The PSP, the hungry Giraffe, landed on iOS this week.

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Do not know if anyone remembers PSN platform PSP Games "Hungrygiraffe (Hungry Giraffe)", the recent game developers announced that "Hungrygiraffe" iOS version will be launched on Wednesday (November 14), Soon we will be able to play this happy and fresh leisure small. In the endless African savannah, a hungry giraffe strolling painfully, as a 20 feet tall, 1.2 tons heavy animal, the giraffe every day to swallow a lot of delicious tender leaves to maintain life, but now these food has been eaten up! Now the hungry giraffe stretched its long neck, reaching up to the high sky, where there was something to eat: strawberries, chips, sandwiches, and it was already desperate. In addition to these foods, the sky is still sprinkled with poison, virus, if you inadvertently let it eat these things, the poor giraffe immediately to see their god. May God bless you, hungry giraffe! The game is short, simple, painting the wind exquisite, play up and iOS platform those up-style parkour game almost, full of a variety of rich elements and funny atmosphere, in the PSN platform download more than 100,000 times, the score is still very high. The new iOS version will be the original version of the enhanced form, the current game has been fully adapted to the new tilt control and touch screen, waiting for shelves, like friends do not miss.
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