The revelation of the vertical electric quotient: Every guest succeeds in self standardization will die

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2012, the end of the earth did not come, the end of the vertical electric business seems to be approaching, one after the takeover and offer to buy, let the vertical electric business in this area cloudy, vertical electric business seems to have no need to exist, this is the most terrible, because we can withstand the trough, but can not hinder

The opportunity revelation of buying profit

Not to mention the vertical ">B2C electric dealer, said a group buying things, group buy reluctantly also be a O2O of vertical electricity quotient." When the news of the litters group out of profit, it is still a little surprised, this once hot to the hottest, and suddenly fell trough the business model, is the last year of the electricity market, the biggest bright spot. Now the monthly turnover of the U.S. regiment has been close to 700 million, also claimed to have seen a profitable node. This is a great revelation to me, the importance of timing.

The electricity merchant's hot and this round economy inflation is inseparable, the result of the expansion is the money, liquidity overflow, product prices and shopping prosperity has formed the role of mutual promotion, under this premise, the electric business market has been very substantial and hot growth, in the market is absolutely big, when the typhoon came , the pig will fly to the sky. It seems that there is not too much technical content of the electricity, through the flow of less technical content to buy, you can also live pretty moist, even if it is the early period has been a loss of very low gross profit margin of the group, there are few sales good small site profitable. This paralyzed a lot of people, we do not see the main role of the economy, just feel that they have the ability.

Group buying hot, Big Regiment no one profit, are huge losses. The death of 7788, only a few times, when I expected the extrusion effect began to appear, the big fall of group buying users began to close to several giants, because the quality of products more reliable, it is important that there will not be the situation of the volume of the run. and the quality of the business after a wave of not reliable baptism, also began to choose relatively reliable giants. So the market began to stabilize, and gradually saw the dawn of profit. Of course, although the profit, but the hope of listing is still relatively bleak, after all, high growth has been unlikely, the model's expectations have been seen.

The problem of vertical electric quotient and group buying converge, in the hot stage, the vertical electric dealer that sells the shoe to have good music to buy, Amoy, famous shoe storehouse and so on many, the clothing is numerous, from T-shirt to socks a variety of vertical dazzling. Everyone is a subdivision of the domain to do the brand, in the early days to meet a part of the special needs of the people, and in the long run, the market capacity is really limited. In order to increase the pressure, to continuously through the flow of the purchase to expand, but the industrial chain and logistics of the deep but no energy to take into account, the final appearance of the result is homogeneous. In the era of electric power business, this homogeneity of the problem was neglected, and in the coming winter, consumers gradually focused on a better service platform for a one-stop consumption, the vertical electric trader into a dilemma, and there is no good way to improve.

So when the industry is not able to see the level of hot tide retreat, and finally see who in the nude swimming, vertical electric business that year's rush gradually with the sale and closure of the house. The rest of the problem is the same as the problem of group purchase, this thing, in the end there is no value?

The significance of vertical electric quotient

The significance of vertical electrical business is still in the field of specialization, such as the typical Jing Dong 3c, when the sale of books, the mother and child of red children, where the clothing and so on. The final watershed is that each attempt to platform, success suddenly successful, the failure began to sink into the mire. Here Jing Dong's success should and its previous 3C main business has a lot of relationship, because everyone electricity customer unit price is relatively high, service requirements are relatively high, the user's trust is relatively high. and selling books or T-shirts such products, customer unit price itself is relatively low, the user's quality and trust is also relatively poor, basically based on price-sensitive users, and it is difficult to cultivate a sense of loyalty and trust.

So the significance of vertical electric business is still in some areas of professional services, but now it seems that everyone is very vertical, but not too straight, traffic went up on a kind of thinking about the expansion of the category, platform management. But because of the homogeneity of the problem, resulting in a very strong alternative, so the leader just open a class purpose vertical channel, you can take these vertical site customers to dig a large chunk. After all, according to Chinese habits, always like in a place to buy the product, and do not like to each site under a single, according to research, the subconscious reason is to hope to receive the goods.

When your products and services can be replaced very strong, it is a logical thing to be squeezed out of the big platform. In other words, the first market is limited, the existence of the purpose of the ceiling, on the other hand, a high degree of standardization of products exist on the large platform of the electric business squeeze. In times of prosperity, the difference is less pronounced, and by the time the recession is over, the flow of the cliff will soon be felt. Under the performance and growth pressure, the expansion of the category seems to be the only way, but very few people choose another deep digging vertical road, which can not be said to be a Chinese-style quick success sad, of course, this is also capital forced, understandable, but can not forgive.

The dilemma of the vertical electric business lies in this, such as where the customer later sell what kettle, necklace, inventory of the mess. In fact, weakening the brand, reducing professionalism. And your professional upgrade, the natural crowd is limited, the quantity does not go, the price may not have advantages, overall or loss of the situation. I have suggested that a toy dealer, from an expert point of view, in the form of packaging to provide 0-18-year-old toys, so as to form a rapid elimination of the role of household attire (family pack is relatively cheap, and the purchase of people may spend quite a long time, This will reduce the purchase of competing items to increase the viscosity of the professional and reduce standardization. This should be a vertical electric dealer standard play, but the current vertical electric dealer is the same as the traditional platform of the same game to buy the flow of resources, basically nothing special, in addition to a very small category.

For example, the rapid growth of red children was hailed as the miracle of the year, but I personally think that this and Sanlu events after the aftermath of a great correlation, when the Sanlu incident affected by the age of marriage and marriage has passed the marriage stage, the remainder may not be too much to buy this account, of course, other competitors to cut is also a very important reason. After all, this category of vertical, is a life time period of the vertical, and not a comprehensive demand for the vertical. In other words, I buy a screwdriver, may go to the vertical site to ensure that the brand professional and product comprehensive, integrated electrical business is difficult to do this, such as the iron net of the military has been gross margin of high supply and marketing two prosperous. But I buy mother and child, Brand is so many, jingdong if have, I can not choose red children. Therefore, the red child reluctantly, had to choose to be acquired, more reasons or to help before the capital exit, then the development is difficult to let people see what hope and improvement.

The future of the vertical electric dealer is not standard add brand

Aging finally put every customer as a brand, the meaning of the brand apart from the distinction and premium, there is a non-standard. Every customer is the best in the supply chain of vertical electric business, from production to logistics has built the system, although the wind is now basically cut off. Therefore, every guest's success is not unreasonable, where the practice of the customer is most consistent with the vertical electric operators should have practices. The problem is that this category of bottlenecks can not be a breakthrough, and not high growth for the electric business is death, rely on that point of poor gross margin, want to put the money investors to earn back do not know to wait donkey. And the growth rate of the poor, then lost High-tech stocks listed the minimum premise of growth speed and space is huge.

Jing Dong CEO Liu said, "the standardization of products, vertical electric dealers can not survive for a long time, or sell or Die!" Instead of a standard personalized electrical business can long-term survival and development "This is half the truth, the other half is optimistic." The premise of long-term survival and development of electric business is to see that the investor's blood transfusion and high speed growth, slow down is death. And the other, not from the investment, but from the industry into the electricity business, but a little bit of the meaning of the way, such as furniture, electrical Shang, decoration type of electrical network and O2O two-dimensional code service provider Shanghai Wing code, and so on, in their respective fields to make billions of of the turnover, almost see similar to other electrical pressure. The reason is because their electrical business system is based on a deep understanding of the industry, rather than a deep understanding of technical services, perhaps in technology, capital operation is not particularly outstanding, but rely on solid industry operations to establish a trade barrier, so that competitors difficult to cut. The other good news is that the gross margin of this product is very high, and the life is much better than the average electric trader.

From this perspective, the electricity market, which seems to have settled down at present, the giant is so few, other opportunities or is non-standard goods, and in non-standard products to make brand, it is possible to reach the other side of the success of the electrical quotient, that is, the profit, live well, rather than the loss of listing to change the world.

However, the operation of non-standard goods is a bitter kungfu, and the traditional electronic business to buy traffic growth refinancing is very different, the latter may understand the technology of the Internet can be, and the former to a deep understanding of the industry. One of the hurdles here is a deep understanding of how the industry's experts can understand the Internet. From this point of view, the Internet is just a tool for them, the nature of the industry is unchanged, but the sales tool has been upgraded, which also allows these areas of the electrical dealers in the foundation of sound, withstand the waves.

Of course, the non-standard product also exists a relatively large risk is the customer's cognitive degree of trust to establish a higher threshold, the flow and conversion rate of the problem will be more, because the customer can not compare, so the next single purchase concerns will be more, the demand for brand building is more intense. and the standard product competition is relatively simple, beautiful page cheap price Express. and clothing, cosmetics and the like are half non-standard, both the content of the personality in the inside, there is a common category and a wide range of competing products, brand marketing is more important.

The rest are heroes.

Of course, the economic slump is inevitable in the last two years, and there are so many difficulties for the electric trader in this recession that, as the beginning says, the growth of survivors often stems from the contributions of the fallen, and the natural growth of the market is probably extremely limited. In this case, do the vertical electric business is more difficult, before the talent can survive, now I am afraid if the genius.

Of course, only in this environment can the real heroes remain, how to make use of the Internet tools to build vertical brand is one of the most important, from another point of view, there may be fewer opportunities for listing, but more people will earn money, for the healthy development of the industry is still very favorable.

Now struggling to support the vertical electric business if there is a good chance or seek a more sensible, because the original expectations of the spring, is really not coming.

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