The reporter experience three big electric dealer "The net orders the shop to take" the new service reminds less to take the goods easy

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Three major electric network ordering shop service point comparison

According to the Youth Daily report, recently, the days of the cat, Jingdong, Amazon has launched a network ordering shop services, consumers in the online order, you can choose the nearest collection point, when the door to come back, so you can avoid missing for the trip and the distress of the parcel.

The reporter experience These three electricity merchant discovers, the net order shop takes the form to be skillful, but the actual operation still has many details to be improved. Part of the arrival of the goods do not remind, contact information errors. It is worth noting that, in the shop to take this step, some of the electricity dealers, although provided the password to ensure security, but in fact, in the form of a fake, prepaid goods, as long as the name can be directly taken away. Http:// "> newspaper reporter Chen Shisong

"Network set

Day Cat Mall

The maximum number of collection points does not support cod

Tian-Cat is the first large-scale network in Shanghai to set up a shop to serve the electric dealer. Reporter experience found that the current open network booking shop is mainly clothing, luggage products, and cosmetics, cameras and other products can not use on behalf of receiving goods.

Reporter in the day to buy a cat clothes, enter the order process, in the confirmation of the receipt address, in the usual default address, the system prompts: "You can use the collection of goods service Oh!" "Click on the use of collection," and then select the area, you can see the site listing the collection point address list. Reporter view found that most of the counties have more than 30 collection points, the most is the Pudong new area, there are more than 150 collection points.

Reporter selected "Hongkou", a total of 42 collection points can choose, each with an address, store name and contact person telephone. From the collection point list can be seen, these service stations are almost all along the street shops, a part of the service station is originally Taobao community purchase point.

After the confirmation of the collection point address, the other process and the normal online shopping process is the same, but the cat's collection point service still must be paid in advance through Alipay, does not support the delivery of cash.


Convenience Store collection Point 24-hour open self-mention

Amazon launched its new web-booking service This March, the use of the city and a number of district-wide family of convenience stores to cooperate in the way, as long as the network to select the nearest family convenience store outlets, the arrival of their own choice to pick up the goods on the line, which is currently the only to provide 24 hours from the electric dealer.

The reporter logs on Amazon, picks up two books, and next to the book's cover picture is the ordering option. The reporter sees, and the ordinary order page is same, under the price, wrote "now has the goods, by the Amazon Direct sale and the delivery." "Then the site gives the estimated time of delivery." And after that, a line of hints, "this product in the Shanghai area can also enjoy 24-hour convenience store self-mention service." ”

When you go to the payment page, the right side is the process of choosing your own. You can find the most recent self point based on the search by address, search by zip code, and search by landmark three. Reporter input "Sichuan North Road", pop-up 20 references from the point, the reporter chose a recent "Sichuan North Road five shop."

Amazon online booking can be paid directly through a third party or net bank, or you can choose to pay on delivery. Reporter noted that the entire network in the process, the site has repeatedly prompted, "the family convenience stores temporarily do not provide shop open box inspection services." ”


Pick-and-Choose less free shipping

Jingdong also recently launched a network booking service, but the reporter experience found that the current service only to support Jingdong-owned products, such as mobile phone digital category, computer Office class. Reporter Login Jingdong Mall, on the website to buy a computer cleaning kit, and then enter the "Fill in the Check Order Information" page. Reporters in the "Payment and distribution Mode" in the column, in addition to the delivery of goods, online payment, post Office remittance, and so on, there is a payment delivery method is "to Beijing to the east from the mention."

Reporters to see the discovery, with the same launch of the network to order the Amazon and Cat Mall compared to the east, Beijing is currently open in Shanghai, the point of less than a total of only 8. But for the introduction of the point, Jingdong is the most detailed one, not only with the address, zip code, contact telephone, but also with a detailed map and the specific way of arrival, even the bus, the subway to go after the car to write very detailed.

Reporter selected The Hongkou point, the site provided from the date of the order of five days for the reporter to choose the specific date of delivery. Website prompts to choose Free Shipping after the mention, but the choice of the goods only support the delivery of goods to pay.

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