The "Tender Critique" of the Fresh electricity dealers: Shun Fung optimization vs. life

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Some people say that 2012 is the year of Chinese fresh food electric dealers, there is some reason. Because this year's fresh electricity business is a pile to take out, and quite dramatic: first May 31, "Shun Fung Optimization" officially online, June 1, Amazon China will follow the sale of fresh, and then July 17, "originally life" turned out, July 18 Jingdong Mall immediately announced the opening of fresh food channels And not reconciled to Taobao also followed the fun, first in early June for its eco-agriculture channel officially enabled two domain name, to August, and again enable a new domain name to snatch the eyeball.

Electric dealers in the fresh field of strong intervention, although watching the lively, but more is the impulse to grab a bit or grab the mirror, the nature or commercial trial and error and enclosure behavior, the current discussion value is not big, but dare to eat crabs, focus on fresh field of two vertical electric Shangshunfung optimization and the original life, it is worth studying and analyzing. Fresh food electric Business is a big business, but also a very difficult business. While the car is a high-speed growth, with huge imaginary space of China's agricultural market (2014 scale is expected to break through the 100 billion yuan) commercial temptation, while the car is more than 30,000 agricultural e-commerce platform, of which 3,000 agricultural products E-commerce platform is a loss of the reality of the present confusion. Although Shun Fung optimization and the original life has been smooth operation for more than a year, but still in the climbing stage, it may be difficult to sum up what successful business model or conclusion, can also accumulate enough experience and cases for the bystanders and the backward learning to share.

The cautious of the enterprise gene Realism vs. the ideal faction

To some extent, shun Fung optimization and the original life is extremely bright personality of the electric business enterprises. As a private enterprise, the founder or boss of the personal character, but also will profoundly penetrate into the enterprise's cultural genes.

Shun Fung preferred boss is the express industry's giant Wei, the eldest of life is the legendary Huanhua of the media industry. Wei is a Shanghai person, after graduating from high school alone entrepreneurial, from the bottom of the "parallel" to start, ups and downs for decades, and finally to have dozens of aircraft, a hundred thousand of employees, annual turnover of more than 30 billion of the logistics Empire. This kind of birth and experience, make shrewd, pragmatic, cautious, low-key became the most important style of Wei things. And Huanhua is Hubei people, People's University of brilliant, after graduation into the southern newspaper, only a few years of editing, began to focus on the operation of the media, and finally to advance the marketing concept, bold market courage and down-to-earth spirit of hard work, to create a "southern Metropolis Daily", "Beijing News" and another one of the media marketing miracle. The idealism of the Southern Department journalist and the rich humanistic feelings of the media have created a Huanhua of sensibility, ideal, daring and high posture. So, Wei do the downwind optimization full of "express gene", Huanhua do the original life is full of "media gene", is logical, natural things.

This difference can be easily seen in the decision-making process of two of people making fresh food electricity. Wei decided to do fresh food electric business, is said to be inspired by a "Zongzi". 2009 Dragon Boat Festival, Shun Fung a branch to engage in income generation or innovation and whim, by courier to the customer to sell zongzi, behold the effect of surprisingly good, a dragon boat festival on the sale of more than 1 million, the second year, but also to achieve more than 5 million of marketing success. At the beginning of the 2010, savvy Wei had realised that there was a huge potential for business, coupled with the Beijing-East received express business qualification, Taobao shares the excitement of the News of the stars, and these electric businessmen have vowed to build "logistics, information flow, capital flow" three-flow integration of closed-loop control business model inspired, So decided to borrow logistics advantages, "reverse attack" electric business, the decision to launch the "Shun Fung E Shopping Circle" project. But Wei's caution is out of the name, for unfamiliar electrical business field, he has been careful to try and error, continuous adjustment mentality. August 2010, "Shun Fung e Business Circle" since the official launch of the online operation, has been in the transition trial and error. Beginning from the moon Cakes business began, after the expansion to gifts, maternal and child supplies, tea, local specialties, such as a dozen categories of goods, and try to cooperate with the convenience store O2O mode, after the operation is not smooth, in June 2011, the initiative to withdraw from the mainland regional business, focus on the Hong Kong market, Shun Fung nearly a year of electric shock test water, perhaps not much success, but at least let Wei heart, at the end of December 2011, in its "Shun Fengbao" formal access to third-party payment licences, he registered in Beijing 10 million yuan to set up a new company, formally in the field of electronic commerce. 3 months later, the high-end gift platform "ceremony will" on-line, and after 3 months, positioning "Global Gourmet shopping mall," the "Shun Fung Optimization" officially on line.

From the birth of Shun Fung optimization is not difficult to see, Wei the next large chess, Shun Fung optimization is only a key piece of his layout. As far as the Wei business logic is concerned, the position of Shun Fung into the field of electric business is very crucial, what is not important to sell, the key is how to fully revitalize the inherent resources of shun Fung and genetic potential. Only by fully understanding this, we will understand that shun Fung optimal positioning is always so free, first high-end gifts, after the import of food, and then have to dabble in fresh. Shun Fung optimization of the first CEO Liu is precisely because there is no thorough this, he is expected to create a "sales of health and Safety Food Network platform" is not the original intention of Wei, also lack of shun Fung strategic support, so sadly stepped down. And then with the director of Shun Fung Airlines, vice President Li up control Shun Fung optimization, meaning more self-evident. That is shun Fung optimization of the positioning and development, we must for the logistics of a large strategic services. As a result, shun Fung optimization open fresh business, the final is to carry out cold chain logistics new business reserve experience, enlarge the import food business, it is to fully activate Shun Fung Aviation, the core competitiveness of high-quality assets.

Compared with Wei's cautious and steady, Huanhua's "original life" decision-making process is full of legends and romantic colors. In August 2010, Huanhua resigned as vice president of NetEase after six months, then pull a large amount of mysterious investment, in Shanghai set up a hung Kai Yuan Investment Co., Ltd., registered capital of 500 million yuan. Perhaps it is based on the full trust of the character and ability of the Huanhua, the investor gives full authorization, indefinite return investment time limit, do not set the project direction, it is all up to him to decide. So, more than 1 years later, Huanhua and his old partners and small partners, inspected the "basically all the internet involved in the industry," nearly hundred companies, before deciding to enter the fresh food electrical business.

Interestingly, although Huanhua is a journalist identity, but how much also with the Logistics express sector. As we all know, he started out as a successful operation of the Southern Metropolis Daily. Although the later establishment of the Southern Metropolis Newspaper Logistics Department (that is, today's South Express) has nothing to do with him, but its operating team and management style should be inseparable from him, so that he is half the logistics experts can not be too. In the process of investigation and investigation involving electrical business projects, the importance of logistics should also be felt. So back in early November 2010, he decided to join the logistics industry, and in April 2011, in Beijing set up a micro-Mission Express Co., Ltd., registered capital of 100 million yuan. A year later, the establishment of Beijing was the Workshop Technology Co., Ltd., registered capital of 50 million yuan.

It is with Wei so rich in the industry, regardless of investment logistics, or wading electric business, Huanhua is a big, and the starting point is quite high. However, from the operation of more than a year, Shun Fung optimization of the small step forward, it is a solid and effective, good record, and the original life of high fight, but can only say, mixed. Shun Fung optimization behind the strong selection of resources, brand endorsement and other advantages, shun Fung Optimal operation quality is so much higher than the original life, to a large extent, also depends on the two of the character gene of the big guys. In particular, in the principle of employing and team building, a hundred thousand of of employees can be managed orderly Wei is the nature of the businessman, the most important is the professional and efficiency, and the media for many years, the staff management limit of not more than thousands of people Huanhua is a scholar, the most important is the friendship and attitude. So, Wang Weixian will, emotional color is very little, just choose the most suitable person to the most suitable position. And Old Yu, is to find the most trusted people around.

If you carefully compare the shareholder structure and management team of both sides, you will find that shun Fung optimal decision-making structure, although some bureaucratic, or conservative attitude, or inefficient, but the team refined, horizontal reasonable. and its management team is complementary. For example, CEO Li, or thinking some old-fashioned, but the best understanding of Wei intentions, and as the director of Shun Fung Airlines, vice president, can also maximize the coordination of internal resources, optimize the management process. Executive President Tri Xiaoxi is a recruit, but its superior in Amazon and Van Gogh's rich experience and technical background of the advantages, to the greatest extent possible to make up for the optimization of the rare electric quotient gene and management capabilities. Lian Zhijun, the vice president of supply chain procurement, has more than 20 years of traditional retail professional experience, plus Jingdong Mall's work calendar, you can ensure that shun Fung optimal warehousing management and inventory to achieve a higher level.

Back to the original life, regardless of shareholder structure, or management team, almost exclusively of the South, and many are following Huanhua years of comrades, colleagues and subordinates. The original Life team, or the issue of origin, or directly a journalist career change. This group of people may look at ease, with a comfortable, but the biggest problem is that the team knowledge structure is too single, more than passion, and professional Huanhua, resulting in many strategic blind spots, and management errors are repeatedly repeated.

This particular team composition and design may be related to Huanhua personal experience and management preferences. Old Yu is to engage in the distribution of origin, experience is mostly from the actual combat, so in his heart there are two close to stubborn consciousness, one is Qinnengbuzhuo, two is bitter can fill. Old Yu's favorite words to employees, is "I will continue to whip you." In his view, these media peers, as long as they see more, think more, learn more, can easily become warehousing experts, logistics experts and marketing experts. This is why he had led his old, small partners to "run" high-strength, visited the domestic almost all the motives of the warehouse------------------------------- Frankly, however, this is the habitual knowledge of the literati. Aside from the differences in personal mind and perception, if the profession is so easy to copy, what is the use of school? What is the use of research institutions? What is the situation of professionals who have worked for decades?

And in the management system design level, still can not get rid of the old metaphor of this kind of thinking inertia. In his view, the essence of team management is to "lead by example" + "Tian bogey horse". If the optimal management of Shun Fung is a three-horse wagon, then the management of the original life is a little "split race" means. And do not say that the micro-mission and the original life of the separate operation of the network, that is, the departments are also railway police, each pipe section, thus unable to form an effective force effect and closed-loop control. Originally life also presents a very absurd and particularly embarrassing phenomenon: on the side of the car rely on outstanding marketing ideas continue to accumulate word-of-mouth, side of the car and due to the management of extensive and uncoordinated mistakes and constantly dispel word-of-mouth. In the Internet age of special emphasis on user experience, this is the most dreaded gene deletion and management of black holes, because in the context of more transparent information and faster consumer interaction, word of mouth forms quickly and dissolves quickly.

If you do not make a fundamental adjustment in personnel, life could have been a bigger somersault in the future.

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