It can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, while large or small businesses are introducing cloud services for software systems and infrastructure, the cloud's application experience is not always perfect.

People must understand the serious threat to cloud computing and work out the appropriate response. Below, the foreign media lists the five major threats facing cloud computing.

Five major threats to cloud computing

Interruption of Service

Even if SLA service level agreements are implemented, some cloud services may be down. The disruption of Amazon cloud services last April, for example, is a classic example.

In some cases, cloud host downtime is more difficult to avoid than simple Web service outages. But when companies outsource all of their computing resources, they can cripple the entire company once cloud services are interrupted.

Ii. Security

Businesses and individuals must trust third party vendors to ensure adequate security. This means that even if a secure connection is established, the customer does not know if the service provided by the server and software system is secure enough. In addition, employees who work for a service provider may disclose confidential information in the course of their business.

The threat posed by malicious insiders must not be overlooked. Cloud-based interfaces and APIs are often blamed for the easy access of hackers to new avenues of attack. Because they can also lead to leaks.

Three, Foggy

Many people have heard of cloud and cloud computing, but don't know what it is.

Before discussing the concept of cloud computing and the formal introduction of cloud solutions, it is necessary to specify the position and role of everyone in cloud computing.

Iv. abuse

In the past, cloud-based servers were often used to launch network attacks and spread malicious software. Although cloud providers did not relax the registration process, some critics point out that it is much easier to buy cloud services than is imagined.

V. Virtualized environments

Virtualized environments can consolidate many of the physical services resources into large virtual resource pools to help cloud customers build servers, consolidate platforms, and run various applications. The enterprise uses the virtual proprietary server to be stored in the resource pool and can be shared by other VPS customers under the same service provider.

As a result, the user's data is easily leaked to the other clients of the same service provider, and there is no effective way to track the data leakage path and identity theft record, and to increase the difficulty of subsequent recourse.

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