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The internet is a powerful communication tool, can be at a low cost but very convenient to the product or service information to every corner of the world, all customers all over the world through the Web site to understand enterprise products and services, so any one enterprise should not be exposed to the Internet.

1. How to make Enterprise website?

If you baidu this problem, you will find thousands of related information, I have a general look, many are looking at people confused, basically the entire article to introduce what the plan, what market analysis these illusory things, our company's corporate website is responsible for the production, I write a process based on my own experience for your reference.

2, first clear Enterprise website to do what?

I think I need to get this straight. website roughly what color, layout, there are those columns best organized into a document, if you are not clear, you can refer to your peers well-known corporate website, analysis opponents only to TSE, do the site is also the same, do not say that you do better than the opponent, At least you can't do worse than your opponent, and must have some of their own characteristics.

3, how to do the site, to who to do?

A lot of companies are usually handed over to local internet companies, in fact, I do not recommend, because the network company basically only to recognize the money, to make things that can not fully meet the needs of the enterprise, and follow-up updates, maintenance and anything is money to start, this to the enterprise, whether it is the cost, or follow-up update revision are unwise, Take our company's old website, to find a national well-known network company to do, just start to do is also satisfied with the time lapse of the discovery of the Web site more and more can not meet the needs, and then began to communicate the revision, to increase the function of the matter, there are many such a problem can not be coordinated, the best company leadership to find I asked me to do a new website , in fact, I am the company's network department, the main job is to manage the company intranet, although often surfing the internet, understand some fur, but never done a website, and then to Baidu know that a problem: Rookie how to do their own site, Baidu became China's first search engine is not covered, the morning issue, the afternoon, and help me a big favor , the original site can download CMS build station system to do, attention is not the kind of integrated station platform, is an independent download of the website system, our company's website is pageadmin system, if you need to do a forum, you can use Discuz system, do business shopping site can use Ecshop system.

Determine what site system to use, first to download the system to familiarize yourself with the function, do not understand the Web site to see the help of these systems, generally have a very detailed from the environment configuration, to the function of the use of the tutorial, if you do not understand the system official forum to post for help, the learning process time to see the ability of individuals to accept, Anyway, it took me about 1 days to basically use it. Web site I was first made on their own computer, I installed on the computer IIS and environment can run the Web site system, and then into the background to modify the site settings, change the site column, published articles, replaced the picture, the entire production of about a week.

4, the website uploads.

website do need to upload to our company to buy the virtual host, the purchase of virtual host when the host provider provided the host IP,FTP account and FTP password, only need to download leaf-ftp software installation, complete the host these parameters can be remotely connected to the host, Then the computer Web site files uploaded to the host on the line.

5. Website maintenance.

Because it is the use of professional website system to do the site, so maintenance is very convenient, direct input back to the admin address, account and password can be logged into the management of the background modified, regardless of introduction, news, products or columns are very convenient.

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