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Summary: A few years ago, leading the group buying market, the handle network is now not ranked in the top three. Handle nets due to the failure of the IPO sprint big injury, still can not recover, the United States, the public comments on group buying and so on later in the home. Tencent shares in the public comments, Baidu acquisition of glutinous Rice

A few years ago, leading the group buying market handle NET, now not ranked in the top three of the industry. Handle nets due to the failure of the IPO sprint big injury, still can not recover, the United States, the public comments on group buying and so on later in the home.

Tencent shares in the public comments, Baidu to buy glutinous rice nets, the U.S. group rumored to have been 300 million U.S. dollars C round financing, has been a long time no sound of the handle network, then the message to sell, the buyer has been slow to find.

A well-known industry investor has said to Tencent technology, the handle net has a small number of mergers and acquisitions, few investors buy such a already in the industry behind the group buying site.

Some insiders noticed that the handle recently began to put ads, its guess handle nets have found a new round of financing.

Handle net an investor to Tencent Technology confirmed the judgment, the handle has indeed received a new round of financing, but he declined to disclose the amount of financing and financing of the object, only that the pull net next week may have news announcements.

For this message, handle NET founder Wu to talk, and today's handle CEO Zhou Feng has not responded to this matter. Analysts believe that the financing of the handle should have been at a critical and sensitive moment, when the official handle is not too much to say.

Handle value: There is still a chance to catch up

Data show that in the overall group buying market volume growing, while the effect of the group buy market Matthew intensified, the top 5 of group purchase site turnover accounted for more than 99% of the overall, while the number of domestic group buying site has been further reduced.

Group Buy Navigation website Group 800 report shows, to this June, the number of group buying site reduced to 176, compared to the peak of August 2011 5,058, survival rate of only 3.5%, group buying industry has been from the "Hundred Schools" completely transition to "winner of the King."

For the handle, the biggest value is that in the shuffle of the war is still alive. Group 800 analyst Kangkang to Tencent Technology revealed that the domestic group buying market has been basically formed. Although handle the current market share ranked 5th, ranking in the United States, the public comments group buy, Baidu glutinous rice, litters, but the distance of three or four is not so big, still have the opportunity to catch up.

Kangkang said, because group buying has a very strong regional, the giant effect is not so fast, in some three or four-line cities, because the handle in 2011 entered the time earlier, there are still some "sphere of influence."

Analysts on the Tencent Technology, the current group purchase industry mobile end accounted for more than 70%, the future group purchase site will be in the mobile end, handle the financing estimate is also taking into account the development of mobile end.

Investors have resigned because of the handle

According to publicly disclosed information, the handle net had previously financed a total of 166 million dollars.

June 2010, the line of less than March handle completed a round of three financing, the amount of up to 5 million U.S. dollars, a round of financing from the Taishan Angel Fund, the European Group Purchase website Daily Deal founder Angel Investment and Jinsha venture.

December 2010, the handle won the second round of venture capital, financing amount of 50 million U.S. dollars, the investor for Tenayaventure and Norwestventure, and the first round of financing in the Jinsha Venture and rebate receptacle.

April 2011, the handle net received 111 million U.S. dollars C round financing, this round of financing by Milestone Capital (milestone investment), Richemont (Calendar Group) and Remgro 2¥q, Jinsha Venture and other two funds to invest together.

Handle once sought listing, but the speed of its burning money was criticized, at that time the capital environment worsened, group buying is not optimistic, handle give up listing, finally CFO left, founder Wu out, handle become investor control company. Another consequence of the sprint IPO failure was the resignation of a milestone investment founder, who then dominated the C-round handle.

According to people familiar with the matter, the handle has been seeking to sell since 2013, but the delay has not been the party. Handle seeking to sell the reason is that the first investors have now invested 4 years, the latest also invested 3 years, many need to pursue financial returns.

On the other hand, with the group buying site Shuffle, the industry is the phenomenon of the remainder of the king, buy local life value also began to appear in today's group buying market, can be acquired by the purchase site has been very few, can only under the handle and litters regiment.

A group buying industry personage discloses, a traditional enterprise is anxious to transform, is seeking to acquire the relatively reliable group buying website, but the object that can choose is few.

Analysts said that for the handle, the group buying industry has already entered the "Spell Daddy Era", handle does not "spell dad" Maki, or sell themselves will be a better choice.

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