The Internet industry competition is very fierce, no wonder that some people lamented the penis must die

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The Internet industry competition is extremely fierce, no wonder that people sigh "the penis must Die!" ”。 At the same time, because the development of Internet enterprises is often accompanied by a large demand for capital in the early stage, it is crucial for anyone to get ahead of the IPO. Today's wealth said for you to count the Internet industry in the second of the status quo. Are those "dicks" in the cutting edge being eaten alive by the eldest, or are they getting a reverse attack?

1. Xun: The list of Tencent tree is not safe dumped sold to the boss Jingdong founder sadly left

In early 2014, the Beijing-East submitted to the U.S. IPO application, its rival Xun network panic. Because as 3C electric business field of the second, Xun 2010 began to commit to Tencent, and then Tencent wholly-owned acquisitions, as a "pro son" to raise, is to hope it can strategically stall Beijing East's hind legs. Xun net at once in the price, with Jingdong to the east. At that time founder Bu Guangzi also very distressed, said don't put himself with the jingdong ratio, "We do not have it all, but more segments than it."

After the Beijing-East IPO, Xun net "Godfather" Tencent first changed, this March, in exchange for the Beijing East 15% of the shares, Tencent will easily xun nets, Pat Net, QQ Mall into the east. or under the capital pressure, Bu Guangzi attitude abrupt, united Jingdong to Xun, is a new development opportunity. This is not the case, after a few months after the merger, founder Bu Guangzi resigned, Xun employees were also disguised as "layoffs." The staff who did not cut the fight is no, after the card to go home. The Xun is getting worse. Jingdong in East elder brother and milk tea sister, accompanied by the love story of a smooth go to the U.S. listing, the market value of more than 40 billion U.S. dollars, become China's fourth largest internet company.

2, le Bee: Want to sell the boss must not have to commit to only the goods will

Ju Mei and Le Bee, was once the two major cosmetics giants. Prior to the absolute advantage of the Lok Bee Network, but the two 2013 years began to die hard to carry: poly-Mei Push 301 shop Celebration, le Bee on the Peach Blossom Festival, the United States push the genuine alliance, the fight against fakes, le Bee on the push "cosmetics white paper"; Chen Au body Popular, le Bee is bundled with many stars and beauty makeup, play PR, advertising war. In several battles, le Bees have been losing. This year, Poly-Mei excellent product turnover of more than 6 billion yuan, and Le Bee about 2 billion to 3 billion yuan, the gap further widening.

2014, le bee self-perceived strength to rival, at the same time only goods will, Beijing-east platform also began to exert the power of the U.S. electric business, sales rose, and even began to faint beyond the Lok Bee, le Bee investment in Sequoia Capital began to seek to be United States acquisition, and then package listed, not fruit; in February, Sequoia investment will be the only strategic stake in the Le Bee, Wang Licheng ran away. In this transaction, Le Bee (electric business) valuation is only 150 million U.S. dollars. April, the United States launched to the United States ipo,5 month formally listed in the NYSE, the market capitalisation was once more than 4 billion dollars. In the second quarter of this year, Le Bee is still in a loss state, by its drag, the parent company only goods will profit chain decline. And the net profit of the United States rose 53.6%.

3. Potatoes: Ex-wife's missed opportunity to go on the market dismal to be acquired

Now think about if potatoes than youku early listing, the outcome will not change?

November 9, 2010, Potato founder Wang submitted an IPO application, hoping to beat Youku at the time of listing. Unexpectedly, the month suffered former wife property dispute, plan was forced aground. The next day, in the case of the ex-wife, Shanghai Xuhui District People's court decided to freeze the shares of three companies in Wang's name, including 95% of the potatoes they hold. The ruling, let Wang miss the opportunity to go public, the IPO has been submitted, but the application has been delayed. A few days later, November 16, Youku Koo also submitted an IPO application to the US. December 8, Youku is listed on the NYSE. On the first day of trading, the stock rose 161%, worth about 3 billion dollars. You know, at that time Youku and potatoes of the number of users, the size of the revenue is not a big difference, about. In this way, Wang's "first" was robbed by his opponents.

9 months after the IPO, Tudou finally listed on Nasdaq in the United States on August 17, 2011, with a market capitalisation of $700 million trillion, just 1/4 of Youku's. Wang's choice of the market timing is not good. In the US, stocks were shorted several times in the United States, accompanied by plunging U.S. stocks. So until the potato market, rumours of a "takeover" have been on the go. April 2011, Youku to negotiate with the acquisition of the matter. Investors have lost patience, and Wang has little choice. By the next February, Wang's shares were only 8.6%, the 6th-largest shareholder of the potato. Indeed, one months later, the combination of Youku and potatoes, 5 months later, Wang Micro-resignation, video boss Second battle over. Youku potatoes became the first Chinese video site, rivals turned into a giant behind the back of the Sohu video, Tencent video and Archie art.

4. Market: Pressure doubled, multiple rounds of financing to go public for the reverse attack

When it comes to his ex-wife, I have to say net. There is news that net founder Yang Haojan ex-wife in the U.S. California court to sue Yang Hao, pointed at net stake, to Yang Hao filed a divorce property division of the relevant litigation, is internal and internal, and 58 with the city after the high and net of anxiety formed in sharp contrast.

October 2013 58 with the city successfully listed in the United States, so that domestic life services to become the darling of the capital market, Tencent in June this year to 736 million dollar strategy to share 58 of the city, accounting for shares 19.9%; in the early October, Tencent once again bought 58 shares in the same city through its subsidiaries, the scale of which There is no doubt that 58 after the listing of the city has become the domestic life service in the field of absolute eldest, by many parties.

Looking again at NET, its CEO Yang Hao-hu has announced plans to be listed as the first in China recruiting industry in 2015, classified information industry revenue first and the local Life service wireless first. Talking about the possibility of market listing, the opportunity is not no, after all, 58 of the city's listing has brought fire to this area, but net chose a very large difficulty coefficient of the model in play. At present net main field, want to kill search house, future and 58 with the city is almost impossible.

58 The city's listing to net brought unprecedented pressure, in order to avoid the confrontation with 58, its strategic positioning has been changing. With the current net capital situation indeed cannot with 58 city head-on, want to kill a road, net also need meditation honed several times, in net not to apply for an IPO before all is unknown, or go to the old potato is not impossible.

5. Zhaopin: Ten years of the second boil on the market is not their own era

2004, the recruitment field of the eldest-worry has been on the market, the remaining second Zhaopin fate bumpy, spent 10 years, before the successful listing in the United States. That year, the intellectual union received more than 2 million dollars from a European company to raise money.

For the impact of the IPO, Zhaopin several efforts, the investment side constantly change. 2005, Zhi-Lian won 7.7 million U.S. dollars to finance Lenovo investment. For the next 06 or 08 years, it received two rounds of financing. With the constant change of the investor, the professional managers who represent the interests of each party have also entered the company, such as Wang Sanqiang, Zhang Ying, Liu. A strategic swing, faction clusters of companies, the performance is conceivable. By 2009, the Chi Pool had received less than half of worry and lost 92.8 million yuan a year.

The following two years, worry, Zhaopin collective recession, hunting and other emerging Web sites rise. Will miss the best time to go on the market, the intellectual Union to make a last-ditch efforts. In 2013, the parent company seek to increase the number of intellectual union, the shareholding ratio from 55.5% to 72.3%. In June this year the intellectual Union completed a thrilling jump on the NYSE listing. May 5, the submission of the prospectus, and then 15th, June 2, 9th, 11th four consecutive revisions to the prospectus, it shows that the listing is eager.

Languish 10 years finally listed Zhaopin, but no longer back to the same year online recruitment site pillars era, is now hunting, the hook and other emerging sites of the era ...

6. Cheetah Move: Occasion giants rely on overseas markets to complete redemption of the sprint market

Once upon a time, Jinshan security (the predecessor of the Cheetah) sits in China antivirus market half, each year by selling antivirus software can get 200 million yuan income, but 360 by virtue of free anti-virus rise, playing Golden Hill safe step back, morale. Jinshan safety in the most dangerous, a Golden Hill security vice president even cry to find Lei, request lei again Mountain Lead team fight 360. In that precarious moment, by the first 360 security guards in charge of Fu left 360 after the founder of the cattle and Jinshan Security merged established Jinshan Network (cheetah predecessor), by Fu as CEO.

Jinshan Network 2009 into the introduction of Tencent as a strategic shareholder, 2010 3Q World War, Tencent spared no effort to support the Jinshan network to contain 360, which has laid the foundation for the Rise of Jinshan network to the bottom. March 2011 360 NYSE listed, 2012, Kingsoft Network push PC version "Cheetah Safe browser", CEO Fu revealed that the cheetah may become the company name. When this search for independent listing, the company's name finally implemented as "Cheetah Mobile", the company positioning also updated as "mobile tool software provider."

June 2013, Jinshan software and Tencent jointly increased the cheetah, respectively, to spend 5.2223 million U.S. dollars, 46.98 million U.S. dollars, the new shares accounted for the expansion of the Cheetah Total equity 10%, of which Jinshan software accounted for 1%, Tencent accounted for 9%. That means the cheetah was valued at $500 million trillion, which means that in less than 1 years the Cheetah's valuation has risen by more than 400%.

Over the past few years, the cheetah has grown in 360 shadows, many times the battle, the cheetah ushered in a turnaround. In addition, I have to say that Cheetah CEO Fu also seized the opportunity to move the Internet, in the overseas Android Market has been a great success.

Today, the cheetah has a new product clean Master abroad, launched in September 2012, the business rapidly expanded to the international market. As of December 31, 2013, 53% Mobile Month active users from the United States, Asia (including China) and Europe. Although the international market is not fully developed, overseas market revenue is only a small part, but it is the biggest aspect.

Internationalization also becomes the weight that cheetah moves the market window. The cheetah moves smoothly to complete the second redemption.

7. CI-Ming physical Examination: Selected the wrong listing of the land to be loved by the ambassador to overtake

has been aimed at the "China's first medical examination," The Tzu-Ming medical Examination, in a A-share IPO on the road to stop and stop, suddenly was a competitor super first, the industry regrets, the choice of listing is very important.

CI-Ming medical Examination in March 2012 has announced the IPO (initial listing) prospectus, the same year at the end of July IPO application. But the IPO process was not smooth, with first encountering a year-long IPO lockout, which was postponed after the IPO opened this year as a result of the Orascom event. By contrast, state-run news of the IPO application to the SEC this March 4, only 1 months after the successful completion of the IPO.

These two years of time, for the medical examination of Tzu-Ming, not only waiting and suffering, but also a restriction. Liu, chief financial officer of Ci Ming, has confessed to the media that the company has been pounding the IPO for many years, and that many of its expansion actions have been controlled by the regulatory level in recent two years, and many opportunities have been missed, while the large-scale expansion of the peers, such as the ambassador, has led to a slowdown As you can see from the financial results, the annual compound growth rate of the AI-Kang ambassador in recent years is about 40%.

After the first day of the listing, the National health-care ambassador Rose 8.57%, raising 153 million U.S. dollars into China. CI Ming Physical Examination of the original Chinese medical examination first status lost, Love Kang Ambassador with Capital Advantage, soon launched mergers and acquisitions. Of course, the purchase is a relatively small organization. But the physical examination industry has always relied on mergers and acquisitions rapid expansion, the United States and the health of the year by the merger quickly rushed up. The first-served advantage of the ambassador is a great pressure on CI Ming and the health of the United States.

8. Le Ju: Backed by Sina Big tree electricity business reversed attack eldest brother

SouFun, the first U.S.-listed real-estate internet company, became the boss of the industry after landing in 2010. At this time, easy to live in China in 2011, 2012 net profits are showing losses, which may be related to the loss of the Le Habitat. 2013, the two smoothly realized after the loss, Yi Ju immediately put into the break-up of the United States listing plan.

March 21, 2014, after Yi Ju China decided to split the Le Habitat listing, Tencent announced that it will be 180 million U.S. dollars in the easy to center under the flag of a wholly-owned subsidiary to buy 15% of the shares, Le Habitat this investment valuation of 1.2 billion U.S. dollars. Tencent acquisition of Le Habitat, in short, real estate and electricity business cooperation, through the micro-letter public account to strengthen the link between the consumer and micro-letter users, and at the same time for users to provide micro-letter payment solutions. Le Habitat will choose to cooperate with Tencent, nothing more than the layout of real estate mobile operators.

On the evening of April 17, 2014, the official landing of the New York Stock Exchange. The closing price of 11.86 U.S. dollars compared with 10 U.S. dollars in the IPO prices rose 18.6%, the Lok Habitat listing achieved a "start." The listing of Le Residence has stimulated the unlimited reverie and hope of the electric business, and aroused wide concern and thinking in the industry.

Le Habitat since the listing in April 2014 two quarterly results show in the real estate electric business sector of the total beyond. In the first quarter of this year, the results show that the total revenue of 121.2 million U.S. dollars, of which e-commerce business income of only 29.4 million U.S. dollars. Le home total income of 78.54 million U.S. dollars, of which the dealer income of 49.72 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 238%. Obviously, the 1 quarter of this year, the power of the electricity quotient exceeded the search room up to nearly 70%.

In the second quarter, the revenue of the house-search business was 48.6 million U.S. dollars, up 8.1% from 45 million dollars in the same period last year. House search in the report, "This growth is mainly due to the SouFun business opened up more urban markets, but by the market's weak demand for new homes adversely affected." ”

And Le Habitat two quarter, the electricity merchant income is 68.3 million US dollars, year-on-year growth reaches 159%. In the 2 quarter, the income of electricity dealers exceeded nearly 50%.

Le residence realized the reverse attack of the penis. Under the influence of the SouFun and the rise of channel Power, the SOUFUN chairman Tianquan in an open letter on August 20 to announce the media and the main sales team to the distribution transformation.

9. Leisurely Travel Network: PC end can not rely on mobile end to attack it?

In April this year, the passers-by to the U.S. listing. With the same business as the leisurely travel network, the listing plan has to be postponed. 2011, leisurely CEO Li Daishan said the company plans to go public in 2014, there will be a lot of wealth myths. Last year, Li Daishan said that the IPO plan, which was launched in July 2012, will be available within three years. Unfortunately, this year has passed two-thirds, leisurely travel Network has not listed, but the low-key passers-by first ran a step. After the listing of the cow confidence, its CEO Udunder said the next step will consider investment and mergers and acquisitions.

Who to buy? If possible, it may be a leisurely travel network. This year, Li Daishan's listing has not yet appeared in the media's sights. PC-side pattern is hopeless, leisurely began to move to the mobile internet, Li Daishan said, this is the opportunity of a sudden rise.

Brief comment on Wealth:

At present, the Internet industry bat monopoly position is difficult to shake, many small and medium-sized enterprises try to break through the various segments, long this has been a long time in various segments of the industry emerged a number of the eldest and second, these enterprises in order to develop overseas listing in order to obtain capital support. The example above can be seen who takes the lead in the IPO and who is most likely to dominate the segment. The second is not impossible to reverse attack, such as the Cheetah movement by external forces can be used to kill a way out. In this wealth said hope more dicks can reverse the story of the eldest brother, only in this way can inspire the Internet industry continue to introduce new, continuous innovation.

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