The letter page can be directly added to the attachment mailbox master is more native than iOS mailbox

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In the Mobile Office era, the mobile phone to send and receive mail demand more and more frequently. Recently, NetEase company released the Almighty Mobile mailbox App mailbox Master, NetEase mailbox is a good reputation in Chinese mailbox of professional brand, it produced the mailbox client, will give users some surprises? Do we need to install an app when the iOS system already has its own mailbox? Today, small series on the mailbox Master and iOS mailbox for a comprehensive comparison and evaluation. After the account set up, add attachments, login security, reminder settings and many other aspects of the comparison, small series found that the iOS mailbox design has been relatively perfect, the basic support of the user's transceiver needs, but some of the design is not very localized, to the user brought some inconvenience, and mailbox Master as a professional mail carrier production of the app, in many details to do a more delicate, more humane design, such as 0 traffic forwarding accessories, sign password Landing, message classification reminders, etc., to meet the mobile Office experience higher requirements. 1, add account iOS mailbox: Need to enter the System settings page Mailbox master: directly in the mailbox set up iOS mailbox: iOS mailbox all settings, including account add, and not designed in the mail application, but need to enter the system settings page into the mailbox settings, sometimes the user will not find the setting of the entrance, Moreover, switching accounts, folders need to return to the top level of the mailing list, is not particularly convenient. Mailbox Master: Add account is very convenient, as long as in the application of the internal settings entry can be, and can slide directly to the sidebar, the account number, folder to switch. In addition, the mailbox master also specifically for Gmail optimized to speed up the login process, so that Chinese users to avoid the wall, you can see the local mailbox Master exquisite thinking. 2, landing School, Enterprise mailbox iOS mailbox: Need to manually configure the server mailbox Master: Do not have to configure iOS mailbox: Add account, if the use of Google, Yahoo, and other recommended mailbox, you can directly click into the set user name, password, but these recommended mailboxes are mostly foreign mailboxes. and want to add school mailbox, Enterprise mailbox is more cumbersome, need users to manually fill out the server configuration, users want to first clear IMAP, SMTP and other professional nouns, may also want to consult professional it people, some small white users may be crazy. Mailbox Master: Support all mailboxes, and in the account matching bar for users to match the domestic mainstream mailbox, including NetEase mailbox, QQ mailbox, Gmail, 139 mailbox, Hotmail, Sina mailbox. In addition, the login school mailbox, enterprise mailbox without manual configuration, mailbox Master will be smart for users to match, eliminating the user to understand IMAP, SMTP and other professional terminology of learning.
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