The Ministry of Railways for the 12306 site decompression, netizens jokingly called the most cattle electric dealer

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Recently, some media reports, the Ministry of Industry issued a notice to request the browser to stop the ticket plug-in, yesterday, Xinhua News agency China Network official Weibo released a message that the Ministry of Information Industry and Telecommunications Authority Market Management office on January 18 night with three Internet enterprises telephone communication, requiring enterprises concerned about the network situation, to take measures, Avoid affecting the ticketing system normal operation. But denies the need to stop the use of ticket-grabbing plug-ins, and said that the mandatory suspension of the law is not. "The mandatory suspension of the law is not mandatory. ”

Just yesterday, the immediate search by the People's Daily launched its own ticket-grabbing tool, "instant ticket grabs". This means that the ticket software not only has not been stopped, but attracted the "national team" players to participate.

In Friday, the news that because of the Golden Hill Network Cheetah Browser grab ticket plug-in to the Ministry of Railways 12306 booking website caused great pressure, Jinshan Network was interviewed by the Ministry of Railways. There is even news that the Ministry of Industry to Jinshan, 360, Sogou, AO Tour, such as doing a ticket to the browser manufacturers issued a notice, request to stop the ticket plug-in. However, the reporter from Jinshan network, 360, Sogou and so many browser manufacturers, such as interviews confirmed that no one received the Ministry of the stop notice, their ticket tools can be used normally.

Just want to buy tickets Spring Festival home for the Chinese New Year's netizens worry about the ticket software may be blocked, the people's Daily under the immediate search as the "national team" out, but also High-profile announced the launch of ticket-grabbing tools, which let netizens long sigh.

Ministry of Railways decompression for 12306 websites

Relevant data show that the Ministry of Railways official ticketing website at the peak of the ticket sales, 200,000 people per second at the same time online, the number of site-day login Breakthrough 17 million times, the day clicks as high as 1.5 billion times, every ticket to the peak will appear congestion phenomenon.

According to the introduction, last year, after the Spring Festival travel, the railway departments to listen to the views of the community and suggestions, many times invited several well-known domestic universities, Internet and E-commerce website focused on two aspects of the improvement.

Zhu Jianseng, deputy director of the Institute of Electronic Computing Technology, China Academy of Railway Sciences, 12306 website on the one hand, from the technical aspects, focusing on the system architecture optimization, the expansion of hardware equipment, the business process has been adjusted to improve system processing capacity, to adapt to large concurrent user access, improve the user purchase ticket experience After the overall optimization is completed, we also entrust the third party to carry out the whole process pressure test of the system, which verifies the transaction concurrency performance and processing capacity of the system.

On the other hand, from the management side, in order to avoid the large number of passengers queuing in the Internet to buy tickets, the railway department of the original 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 15:00 time nodes to 10 nodes to put the ticket, that is, 8:00~18:00 (excluding 14:00) during each hour of the new ticket sales, To reduce the waiting time for the Internet ticket-buying passengers during the peak period. At the same time, the Internet and telephone booking pre-sale period extended to 20 days.

Flow growth domestic rankings rose thousand

The daily traffic of Mor 12306 website is far beyond Jingdong

Spring ticket tickets to bring fire the Ministry of Railways 12306 booking website. Yesterday, the rankings from the World Web site Alexa (internationally renowned evaluation of the flow of companies) show that site's global comprehensive ranking of 772, ranked among the world's top 800, ranked 56 in China, one months in the domestic rankings rose more than 1000.

In addition, according to Hitwise (internationally renowned evaluation of the flow of companies) to provide data shows that the current 12306 daily average page flow of more than 120 million, far beyond Jingdong Mall, where to wait for electricity, travel sites. Because the railway is difficult to find a ticket, users have to repeatedly refresh 12306 of pages, the current average user browsing 14 pages per page, more than twice times the usual.

Interestingly, by the Ministry of Railways official website (, such as the Web site, such as also successively "double-dipping" Ride the car, the site also quickly from three months ago ranked the world 80,000 to 30,000, because many netizens often mistakenly input to find the Railway ministry booking website.

Some netizens joked that 12306 site although experience is not good, but it is the history of the most cattle electric quotient, did not make a penny of the ads, just a few days the global Alexa rankings, daily order volume is expected first, not worry about sales, conversion rate is well-deserved first.

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