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Our correspondent Go Qingping reported that Xi ' an high-tech zone relies on XI ' an Software service Outsourcing Institute to set up a mobile phone platform for software development, content production and other related training courses; Xi ' an high-tech zone public testing Service platform covers Symbian, Android, iOS and other smart phone platform technology support and testing. So far, Xi ' an high-tech zone has formed a mobile internet complete technology industry chain.  "Xi ' an hi-tech zone Management Committee deputy Director Chen Hongtao on the park on the mobile internet layout is full of confidence." With the rapid rise of the mobile internet industry, to create a complete mobile internet industry chain has been actively explored in all areas of the road.  However, all over the resources, technology, talent is not at the same level, all-inclusive development of the idea is consistent with the development of mobile Internet industry and local industry development trend? North-South echoes the rise of the West "2010, China's mobile internet industry output value of 293.69 billion yuan, initially formed a ' north-South Echo, the rise of the West ' space distribution pattern." Enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta and Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi ' an as the core of the four major areas of the West Triangle. The industrial scale of these four regions is more than 90% of the whole country.  "Recently, Sadie Consultant Communications Industry Research Center Mobile Internet Division general manager Wang Wujun said. "However, the pace and scale of these four regions vary greatly," he said. Dr Wang Wujun said that the Pearl River Delta's Terminal manufacturing advantages are obvious, especially in Guangdong Province mobile internet industry output value of more than 100 billion yuan, to stabilize the value of China's mobile internet industry leading; the Bohai Rim region is the second center of China's mobile internet industry, which is manufactured in mobile terminals, Mobile Internet software and services and other fields have strong strength; the Yangtze River Delta region is also the city of China's mobile internet industry, the region in the mobile Internet-related software and services have strong strength, terminal manufacturing capacity is relatively weak.  The West Triangle area is the most growth area of China's mobile internet industry. In the urban distribution pattern, Wang Wujun said, China's mobile internet industry presents a "13 corner" of the urban distribution pattern. Industry key cities to the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta as the center stretches, showing a "coastal industry belt." The West Triangle area is China Mobile Internet most has the development potential area, the mobile internet each industry chain Link Enterprise is revolving around these three western towns to form the new industrial cluster.  Wang Wujun the West Triangle area as mobile Internet development "West ' Gold ' triangle belt". In the in-depth research process, Wang Wujun found that the "13 corner" of the urban distribution pattern is mainly the characteristics of the mobile internet industry. "Mobile internet industry covers terminals, software, applications and other multi-level business, the industrial base, matching requirements higher." The central cities of the east coast, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and the west of Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi ' An and other cities in the field of mobile internet has a relatively good development base, the development of mobile internet industry has more obvious advantages of industrial clusters.  "he said. Gao Xin QuAs an important carrier of strategic emerging industries, high-tech zones around the world play a leading role in promoting mobile internet industry. "The Pearl River Delta region is China's mobile internet industry leader, by virtue of the huge advantages of mobile terminal manufacturing, 2010, the regional mobile internet industry output value of 129.81 billion yuan, accounting for the total size of China's mobile internet industry 44.2%."  "Wang Wujun said.  It is reported that Guangzhou high-tech zone in mobile Internet software, network equipment and terminal manufacturing, Internet applications and many other fields have advantages. And in Shenzhen Hi-tech Zone sample gathered Huawei (micro-BO), ZTE and other powerful mobile communications equipment manufacturers, strong industrial base.  At the same time, Shenzhen High-tech zone also has a large number of mobile phone manufacturers, is the name of China's real mobile internet industry Product Center, the park enterprises to produce products including smartphones, tablets, GPS navigation products, mobile applications, mobile service content, such as mobile internet industry areas. "If Beijing occupies the high-end industry chain decision-making, leading the development of the entire mobile internet industry chain, then Shenzhen is the industrial value of the realization end, is the ' value of Stars '."  Wang Wujun said. Statistics show that 2010 Global mobile phone total shipments of 1.43 billion, Shenzhen alone accounted for about 1/4, its representative enterprise ZTE and Huawei among the world's top ten mobile phone sales. In addition, Shenzhen High-tech zone also concentrated 75% of China's mobile phone manufacturers, 60% of mobile phone research and development designers and 90% of the national handset underwriters, mobile phone production components matching rate reached 99%. In the mobile application, the enterprise Tencent has speeded up the development of its mobile internet business, actively moved the existing mature Internet service to the mobile terminal, and has obvious advantages in the fields of mobile E-commerce, mobile gaming, mobile phone payment and so on.  In addition, Shenzhen also plans to build a mobile Internet industrial Park, the park has completed the investment, is expected to become Shenzhen mobile Internet industry development of new focus.  Compared with the High-tech zones in the developed areas, the Chengdu Hi-Tech zone in the western region and the XI ' an high-tech district have also speeded up the layout of the mobile internet industry. "Xi ' an high-tech zone has completed the" Xi ' an High-tech area mobile internet industry development ideas and strategies, put forward the mobile Internet industry development direction, development focus and innovation breakthrough; The establishment of Xi ' an mobile internet industry Alliance, the formation of a strong mobile internet industry chain, improve the impact of Xi ' an mobile internet held a mobile payment seminar, so that the software enterprises in XI ' an all-round understanding of China's electronic payment, mobile payment industry, the latest status and development trend, so as to promote the development of local mobile internet industry.  "Xi ' an software park, said the relevant person. In addition, Chengdu High-tech zone has become China's important 3G communications key technology and equipment research and development center and optical communications products production research and development base, the world's top five telecommunications equipment manufacturers Motorola (micro-blog), Nokia (micro-blog), Ericsson (micro-blog), Siemens, Alcatel, as well as the domestic two major communications leading enterprises Huawei, ZTE's research and Development Center hasSettled, product and research direction covers 3G communication key technology and equipment development.  At present, Chengdu High-tech zone is taking "wireless City" as an opportunity to vigorously promote the mobile Internet industry investment and independent innovation, and make great efforts to expand mobile Internet industry cluster.  It is reported that 2010, Chengdu High-tech zone mobile internet-related industry output value has exceeded 3.5 billion yuan, gathered more than 150 related enterprises, has preliminarily formed a good situation of mobile Internet industry cluster development. Wang Wujun said that in 2010, the Western Triangle region, which is the core of Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi ' An, is the bridgehead of China's Western economic rise and has great potential for development. Western Triangle region in the traditional communications equipment manufacturing Foundation is more solid, but also to undertake smart phones, tablets and other industrial transfer of important areas.  2010, the region's mobile internet industry output value of 16.15 billion yuan, accounting for the total size of China's mobile internet industry 5.5%. "Beijing should be the decision-making center of mobile internet industry, concept and the commanding heights of the brand; Shenzhen should become the production center, the whole industry chain of the value of the high ground; Guangzhou should be the southern base; Chengdu should be the pioneer in the west, and the terminal and the application should be grasped. Chongqing should become an Up-and-comer in terminal manufacturing; , the innovation center of the emerging industry. "For the location of the mobile internet industry everywhere, Wang Wujun made the above suggestions."  At the same time, he also believes that the current mobile internet is still in the initial stage of industry, all over the use of their own advantages to focus on the development of mobile internet industry, it is easy to fall into the all-inclusive development model, which for the future layout of the country level is very unfavorable. Wang Wujun suggested that the relevant government departments identify the development opportunities of mobile Internet industry, adhere to the development and supervision of both, early planning, and in the early stage to grasp the key link. Share to:
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