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We like this "key to the key" on the keyboard Non-stop "Tell the World" 6 o'clock in the morning, leaving work time is still two hours, the alarm clock rang, Mr. A to harvest the happy farm of the dragon fruit. He got up, turned on the computer, and was ready to steal his neighbor's roses, but he had no idea that some guy had been lurking around in his invisibility suit and had swept his "prey".  It's OK, Mr. A set the next alarm clock, must be from the friend's farm to make up for the damage back!  Not only this, Mr. A every few minutes to refresh the new friends, to see the reprint of friends, what interesting things are going to send a state "telling the world." Usually busy work, and friends are not much time together. Through these social networking sites, everyone knows each other's every move, which makes up for Mr. A's real life less friends, more and more difficult to party.  A few months down, a Mr. A record impressive, not only the farm ranked first, "friends trading" in the highest value, there are several "slaves" from time to pat rubbing shoulders, as if to become a social circle in the red people.  However, some time ago, the university students had a party, a Mr. A face around friends unexpectedly do not know what to talk about, we are all greetings, said some perfunctory words, two-hour dinner party eat uninteresting, the scene is very embarrassing ... Reporter Wang Sentimental words left "key to the key" Xiao Liu's first girlfriend is a classmate of college, although the end of the trivial and break up, but still maintain a good friend relationship. "We are all home now, and we all love our partner," he said. However, I like to communicate with her some life sentiment. These topics in front of people talk, appear unfamiliar, in front of friends to talk, and appear sentimental. "Xiao Liu has been his first love girlfriend confidant, he said," life, confidant difficult to ask. Don't want to give up the bosom friend because of the marriage, but also do not want because the bosom friend destroys the marriage. If said to fly to an ex-girlfriend to meet, or nothing to call chat, whether it is me, or she will feel strange, and a variety of network chat software, but is a good communication platform.  Not only words, but also a variety of expressions, symbols, sometimes chat up, better than meet. "I prefer the network of communication," Xiao Lin is an introverted girl, usually do not like to talk, "just work that will, a long time to feel lonely, colleagues seem very busy, and have no courage to talk to them." "Let Xiao Lin gradually active is just the department of a QQ group." "The first people they knew talked to each other, I just looked." Later, someone ordered my name, I think they are very enthusiastic, but also from time to time to send a look or make their own graffiti. "Xiao Lin's comic" talent "was found by colleagues, as if the treasure, Kobayashi also into the collective." However, "I am still not very talkative with many colleagues, some people chatting on the internet is very happy, met also point head, not much talk." Reporter Zhou Yi chief have words before long, a "good person" with a QQ group, gathered me "separated" 15 years ofLong junior high school classmate.  As a result, dear old students all of a sudden threw themselves on the keyboard, and even some overtime, sleepless.  Chat Although happy, but after all just "key to the key", not enjoyable!  At this time, some people sacrifice the banner of the party, this rod is uncovered, as the tide. On the party day, there are really few people present.  However, the atmosphere is not a bit of power, looked at each other as the main theme ...  You see what this is, clearly "key to the key" thousand words, why "face-to-face" no language ... "Key to Key", changed what take off my "coat" "Back!" Did you have a good day? Do you have time tomorrow? Aunt Zhang's daughter came back from Singapore, to see one side ... "Just entered the door after work, Mom's routine barrage and bombing."  I left a "very busy" flash into my room, the "noise" barrier outside the door. This is the second sentence I have spoken today.  A 29-year-old old female, doing a cattle work, almost exhausted all the strength, where still have spare power to cope with other? In these years of work, the Circle of life is getting narrower. The people who spend most time on the day are colleagues, and friends in the past are almost extinct. Mom always asked me to go out with my co-workers more, but what's fun? Who still has the strength to play?  has been with colleagues for more than 8 hours a day, get tired of working together again, not like also Shu said "miserable marriage." "1 straight 2 in Ben 3 Road, 9 is 8 dare to marry 7 children." That's not you! Isn't it! Every day is arranged the blind date has the wood to have! The time is urged to have the child has the wood to have! Top 4 Elders, under a child's Wood has!  ...... Please forgive me for my gaffe.  Tired of me, wearing a mask, I just want to find a space belongs to me. The messages on the message are my thoughtful words.  You know that. Left on the QQ words, is to take off the coat after that I really.  You know that. In the Talkbox roar, not to a comfort, just wait for a time lag after leaving you tease.  You know that. In the "scarf" on the woven rhetoric, but also just to the heart of you, even if you are familiar with strangers.  You know that. "Pear" is very big, we are sad to live, but we also exist freely. This may be the best way. Reporter Lei saw your second face "no scarf before, self thought know familiar colleague, everyone scarf, just found that the past ten years, every morning and you play the person, the elevator after work, that person, is a strange face."  One colleague described it as "a colleague on the scarf". In Shanxi Road A company to work Zhangxiaodong told such a story: the company 100 supposedly people, usually cooked, there are unfamiliar, more is half-baked. One of the colleagues, called Old Liu, she is 20 years old, because one is HR, one is salesman, two people have no very intersection. Zhangxiaodong eyes, Lao Liu is a love to open a joke easy-going old man. But recently, love in other people's scarfThe message of old Liu also love on their own this piece of land: Small Winter complain overtime, old Liu ridicule: "Little girl, work honest valuable, health price higher." "When she shows her and her boyfriend travel photos, Old Liu will be a veteran gesture humor to leave the Claw:" This lad, make big! Xiao Dong also became a frequent guest of old Liu Weibo. This dark blue background of the page master, a daily record of a three of a wonderful little live: daughter Test before the test, he strained hair scarf prayer; In order to make the daughter food is guaranteed, he went for a week of noon leave, the morning to the love of the city to the other end of the school.  Also, Lao Liu's humor is really not covered, he turned every post, see can make people laugh to Pang ... Gradually, when there is intersection, two people's topic began to hook up with the scarf: How did your daughter's grades? Your boyfriend is pretty handsome. ......  On the Web page, they keep Bo friends always witty intercourse, life, two age difference 20 years old, eight pole can't hit the person, unexpectedly gradually blended acquaintance. "Although the keyboard is cold, knock out the text can be full of heat, warm heart bottom."  "The scarf is the reality exchanges the multi-directional continuation, I thought, sees many colleague's sincerity, the friend also should be more several." Reporter Kongfangfang "key to Key" after the cheap cost or affection said a dad's "embarrassing things." It is a mother's day, early in the morning to receive a message from my father, the beginning is the poem of four Ode, genteel, I can not say, vaguely remember the end of the words, "Mother's Day to, Wish Gao forever youth, wish the whole family health!" "This text message is too cold, still have the feeling of being sarcastic, but the person who is sarcastic you is still a father, really have no language." That day as soon as I went home, I had a cordial and friendly communication with Comrade Lao-tie. Old bundle of tone is common, said to receive a very good text message, and then want to send a good blessing group to the mobile phone address book everyone. I have nothing to say.  If need to use a word to qualitative "mass blessing message", then my choice will be-"heinous"! Have you ever noticed that a close relative or friend is surprised to receive such a distant message, and that a friend you don't know well is not familiar with you because of this message. may wish to cross-examine, why should we send a mass blessing message?  I suspect that the reason can at least cover several of the following: courtesy of the blessing, let the other party know that you are also a person, let the other party know that you are still in his address book, the message of a dime, fly a letter do not pay, even if the CPI how high, this money we still spend, not white hair. Here is a very important factor--cost, we can even do a sequential ranking, that is: Fly < SMS < telephone < Greeting card < letter < Meet, in addition, QQ, MSN, e-mail, microblogging site messages, etc., the cost is basically 0. The development of communication technology, so that people's communication costs are more and more cheap, so that the table a white, divided hand, apologized for a class of "big things", a dime can be done, is not too "CheAP? " Doesn't seem serious enough. Of course, and key to the key, if face-to-face to deal with these "big things", the outcome may be good, maybe bad, maybe not bad, but the certainty is that your purse a little blood, that is normal. Reporter Shanyu chief notes "key to the key" can not replace the "face-to-face" on the instrument said "face-to-face" speechless, someone will blame the "key to the key" thousand words. Is that what this is about? Is that what it is?  Is that really what it is?  Let us see "Bishing" after what happened: "Good people" is still good, sleepless people are still active in the keyboard, friendship still continue, QQ Group is still lively, but the party has not mentioned ...  "Key to the key" is probably the life of many people now. The urbanization of the whole society, the family pigeon cage, less slapstick, no gossip, the work of paperless, electronic life, computer network has become the center of gravity of life; from e-mail to QQ, "fell in love with" strangers, from blogs to micro-blog, where the guests roared ... And then what?  And then what??  Still is the keyboard, symbol splicing smile is so conspicuous, the table side of the phone will never know you are not really eat well, the void still return to the void, lonely eventually lonely ... The most intoxicating is, still sitting on the haystack to listen to mother told the past things, "face-to-face" is always so true, family, relatives, friends are always so lovely, in this heart can be affixed to the heart together ...
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