The predicament and coping way of Chinese fresh Enterprises ' doing electric business

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Keywords E-commerce through agricultural products

First, China's fresh enterprises to do electronic commerce major opportunities

(i) Agricultural electronic commerce is a long-term hotspot of national policy support and Social Fund support

1, the central document continued to focus on "three rural", the country's investment in agricultural funds continued to grow

Since 2004, the central document has focused on "three rural issues" for nearly ten years, adjusting agricultural structure, speeding up scientific and technological progress, and continuously increasing investment in agricultural science and technology. During the period, has launched the "Agricultural Super Butt", "agricultural products modern circulation comprehensive pilot" support policy, the implementation of fresh agricultural products from production to consumption of the whole link low tax policy, aimed at reducing circulation links, reduce circulation costs, explore and innovate agricultural product circulation mode. Development of family Farms was first mentioned in central document 2013. Encourage farmers to rely on large electric dealers sales platform or build their own sales network to direct their own products.

The State Council issued the "National Modern Agricultural development planning (2011-2015 years)" said "Twelve-Five" during the establishment of a stable growth mechanism for agricultural investment, the central and county-level local fiscal annual total investment in agriculture should be higher than the regular revenue growth rate, Continue to increase the modern agricultural production and development of funds and the scale of agricultural exploitation.

2, "Twelve-Five" planning further popularization and deepening of electronic commerce to help agricultural electric dealers all-round development

The author has participated in the national "Twelve-Five" e-commerce policy for the discussion of the draft, planning clearly pointed out the further popularization of E-commerce deepening, the specific goal is e-commerce turnover doubled, break 18 trillion yuan. Network retail turnover exceeded 3 trillion yuan, accounting for the total retail sales of consumer goods in the proportion of more than 9%. In 18 trillion of the turnover, e-commerce transactions between enterprises over the scale of more than 15 trillion yuan. Corporate online purchases and online sales accounted for more than 50% and 20% of total purchases and sales. "Planning" also requires, to "Twelve-Five" at the end of the network of large enterprises in the supply chain coordination capacity of the basic establishment of some industry leading enterprises in the global business synergy ability of the initial formation. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises that use electronic commerce regularly reaches more than 60%. Ministry of Industry, National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries are actively implement and promote E-commerce.

3, professional investors to China's agricultural e-commerce investment intentions Clear positive

Professional investment institutions are optimistic about the dual opportunity of agriculture and electric business, some venture capital enterprises began to switch to agricultural electricity dealers. Since last year, the capital market has been helping to push agricultural electric dealers: foreign private equity funds such as Carlyle Investment, Blackstone Group and so on have invested in Chinese agriculture, and the Shouguang agricultural Products Park, which is invested by Blackstone's leading consortium, is worth as much as $600 million; As well as fortune, deep venture investment, day map venture investment, such as RMB venture capital, have a number of investment cases in the field of agriculture. In addition, China's supply and marketing company will invest 2 billion in the "North Canton" is mainly for agricultural products to build electricity business platform; Alibaba has been exerting the power of agricultural products, its platform on the number of agricultural shops soared, the 2012 farm trade volume reached nearly 20 billion yuan, the Group Research Center predicts 2013 agricultural transactions will soar to 2014 is expected to reach 100 billion yuan.

(b) China's agricultural industry is changing from a decentralized to an order-oriented agriculture process

1, decentralized mode of "two called the middle Smile" need to change

In the past, China's agricultural industry is a decentralized species and sales, although the rice and other food crops have a protective policy, but did not establish the relationship between growers and direct users, the high cost of intermediaries, information asymmetry serious. Agricultural product circulation Link is many, the loss big "two calls Middle Smile" The circle is criticized by the person. Agricultural products from farmers to reach the hands of consumers generally through 4 to 6 links, including farmers-buyers-origin wholesale market-transport-sales to the wholesale market-distribution to supermarkets, markets or farmers markets, each additional circulation, the cost will increase 5至10%, plus a variety of taxes and management costs, The circulation cost is about half of the vegetable price.

2, "Order Mode" information bridge through the agricultural circulation link

"Order Mode" can establish a direct link between farmers and users, can effectively avoid the information asymmetry caused by the planting loss, significantly improve the input of agricultural inputs and personnel management efficiency, which will help to make agricultural products to form a large circulation, economic and trade patterns, change the market liberalization of agricultural products in China, farmers and consumers information asymmetry, The operational status of poor efficiency, more effectively promote the circulation of agricultural products from decentralized to order-oriented agriculture transformation.

(iii) The birth of agricultural brands

1, the agricultural region brand big line, inefficient

There are many varieties of Chinese agricultural products, high yield, one side of soil and water to nurture the regional characteristics of the birth of a large number of characteristics of agricultural products. For example: Shennongjia wild chestnut, the Great Wall of wild chestnut, north-east Rice, Shanxi millet, Hebei pear, Xishuangbanna honey pomelo, Xinjiang raisins, West Lake Longjing and so on, throughout these agricultural brands, only regional brands, no corporate brand. And there are shoddy, brand confusion, uneven quality of the situation, it is difficult to form a scale effect and economic effects, to the enterprise energy and financial impact.

2, the Agricultural enterprise brand belongs to the Blue Sea field, may create the higher value

Brand can not be limited to the region, for example, "le" (dole) bananas, pineapple and other products high prices, and geographical independence, but with high-quality Word-of-mouth best-selling global. In contrast, China's regional brands such as "Northeast Rice", "Hainan Banana" and other brands in the value of transmission is very weak. At present, the actual situation is that China's agricultural brand construction is weak, few high value agricultural brand, agricultural brand construction or a blue sea field, this is the agricultural enterprises to do the establishment of brand E-commerce is an excellent opportunity.

Ii. Agricultural E-commerce Development Dilemma

(a) Enterprise internal repair basic skills weak

1, the enterprise's own information base is weak

Chinese traditional agriculture relies on manual management, for it application degree is low, the majority of agricultural enterprises even basic enterprise management Information system is not built, or even if there is a simple information management system, but also just as accounting tools, the use of information data is seriously inadequate.

2, corporate brand awareness indifference

Enterprises do not pay attention to the enterprise itself and the brand building of agricultural products, lack of long-term planning of their own brands, no brand, or only regional brands, resulting in low value-added products, weak profitability. Even if some enterprises have brands, but not good at creating and maintaining a better brand image, will not use corporate brand communication to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

3, enterprises limited to traditional thinking, to understand the relative limitations of the electrical business

Agricultural enterprises are limited by traditional thinking, and less contact with E-commerce, leading to business managers for e-commerce exist fear or even exclusion attitude, even more unable to understand how to use the Internet, through E-commerce to carry out effective network management, Also not clear as the future of E-commerce will become a new form of development trends, thus missing the opportunity for enterprise development.

(ii) Inability to establish direct orders with customers

Agricultural enterprises in the weak understanding of e-commerce, more lack of practical experience in E-commerce, performance in terms of brand planning, market segmentation, Customer group positioning, integrated marketing and other aspects of the ability, do not know how to achieve differentiation and value, can not be directly recognized by customers and generate memories, Thus can not form an effective direct order relationship with the end customer.

(iii) a high degree of diversification of customer needs, contingency, disorderly changes in the long-term existence

1, supply and demand is difficult to match, easy to appear backlog of goods out of stock

As agricultural products, non-standard products, customers according to each person's preferences, environment and other aspects of the impact, taste constantly changing, so as a traditional agricultural enterprises difficult to grasp the needs of end customers, so that products often can not be active to meet customer demand, resulting in customer demand can not be met, and existing products can not effectively sell, forming a backlog or out of stock situation.

2, high loss, resulting in a large number of corporate profits wasted

As agricultural products, the shelf life is generally very short, like vegetables, fish, meat shelf life only a few days, if there is no more effective preservation measures, shelf life or even shorter, if not in the product's validity period can be quickly sold out, with the increase in time, the loss of products will be a straight rise, even through some fresh means of temporary treatment, In the product quality and quality will also fall, the long-term past, the customer experience will gradually decline, the enterprise brand brings great harm.

3, quality and price can not be harmonious, consumers are not willing to pay for high quality products, and low prices and feel bad quality

Because there is no effective brand planning and dissemination, in the eyes of consumers did not form a strong brand and quality awareness, so the enterprise is difficult to obtain brand and packaging premiums, often enterprises spend great efforts to carry out high-quality control of products, but the final sale of high-quality agricultural products can not be superior price; in contradiction with the improvement of living standards, Customer demand for agricultural products more and more, pollution-free, natural, green and other concepts in the consumer view has been deep-rooted, for low-cost agricultural products, consumers feel uneasy, difficult to make sales decisions.

Iii. the solution to the dilemma of agricultural electricity dealers

(a) Seeking professional cooperation agencies, especially those with experience in agricultural operations

As an agricultural enterprise, the product should be made known to consumers and when consumers produce purchase demand can be the first time to think of the purchase of enterprise products, from the customer's identification memory, brand differences, good reputation to stimulate three aspects to work hard, and in the formation of customer recognition of products and brands, in order to form customer follow-up stable purchase, The enterprise also needs to carry on the long-term work in the customer consumption frequency promotion, the consumption quota promotion, the consumption type expansion aspect. These, is not a technology platform can solve things, nor is it a short-term quick effect of things, need to be in the agricultural industry and E-commerce has a profound understanding of the professional team to carry out operations, need to think carefully, and with the enterprise decision-making business model and business system, And according to the Enterprise strategy needs to establish a platform suitable for the enterprise itself to support, and through long-term effective e-commerce management to achieve.

As a professional team, through in-depth investigation and analysis of the internal and external situation of the enterprise together with the enterprise, can help the enterprise to clarify the product, customer group and price positioning, through the complex data analysis model calculation, will the enterprise product and the customer demand match, the effective guidance enterprise production. Similarly, the professional team can assist enterprises involved in reasonable business processes, the establishment of fresh logistics and networking scientific management system, so that the production management of enterprises orderly, improve product and market docking link, greatly reduce the enterprise's product loss.

As the industry's most top companies, not only need to complete the general enterprise to establish E-commerce system support, but also through effective customer-led marketing, truly "production", in the loss of controllable conditions, stable sales profits. For example, IBM, Chi Xin and many other professional firms, they have experienced fresh E-commerce professional team, can realize e-commerce and industry characteristics seamless combination, can effectively help enterprises in the technology Platform support, website operation and so on to achieve a comprehensive electric business solutions. At the same time, through timely, comprehensive information and abundant resources, so that the application of policy funds support and investors docking support, effectively solve the enterprise development process of capital bottlenecks and related policy issues, to help enterprises achieve sustained, high-speed and global growth.

(ii) options for establishing a direct relationship with the final purchaser

1. Open Entity Chain

By relying on their own characteristics of agricultural products, the opening of the stores throughout the city, to take direct or join the way, through the enterprise's own ability to achieve product distribution, so that the store business circle affect consumers gradually recognize the brand and products. such as Hebei Yi Jia Yi Kitchen fresh chain, to fresh vegetables for the backing, with seasoning dry goods, frozen products, cereals and oils, etc., in the community to open flagship stores, to fresh, parity, security as a competitive advantage, to create the brand image of consumers.

2, Brand pull

Enterprise system of CIS brand planning, and put into marketing costs for brand promotion, through the company's strength and brand ability to display, in the consumer group gathered place to do repeated stimulation and tips and other ways to promote brand memory and consumption. such as Wuhan Hongshan bolting, from the historical origin, vegetable production and planting place of scarcity for product packaging, and in the brand propaganda quoted the Taoist classics, from the beginning of the consumer psychology to create a high-end, high value concept, and ultimately gain a wealth of brand earnings.

3, the Internet E-commerce form order relations

The establishment of enterprise E-commerce Platform as a link consumer hub, and through the network rich media for brand communication and marketing promotion, according to consumers in the E-commerce platform for the order, the commodity organization. I bought Nets, Shun Fung optimization, the original life, Zhengda world, easy fruit nets, etc. is the use of this pure E-commerce platform form.

4. Complex e-commerce

A careful strategic study of the Enterprise, in the original advantages of enterprises such as brand value, physical stores, channels, and so on the basis of the internet means and the combination of enterprise advantages, the establishment of a composite e-commerce system, such as "E-commerce brand", "E-commerce entity shop" model, so that the original advantages of enterprises to further expand, And through the formation of complex E-commerce line under the comprehensive coverage, to achieve terminal association and consumer continuity. Enterprises generally do not have the ability to compound, the need to seek specialized companies, the need to field visits to the company's capabilities, from the physical store building, e-commerce capabilities, such as the inspection, good companies with less effort, bad companies are not.

Customer Contact Method Comparison Table (★ Quantity is high, the cycle is long)


(iii) Attach importance to the application of different professions

1. Psychology and psychological guidance; sociology and Sociology Guide

With the popularization of the Internet and the rapid development of e-commerce applications, more and more people join the network to buy the army, the emergence of new groups of consumers. and fresh E-commerce is a relatively new field, but also need more businessmen to understand the public consumption habits and psychology, in order to formulate the sales strategy.

(1) Psychological guidance

Psychology is the science that studies individual's behavior and spiritual process, and understands its corresponding behavioral work through the analysis of people's mental activities. There are many branches in psychology, in which consumer psychology can be introduced into E-commerce as a reference to improve the consumption conversion rate strategy.

Through the study of consumer psychology, we can understand the consumption potential of netizens in the online life, consumption process, psychological activities and personality characteristics, explore what factors will ultimately affect the consumption decision. Through these characteristics and conclusions, fresh enterprises can make a strategy to improve the consumption quota and frequency of consumers in the current period to achieve the target of current profit.

(2) Sociological guidance

Sociology is a comprehensive subject which studies the structure, function, occurrence and development law of society from the whole society, through social relations and behavior. Many branches of sociology, in which social behavior can be introduced into E-commerce practice, as a study of the purchase of the Network customer group Knowledge System.

The study of social behavior is based on the study of the behavior habits and rules of Internet users, so as to make the corresponding marketing strategy, guide the Internet traffic to the website, and finally realize the consumption behavior. Agricultural enterprises also need to study the social behavior, to systematically understand the characteristics of network shopping group socialization behavior, to provide reference for the selection strategy of agricultural enterprises, to achieve the goal of stabilizing the consumer group.

(3) The research direction and significance of consumer psychology and social behavioral science


2. BI Data analysis Ability

How to attract customers, how to retain customers, how to increase customers, how to enhance customer loyalty, in addition to do their own brand value, and all kinds of marketing means, more importantly, the scientific means to enhance the user's attention and platform transactions, this will be analyzed with BI data. In the era of electronic business, each user's behavior on the internet will be transformed into a large number of data, through the correct and effective way to analyze these data, can provide a very valuable information for enterprises to support enterprise decision-making, to help enterprises improve trading volume, and ultimately achieve success.

The same is true of agricultural electricity dealers, the need for effective analytical means, blind analysis and error analysis means not only waste time costs, but also lead to enterprises miss the opportunity to succeed. To apply BI analysis rationally and effectively, we must through the data analysis experts and agricultural electrical business experts, for the agricultural platform design unique data analysis model, from the user generated large numbers of data, find the key, find the problem, find the relationship between the data, help enterprises set decision-making, GRASP business opportunities, and ultimately help enterprises to achieve success.

Finally, the following four words with the agricultural entrepreneur:

Seize the opportunity

Take a boat to sea

Co-win cooperation

Efficient growth

Author Introduction:

Jin Xin, China's leading E-commerce leader, national experts. Zhi Xin and the public (e-commerce direction), Zhi Xin Yu Jie, the founder of cloud mud technology. E-mail:, Welcome to Exchange.

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