The integration and reconstruction of the book industry, the new and the old business model

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Recently, Beijing East book published 3721.html ">2014 book sales in the first half of the year." Statistics show that the market share of Jingdong Books has surpassed the Amazon, after Dangdang, including children's books, Science and technology books, as well as some of the single product sales are ahead of Dangdang. Such a result and I predicted in the previous period of time, like the Beijing-east and other electric business platform is gradually impact Dangdang the last line of defense, that is Dangdang's core category "books."

When a book: A porter of a publishing house

As a leader in online book sales, the business model of being a book has a big problem. Its business model is mainly to buy books from upstream publishers, and then through the Internet platform (its own consumer platform, as well as Third-party platform) sales to readers, rely on the difference between the two to gain profit (there are also a small number of open platforms). In other words, when a book is more like a porter of a traditional publisher, a book is moved from the Treasury of a publishing house to a reader, and the business model of its ebook is no exception.

There is no problem with this business model online (like the declining Xinhua bookstore, which is the business model), but on the line, the business model may not work. Because whether it is a traditional publishing house, or a new online sales platform, its pursuit is the maximization of benefits, risk (input) minimization, and this business model, only to protect the publishing house or online sales platform, one side of the interests of the contrary.

In other words this kind of business model, not when the book uses the collection Advantage exploitation publishing house, is when the book is unprofitable, obviously when the book is the former. It may even cause a press conflict, because when the purchase of the book scale, so it can get relatively low purchase price, there may be below the line of dealers (such as Xinhua bookstore) of the purchase price, if when the choice of low-cost (in line with the dealer's purchase price) to sell, will be under the line of the dealer impact, In fact, when books are done.

I am afraid that this is another reason for the decline of traditional bookstores, to know that the price war has advantages and disadvantages, it can subvert the traditional mode of sales, so that their growth. But will bring themselves into homogenization (for publishers, the electricity quotient platform homogeneity) of the price war cycle, it is obvious when the book is now into this circle, and difficult to extricate themselves. Now it looks more like the original sin of being a book.

Jing Dong Book: The Integrator of value chain

Compared with the price drive of the book, the "Experience" drive of Jingdong books is much more clever. Warehousing, logistics experience not to say, although guoqing has always stressed that Dangdang to take the logistics outsourcing to the third party logistics, the logistics cost savings of 30% than Jingdong, but its loss of user experience value far more than this 30% cost, at this moment too much attention to the immediate interests, perhaps not a good omen.

On the other hand, the business model of both books is vastly different. When the book is to choose to move books, to earn the difference, the Beijing-East book is the value chain integration, that is, open platform and Beijing-East Publishing. BEIJING-east through the transformation of the open platform of the system, to enhance the timeliness of the entry, let the publishing house quickly come in, and then through the Open warehouse service to the publishing house, so as to enhance the publishing house and its own user experience. It is reported that the Beijing-East book now has more than 600 high-quality merchants, including 79 publishers, Xinhua System 20, covering more than 4 million books, the greatest degree of optimization of the user experience (its starting point is the user experience, rather than profit).

As for the Beijing-East Publishing is the Beijing-East book on the upstream industry chain infiltration, so that the author, publishers and readers bonded more closely. The brand series of books are mainly applied to the book's own data accumulation and user consumption habits to carry out analysis, and publishing institutions in depth, playing in line with the Beijing-East book of its own audience of High-quality book works. At the same time, Jingdong book can also be real-time reader data feedback to the author, publishing house, for the author, publishing house to provide decision-making support, let it produce readers like books, improve both sides of the income. Can understand so, Jingdong books want to build is the book Circle "card House".

Some people may say, Jingdong books penetrate upstream industry chain is Rob Traditional publishing house rice bowls. In fact, this is more like in the traditional publishing house to the Internet transformation, is a kind of feedback. What's more, Jing Dong chooses an open model to help the traditional publishing house reform. Its own large data system, not only in the book production process for the publishing house to provide decision-making support, but also in the sales link for the publishing house to achieve precision marketing (through the algorithm to recommend books to potential interested people), thereby reducing the publishing house marketing costs.

Integration and reconstruction of new and old business models

If we define the business model of the book as the "book Handling" of the old times, then the open platform and the large data of the Beijing-East book are the basis of the integration and reconstruction. Its integration is the traditional book sales "Framework", by connecting publishers, authors and readers, for publishing house to open a new channel to sell books, which is the same as when the demand for books is a certain degree. Its restructuring is the business model of book sales, from Porter-like bystanders into book-making participants, so that both themselves and publishers to maximize the benefits.

It can be foreseen that under the new business model, the restructuring of the book industry is being carried out quietly with unprecedented vigour. With the application of technologies such as large data, the pace of reorganization has increased markedly and the situation has become more apparent. At the same time, due to the competition pattern of the electric quotient, the user scale, plus the user own current cognition level and so on factor, the next three years the book industry reshuffle Live is not exempt. The old business model will continue to be "frustrated" and the new business model will continue to skyrocket in a two-year period, eventually forming a single big one.

Now this era, for the book industry will be a new era of competition, it has the traditional book industry, and far from the common competition, its difficulty, size and complexity are far from the former can match. The integration of various publishers, authors and other aspects of resources, starting from the user, focus on the traditional book sales methods to find a new "fulcrum" in order to get out of homogenization, competitive price competition in the Red Sea.

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