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For the vast number of cock silk, if you can go home or study on the train, with a dream lover-like girl sitting together, that is extremely happy things. But most of the time, we helplessly found that all the girls who sit with dick Silk are basically sleeping on their heads in the window.

Such details are only short dwarfish poor cock silk will find, he concluded that "girls take the train to sleep by the window", he every time before the train to find out how to let the girl energetic not to sleep, from the bitter back cold jokes to learn sensational skills, he really fell into his own world. Such a situation lasted to a certain time when he wanted to get off the bus, a tall and handsome boy sat down to his position, the sleeping girl actually pretended to be awakened, Meng Meng dumped a ponytail, two people chatted up.

When he found the root of the problem, then the car but only met the rash man and seeds of the fat aunt, quite some "this feeling can be remembered, just at that time has been disconsolate" taste.

The above details describe such a lively and vivid picture of life, a little common sense and judgment of the students have guessed this cock silk is who. And now, I suddenly find myself finding a way.

That's bone conduction technology.

Advertising company Promo screenshot (have the ability to clap their faces after they are awakened ~)

This year, a German advertising agency, BBDO, released a video about a new advertising technology. In layman's terms, "let the glass give you advertising", where the glass is a noun, not personal pronouns. We can daydream about, in the near future, when we are tired for a day, at night boarded the subway home, character Big outbreak grabbed a seat, just close to the window to sleep, there is a voice in your mind circling "as long as 998, as long as 998, eight-star eight arrows take home, you can not buy the loss can not buy fooled ..." Would you want to die?

Of course, if you put the famous sound with the voice of numbing, I would like to sit in this class of underground iron, until the end of the day.

What is bone conduction technology

Students who have a little bit of biological knowledge and who have evolved completely over the past hundreds of thousands of years should know that people can hear voices, and that sound travels through the air, and then the sound waves vibrate the eardrum, and the frequency of vibration is transmitted to the cochlea. Bone conduction technology is to bypass the eardrum, the human skull as a medium of transmission, direct to the cochlea.

The result of the technology is that headphones don't have to be stuck in your ears.

Two. Kaishan Zushi of bone conduction technology

With all the industries in China can find ancestors, such as the seafood industry in the Dragon King, carpenter by Luban, tomb robbers in Cao, Shire Bong Lu, if the bone conduction industry ancestors, it is thunderclap.

Beethoven。 I think that although the gradual deafness, but as the head of the Vienna classical music faction, still a large number of classics, especially the "Nineth Symphony" became the European Union song, if the number of times to collect royalties, he will be in a few years in Beijing to buy a house down payment.

So as a Shencanzhijian musician, how can he still insist on his dream of chasing music in this difficult situation? It turned out that he was relying on a jaw-bone to bite a pole, the other end of the pole and then the piano, according to the vibration of the situation to judge the sound.

In the 70 's, American companies used bone conduction technology to make a towel-like radio that could surround the neck during exercise and pass the vibrations to the head through the neck bone, a product called Bone FONE. The reason for my attention is that the magazine in that year introduced "sound waves from the neck, shoulders and chest to the inner ear." Curious I fell into a deep thought, the size of the chest will cause the difference in the quality of the radio? The G Cup is Dolby Surround, the airport is noise.

But although bone conduction technology starts very early, the ancestors starting point is very high, but the true popularity still in recent years.

Three. Advantages of bone conduction technology

1. Protection of Eardrum

It is now often seen that violent high decibel noises can damage the eardrum's news and cause deafness. And some inferior stall headphones and so on, wear for a long time will cause irreversible damage to the eardrum. So how can you protect the eardrum? Well, the hymen is the same.

2. Noisy outdoor environment Keep safe

Today, there are some beautiful girls wearing a huge headset, walking in the street Yaotouhuangnao listening to music, as far as the distance is not to the car, is not a horn, completely deaf ears. and bone conduction technology, while listening to music, to ensure that the ears remain on standby status. This is the first time you can hear it when you are in danger.

Especially military, many special forces will use bone conduction equipment, on the one hand can receive instructions, on the other hand, can guarantee the high sensitivity of the field environment.

3. Load b


Think about it, you listen to music, watching the American drama, with relish very input, and the side of passers-by but see your headphones are not in the ear, which challenges a lot of people's cognitive category, unknown.

Four. Technology case

Aside from the first kind of imaginative imagination, look at the devices that really use this technology.

1.Cynaps Bone sensor hat

When I first saw this hat, I did not find any difference with the sun hat of 10 dollars on the five crossing booth. But when you open the brim, you find that there is no magic: You can adjust the brim to adjust the quality and size of the audio, on the one hand to make the hat more suitable for your head, on the other hand to make the sound more comfortable.

The hat made me think of the classic star, "The hair dryer is just a cover for it, actually-it's a razor." ”

Perhaps the future really can be a hat, under the brim from the outside look is sunglasses, from the inside look is small screen, and then combined with bone conduction technology ... I waited for the cock to watch a movie in the sun, and no longer had to pull the curtains.

2.AFTERSHOKZ bluetooth Headset

When it first appeared in the 2012 CES consumer Electronics Show, it has attracted my attention, especially after the Bluetooth version, after the sea Amoy one. Anyway, for the first time, it feels like an international fan of high-end atmosphere.

The main function of this product is bone conduction technology, headphones need not be stuffed into the ear, only affixed to the cheekbones can be. And through the love study of my repeated research, and found the new use of this headset. Because this by vibration to transmit sound, if listen to the fierce rock and roll words, the headset will vibrate violently, as if their head is in the point massage general, numbing feeling.

That day, I was enjoying the headset's head massage function, a colleague of the cheap ran to my side, a face puzzled. I breathed a sigh of relief and said, "This song has a good vibrational frequency." He unexpectedly jumped three steps, pointing to me loudly said: "Unexpectedly ah unexpectedly, unexpectedly you this kind of bushy also use the massage stick ..."

3. Pearl bluetooth Headset

Any innovative technical equipment, if you can not understand the psychology of consumers, it can only be behind closed doors. For example, if a researcher can make a robot like a noodle machine as much as Andy Lau Wang Chi-ling, it has been popularized and updated for generations.

And the Pearl Bluetooth headset is the use of female beauty of the psychological, who also do not want to wear a miniskirt, wearing a bodyguard-like headset, so Hybra Advance company launched a bone conduction Bluetooth headset orb. When not in use can be used as a ring on the hand, when used can be twisted to stick to the ear, as if earrings in general.

I sigh with regret that developers understand women's psychology, suddenly saw their luxury version of the product introduction. Their deluxe version can display a message/caller number/reminder with a small screen on the ring. Oh, my God, isn't the deluxe one supposed to have a big diamond with eight stars and eight arrows? No diamonds.

4. Middle ear Implant

At the end of last year, Chalmers Polytechnic University, a renowned Swedish university, began a clinical trial that used bone conduction technology to implant the device in the ear of the patient and to transmit it to the cochlea after receiving the sound. This technique can at least help many patients who are deaf due to otitis media and other problems, and directly replace the middle ear with bone conduction devices.

And the gradual improvement of bone conduction technology, the recent Google glasses also announced in the next development will add this technology, the glasses from simple visual equipment into audio-visual one-stop service.


It made me think that I could now implant a bone conduction sensor in my hat, so that I could implant it in my clothes/socks/shoes/underwear. In this way, I listen to a song, the whole body of equipment with the rhythm of the vibration, the real devotion, the real audio-visual feast.

I just need to solve one more problem is enough, is to write a typesetting on the clothes:

"I am not epileptic!" I didn't get electrocuted! Don't hit me! "


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