The rise of the fourth generation e-commerce mode of C2C2B

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& ">nbsp; C2C2B refers to the abbreviation Consumer to Consumer to business. This is a new type of E-commerce Web site, its innovation is: it provides all consumers with new electronic trading rules. The Consumer-to-consumer model is equal to participate in the distribution of social wealth through the recommendation relationship between consumers, and the consumption and investment can be transformed into each other. C2C2B model not only consumers can recommend consumers, but also can recommend business businesses, set up their own sales alliances and consumer alliances. It changed people's lifestyles and 618.html "> Consumption concepts, thus using a new business model of the website to achieve their own financial freedom and time freedom.

In the innovation and discussion of e-business mode, some people put forward different opinions, saying that the future of electronic commerce is to be a business-to-consumer. In fact, with the technological progress, the development trend of an enterprise is to not need more production personnel, but enterprises can never rely on consumers and survival and development. Therefore, put the consumer at the core position, let the consumer and the consumer combine, let the consumer and enterprise combine, this is undoubtedly the most vitality of E-commerce mode.

E-commerce from the third generation of Consumer-to-consumer mode to the fourth generation of C2C2B model of the process of transformation, consumers and businesses, direct sales and retail, businesses, consumers and marketers gradually merged to form a joint revenue-generating platform. This is the modern era of the most advanced marketing model----electronic composite. Clearly, this e-commerce model is the most fashionable, it is in line with the trend of commercial development, its commercial value is immeasurable.

Taobao launched Taobao Mall, the introduction of a large number of business, is its consumer-to-consumer to the c2c2b of the important sign. Another typical representative of C2C2B is the human financial net. The difference between the two is that Taobao is focused on material products, and people's financial network is focused on services. We will continue to pay attention to these domestic first batch of C2C2B E-commerce sites, looking forward to them to provide us with some experience and can learn from the place.

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