The new version of travel highlights the smart features to meet the "change" needs of travel

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Travel route planning app Travel Pie "launches a new version of the entire page and features, highlighting the simplicity and practicality of the planning process." And added some new features like an instant weather forecast and so on. In addition, labels are added to each route, such as the cheapest, most compact and most folklore. and added the sharing function, can share the route in the circle of friends. Cheng, a travel-faction co-founder, introduces that the travel development iterations will be more intelligently targeted. In addition, the future direction of travel will be more focused on outbound travel, and cover the planning and recommendation of the needs of the line. He believes that the current travel app melee, the key to winning, may not be who's faster, more comprehensive, who is the most skilled, and the key is who is more responsive to user needs. The most important feature of user demand, especially for users of the free line, is the possibility of change at any time of the trip "--if not with the regiment, perhaps because of a little sleep, or a change in traffic, or a sudden desire to stay somewhere longer." Consumer groups have become more and more obviously intelligent "consumption characteristics, hope that the best is to start with only documents, mobile phones, backpacks can start, arrived at the destination after the tour, want to go to which attractions, the scene with mobile phone to buy tickets. Therefore, the Intelligent Travel app is based on these changes, timely delivery of the most needed destinations, accommodation, catering, transportation and other information or services. Travel app in the development process, also encountered some new problems: first of all, simply consider the download volume and registration amount is meaningless. Because tourism consumption is accidental consumption behavior, if the tourism market can not be extended, tourists leave the destination, the app almost no longer has any meaning, the value of advertising will disappear, the more download also means that the more unloading. In addition, the app's destination introduction expatiating, nothing new. The most worrying thing for developers is that the characteristics of the Travel app user flow require that they have a business model of fast cash withdrawal. Although advanced data technology can largely replace guides, provide relatively safe information. However, this is behind a variety of tourism consumption and products are well combined, that is, how to better spend on the app, this is a technology and art.
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