The future competition of e-commerce is still in people

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2012 is the key year of E-commerce development, the main E-commerce Enterprises launched a fierce competition, a round of price war promotions, the construction and layout of large data platforms, warehousing and logistics efficiency improvement and promotion, under these surface confrontation, E-commerce enterprises are stepping up training skills.

At just the end of the East Jingdong Mall internal annual meeting, founder and CEO Liu stressed that in the second ten years in Beijing, the only one to their own assessment objectives, that is, the attention of people, the people of Jingdong concern. From this point, should be enough to see Jingdong Mall's future development strategy, people-oriented, strengthen cohesion and competitiveness, this should be all E-commerce enterprises focus on the future to build the core competitiveness of the only way.

It should be said that the management of enterprises is nothing more than human, financial and material management. For E-commerce Enterprises, the management of funds and logistics management can be information, financial management systems and invoicing management systems are the strengths of these enterprises.

The number of employees in most Chinese internet companies has doubled over the past few years, and the rapid growth of staff is becoming one of the big challenges facing Chinese Internet companies. E-commerce because more involved in the field, there are a large number of direct contact with the customer departments, especially since the construction of logistics needs a large number of personnel, personnel management is more important. Therefore, the biggest problem that puzzles the development of e-commerce enterprise, in the final analysis is still in person.

In 2012, Alibaba experienced a restructuring, and it is said that it will continue to restructure, mainly because of the huge staff of large enterprises have a serious problem of cooperation. And the same encounter personnel traps also where the goods, the first two years of the company scale disorderly expansion, leading to sales category and personnel blindly expansion, resulting in personnel outflows, grassroots corruption quietly breeding, seriously affected the company's normal development, had to take a certain degree of strategic contraction.

Jingdong Mall as the two-year speeding development of China's E-commerce giants, expanding the upcoming scale of more than 40,000 people will undoubtedly bring great challenges to the management of Jingdong. Jingdong Mall outlined in the "Inverted Triangle structure map", at the bottom of the team at the base layer, is ballast, how to manage tens of thousands of grass-roots staff, and let everyone play the biggest role of course is the most concern of management.

Simply speaking, for the management of personnel, the first is to have a unique corporate culture to unite people, but also need to have like-minded staff team can unite to enhance the effectiveness of the Organization. It is said that Jingdong Mall has its own employment theory, in its personnel coordinate system, the horizontal axis for the business capacity, vertical axis for the value of matching, according to this coordinate, the staff divided into five categories of people: gold, steel, iron, scrap metal, rust, for the ability, low values of people resolutely discard, The last remaining is the people who can endure loneliness has a tough work faith "jingdong gene" person.

Of course, to achieve the talent strategy of enterprises, the most important thing is to improve staff satisfaction and happiness. Without satisfactory employees there is no satisfactory customer. Perhaps a simple smile of the courier can achieve a loyal customer, and such a smile must have the feeling of inner happiness and professional honor can appear. This kind of work happiness needs to be realized through the harmony of the company's care, the improvement of the treatment and the colleague.

The competition of the electronic commerce enterprise intensifies, the contention of the talented person also will be more intense, the talented person's introduction, management and training all become vital. To be sure, the future who will become China's E-commerce leader in the field, depends entirely on people, depending on the courage to take the initiative to unite and cooperate indomitable E-commerce strongman.

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