The next commanding point of e-commerce: selling services

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Taobao, the leading online shopper, recently revealed that the next 5 years "> Alibaba Group will invest 5 billion yuan in Taobao, Open Shop Online will continue to follow the free policy. Meanwhile, another network giant, Baidu, has also released important news: it will launch a long-established personal shopping site.

From the charge of ebay to free Taobao, and then to Tencent Pat and will be ready to do Baidu, online shopping in the country has been through nearly a decade of development. Ten years, enough to achieve an industry, from the rise to maturity. The domestic famous Internet investigation Company is looking for the report of the advisory published, more than 40% shop sellers monthly income below 1500 yuan, and monthly income of more than 4000 yuan accounted for 2.1%. Network shops open shop threshold low, product duplication, "price war" for a long time. All this indicates that the Internet shopping has developed to the peak, competition is increasingly white-hot.

Who will be the overlord of the next 10 years? Who starts a step, who has the initiative to occupy the market. Selling services, then is the next commanding heights of E-commerce.

Network services Trading and the current online shopping is actually the twin brother. The most essential difference is that the goods it deals with are invisible and intangible services. In fact, Taobao's product purchasing, is a manifestation of selling services, but also presents an increasingly popular trend.

The broad sense of selling services is far from purchasing so simple, it can cover all the service needs of people, such as errands, off-site rental, self-help tour guides, coaches and so on. In the past, these services are through the traditional intermediary agencies to achieve interaction, and network services trading is the intermediary network, platform. And the advantage of the network service transaction is that it can realize the remote and convenient service. At the same time, network services trading also inherited the advantages of online shopping, that is, cheaper, Third-party payment transactions more secure.

The report also shows that the domestic network shopping platform directly creates 420,000 job opportunities. Domestic rely on open shop to seek survival, there are one-fourth people with disabilities, laid-off workers and other socially disadvantaged groups. So can we venture to speculate that the future of the emerging service trading platform will be able to create 420,000 of the national part-time or full-time employment opportunities?

At present, there is a real sense of focus on the network services trading platform, the People's Financial Network (, it provides information dissemination, service transactions, online payment, credit guarantee and other rich functions. Can people's financial network in the "Sell services" this e-commerce next to a commanding heights, we may pay attention to.

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