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The last time you heard about Techland's zombie horror game, Death Island (Dead Island), it was 2008 years ago.  After 3 years of dormancy, this X360/PC platform game is back in the spotlight again, showing us a different shock trailer than ever before. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most shocking episode of the zombie game trailer ever seen.  This film, which uses CG, shows in flashbacks the whole process of a warm holiday in the eyes of a little girl turning into a terrible disaster. In fact, similar works in the past often deliberately avoid the portrayal of children, to prevent unnecessary controversy, but "Death island" but the opposite. As a result, there was a chilling and heartbreaking film.  If Techland can also render the same effect in the actual game, then this game will undoubtedly bring us some amazing places we never had. On the plot of the "island of Death", developer Techland has revealed that the game took place on a small island that was originally a holiday resort but was turned into a living hell by a zombie attack.  Developers want to be more realistic about the theme of survival horror, players can pick up weapons and zombies fight, but not as simple as in the "Zombie siege". Specifically, the "island of Death" will be a first-person perspective action game, but the player does not have a gun, can only rely on a number of simple props at hand (most of the time is a daily necessities) to protect themselves and survive. So, there will be no machine guns or rocket launchers, and the game tries to make the player experience more realistic survival challenges and experience the hardships and pains.  And, of course, fear. Of course, the island of Death will also provide the necessary reinforcement to keep players from feeling too helpless. The game has designed a unique experience and upgrade system, so that players can gradually grow in the battle, but this is only, a strong hand with the bat no matter how powerful, but also the enemy but a troop of zombie siege. (Edit/Xu Mingming)
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