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Cloud Security Program is the latest manifestation of information security in the network era, it integrates the new technologies and concepts such as parallel processing, grid computing, unknown virus behavior judgment, and obtains the latest information of Trojan and malicious programs in Internet through the network of a large number of clients ' abnormal monitoring of software behavior. Transfer to the server for automated analysis and processing, and then distribute virus and Trojan solutions to each client. Cloud security is the concept of enterprise creation in our country.

Cloud services Secure? The U.S. government tells you

Many people are afraid to try cloud computing and cloud storage because psychologically it is not reliable to store their vital information in a third party. This is actually like the report we often see, some old too save a few years of money put in bed by a mouse chewing, the professional thing or let professionals to deal with better, Cloud security issues require more attention.

can not deny that the current cloud service providers are good and bad, but if even Amazon such services are unreliable, then the cloud services are really doomed. No, Amazon has recently gained the trust of the US government, and its new AWS (Amazon Web Services) Govcloud the government into the cloud for the first time.

AWS Govcloud only allow us users to have physical access, which has severed the possibility of "hostile forces" from outside the United States. And America is the country that attaches the most importance to cyber-security--not one. For domestic hackers, the United States government or divided or courted, there are 1000 ways to teach them to die.

Amazon says AWS Govcloud provides the same level of security as other AWS services, but it also supports some security certification mechanisms such as FISMA, SAS-70, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS level 1. AWS will deploy some for AWS Govcloud users such as Amazon elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon With Amazon's cloud services such as Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), AWS Govcloud will provide a more flexible and inexpensive service to the government as long as it pays for its use.

Currently, 100 government departments, including NASA, are using the cloud services of AWS Govcloud. The US government's move tells us that as long as there is a sound information security system, "cloud" services may actually be a more reliable choice than local services. Cloud security is beyond doubt.

"cloud security" antivirus escort internet

in the Internet domain, viruses and anti-virus software are like the Tao and the Devil, in the constant battle. With the division of the Virus Manufacturing division, the virus industry chain is increasingly showing the trend of Internet development. Virus manufacturers also tend to use some code obfuscation tools to achieve batch generation of viruses, resulting in a huge increase in the number of new viruses, a single virus survival time shortened. At this point, once the anti-virus manufacturer's monitoring module or behavioral analysis module did not timely analysis of the virus behavior and containment, the virus is likely to be in the user's network or computer has serious consequences.

in response to this trend, we predict that only the concept of computer security and the scope of security continue to extend, so that security products to the Internet, in order to deal with the new form of virus transmission, information security began to enter the "cloud security" era. To this end, rising into nearly 5000 cloud server, more than 300 research and development team and tens of millions of research and development funds, the formation of "cloud security" system.

according to the introduction, cloud security technology application, identification and killing virus no longer rely on local hard disk virus only, but rely on a large network services, real-time collection, analysis and processing. The entire internet is a huge "anti-virus software", the more participants, the more secure each participant, the entire internet is also more secure.

Cloud Security is not the concept of speculation, data shows that through the cloud security technology, the first 8 months of 2009, rising on the processing of nearly 300 million of the sample. If you do not use cloud security technology, in traditional ways, you can analyze up to 73 million samples per year.

according to the introduction, in the "cloud security" system into commercial operations in 1 years, the rising innovative "cloud security" solution successfully intercepted 2 billion times of horse-hanging web site attacks on users, intercepted and processed 20.04 million new virus samples. At the same time, the rising use of these interception and access to data for two analysis, the analysis results are utilized to the two perfect of "cloud security" system, which solves the historical problem of the information security industry such as "Virus Trojans spread", "Trojan Download Overflow" and "anti-virus software lags behind virus".

A group of domestic and foreign anti-virus manufacturers have launched such products, "for anti-virus manufacturers, cloud security has become a bridgehead for the future." "It is said by insiders. In the course of the development of the information industry, the local enterprises in our country always face the situation of competition with the international giants, in the field of information security industry is no exception, Kaspersky, Symantec, trend technology and other foreign enterprises have entered the Chinese market to seek development.

Cloud security problem from the current market pattern look, rising, Jinshan and other domestic security enterprises adhere to the "independent innovation", the continued high proportion of investment in technology research and development, in the market share, talent training, service response and other aspects have achieved with foreign enterprises relative competitiveness, and in the "cloud security" There is even the possibility of transcendence.
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