The overall size of China's lbs personal application market will exceed 7 billion yuan

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"Tourism online, the recent interesting thing is to launch, and before October 25, Eric's cut off the meeting, grand behind the force now to highlight." "The Internet strategy expert wakes up in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter bluntly.

Wake up the words is for the grand feeling and hair, originally Shanda's original focus on tourism services Play Network ( officially renamed on November 25, 2010 as a customer network, and the launch of a new domain name Reporter Login Play network, immediately appear notice "Play network gorgeous turn, cut the net came into being".

Tourism online is the Location service subdivision area

It is understood that the play network is a grand tour in this year's low-key on-line testing of an interactive tourism products, is to share a variety of tourism information and fun as the goal, to happy tourism, interactive tourism as the concept of a new generation of experience-oriented tourism community. In the past, the domestic media and the industry more to play the network classified as tourism site. But with the continuous introduction of its relevant cutting and customer application and the High-profile debut of the Conference, the play network has been fully blown to lbs (that is, location services) in the field of the horn.

Play Network CEO Song has said that the essence of the customer is to let the Internet out of the office, the computer desk before the limitations of the application, so that users can share anywhere, record, spread their lives. Relative to the core of SNS application is who I am, and who I communicate with, the core of micro-blog application is my focus on what topic, LBS application is the core of where I am. And where am I? This core information will be derived from a large number of services and business opportunities, so the play network chose to cut off as the future direction of development.

"Tourism online sites can be viewed as a niche area for location service sites, of course, because the location service itself is a basic service, there are many applications that can be expanded on the position, from this point of view, the location service-related subdivision will be very rich, and, as the extended service becomes richer, It may be difficult to treat this service simply as a location service. "Wake up," said the visitor.

Iris Market Consulting Research data show that in the past three years, China's lbs personal application market Size to maintain rapid growth, from 2008 market size of 335 million yuan, 2010, this data is 998 million yuan. It is expected that by 2013, the overall size of China's lbs personal application market will exceed 7 billion yuan, and five average annual growth will surpass 100%.

According to people familiar with the situation, the location of service sites, is now not a unique world of startups, with Baidu side, Sina here (planning, not officially launched), everyone report (Renren's location service), plus Baidu, Sohu, Sina and so on before all have map class service, So location-based services are already the domain of large internet companies.

Taobao travel breaks the original market pattern

China E-commerce Research Center analyst Fang Zhi told reporters, at present, there are three kinds of online tourism models: first, the network to buy tourism products, related tourism industry such as attractions ticketing, travel routes, air tickets, hotels, etc., the main mode has to travel agencies to open online tourism site; the other is to set related resources (travel agencies, hotels, Ticketing) in one of the tourism sites, such as Ctrip, third is the search for the category of tourism sites, such as where to go. In these three models, the second development is particularly good.

For a long period of time, to Ctrip, art, such as the main large-scale online tourism operators, its market share of more than 80%. Until May this year, the collection of air tickets, hotels, tourism services three major plate Taobao travel platform officially on the line, this market pattern has changed quietly. Analysts said that in the tourism industry, Taobao is likely to be like other industries, once again attract industry manufacturers to join together, so that e-commerce in all walks of life gradually become mainstream. Operating more than half a year, many consumers also deeply appreciate the charm of Taobao travel platform.

November 29, Taobao Travel Inn system officially online, the total number of up to 17,000 Hotel Inn not only makes the system a city on the same site set a new record number of hotels. So Taobao is also completed the Ticket + hotel two major tourism core products strategic layout. Analysts point out that Taobao's big ecological effects will gradually emerge in the future, will accelerate the market changes.

"Taobao travel advantages first is a more comprehensive service, air tickets, hotels, travel routes, tickets, car rental, tour guides and so on, travellers to use the service, Taobao travel can be found in basic." such as hotels, Taobao travel is not just a star hotel, there are a large number of fast hotels, features inns and even farm hotels, to meet the diverse needs of different consumers. The other is the price, a major feature of online shopping is to reduce the intermediary channels, thereby reducing the price of goods and services, so that consumers get benefits. In addition, the platform has a large number of subjects, the face-to-face competition between them to increase the transparency of information, but also conducive to the formation of a more reasonable price. Another is the service, the same platform for the operation of the advantages, once encountered consumer disputes, Taobao can be used as a third party to intervene, to avoid the more common businesses to evade consumers to complain about the situation, the greatest extent to protect the interests of consumers. "Taobao travel platform responsible for blowing snow said.

The reporter from Taobao understand, according to Taobao Future Vision, in the air tickets, hotel online booking area to set up the ecological circle, Taobao will further enrich the tickets, car rental and other online tourism industry chain elements, improve online business large ecological platform. At present, tickets, car rental, inns and so on are traditional online business travel platform has not yet involved and difficult to provide services in the field.

The traditional travel agency rides the electronic Commerce Express

According to PhoCusWright data, China's online tourism accounts for only 5% of the tourism industry. Although China's online travel penetration rate will increase from 11% to 14% in 2009, it will continue to grow in 2010. However, China's online travel penetration rate is among the lowest in the country, lagging far behind the global average. American online travel penetration rate is about 70%, Europe's online tourism penetration rate is 50%, India's percentage also reaches 30%.

"As a traditional travel agency, the recognition of the capital market, the injection of power is like inserting a wing, and the use of the most advanced E-commerce platform, using High-tech power, is to find another take-off wings." Zhang, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, once so evaluated the traditional travel agency's enthusiasm for capital markets and e-commerce technology.

Therefore, the traditional tourism industry do not forget to take the internet, such as high-speed express, such as the travel Network of Cyts, China far Country Brigade's Bai-Cheng Travel network. Despite the pains of these web sites that have been on the line earlier and transformed from traditional industries, but they and Ctrip and other online tourism companies rely on "mouse + cement" The biggest difference is that the birth of the traditional travel agents in the online tourism site in the tourism resources control, especially the overseas travel resources control far more than Ctrip has advantages.

"Our overseas travel resources are very rich." "There is a strong background and strength of the traditional hundred travel agent Caesar Tourism President Chen Xiaobing in the Securities daily interview, said," Our Caesar tourism Network is in 2004, now has formed a set of tourism information, line inquiries, online comparison, online booking, Online payment and other functions in one integrated Tourism business website. In particular, Caesar tourism Network has also opened a large payment function, further facilitate the payment process for tourists, making outbound travel registration become more simple. Recently, the number of Caesar tourism online booking and purchase of tourism products is rising rapidly, along with the youth of tourism consumption, the proportion of tourism product line sales will be more and more big. ”

Chen Xiaobing that the traditional hundred-strong travel agency has many years of offline tourism experience, and has a rich and perfect product system, its performance and reputation in the industry has been fully affirmed, this is the traditional travel agents to develop e-commerce advantages. But after all, E-commerce is also a new thing, Caesar tourism Network is a relatively young tourism business site, in the start and the run-up stage, we still have a lot of places to improve and improve.

"From the current development of the Internet, E-commerce is the general trend." will continue to play a more important role in the future. Based on its 7x24-hour 24x7 service characteristics, coverage is completely unaffected by the geographical cross-regional, it can be said that there is a network of e-commerce, and can achieve real-time interaction with local netizens, so for any company that wants to expand their business, E-commerce is the primary consideration of the marketing model and channels. "Chen Xiaobing is very optimistic about E-commerce.

"Tourism is a promising industry, tourism online class site must have a big development space, but, because the position of the service to enter many, the technical threshold has been very low, the competition will be very fierce, if not previously in the tourism industry to accumulate corresponding resources, now starting from scratch has been very difficult. "Wake up to remind entrepreneurs who want to enter this field.

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