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A lot of people think that we are a little foggy when we talk about big data, what does big data have to do with me? What benefits and benefits does it bring to me? I have such doubts, but with large data technology in various industries in the deepening, we can see that many individuals and even enterprises began to use large data to make money.

While looking hot, we still have to ask, how can big data make me make money? Said the professional point, this use of large data to carry out marketing means of what is the mystery, with all sorts of doubts we will look at this issue together to see how to make use of large data to earn money, in the end should be from where to cut.

User behavior analysis, precision Marketing

For large data marketing, many experts in the industry said that as long as the enterprise to the user data accumulation degree reached a certain level, it can be very easy to analyze the user's use habits and buying hobbies and many other information, many enterprises to use large data even more than users themselves also understand the needs of users.

When it comes to marketing information push, in the author's opinion, 100% of enterprises want to push the message can be accurate and correct transmission to the user there, regardless of the size of the enterprise is small, in recent years, the word precision marketing by countless enterprises mentioned, but really do a few, but is the garbage information flooding. The main reason is that in the past nominal precision marketing is not very accurate, because of its lack of user characteristics data support and detailed analysis of accurate. In contrast, the current RTB ads and other applications show us better precision than before, and behind it is the large data support.

Great data marketing Campaign for users

We said in front of the big Data marketing level, for user needs and behavioral data analysis is very important, if the enterprise in the production cycle before the product can well understand the needs of different groups of users, and can be very accurate to dig out the product potential users, then the product to the market will have a great help, This is what we call a good vote user.

For example, large data in the film and television industry marketing a classic case of "card House" is the use of large data analysis techniques and functions, the successful capture of the audience's inner needs, really attracted the user's attention. The film's production team, using large data analysis techniques to analyze the data shows the audience's favorite directors and actors and other information, really do a good job for users. The domestic film "small Time" after the trailer, that is, from the micro-blog through large data analysis of the film's main audience for the female, so follow-up marketing activities are mainly targeted at these people.

Data analysis for competitor monitoring

No matter which industry, market competition is inevitable, put in the past, when we compete with competitors in the industry, to understand each other's ideas or dynamic we can only rely on guessing, but now there is a large data analysis technology, even if the competitor does not show any slip, We are also able to analyze some of the key information of each other, which is fully benefit from the monitoring and analysis techniques of large data.

After monitoring the ideas and dynamics of our competitors, we go back to think about how to marketing and promotion of their own brand, large data analysis in the process of brand communication, can be very good to help enterprises find the right direction, to find a position, from the brand spread trend analysis, content characteristics analysis, interactive user analysis, Positive and negative emotion analysis and product attribute analysis and so on to help enterprises carry out brand promotion and dissemination.

Large data brand crisis monitoring and management support

Since the brand to do business, then the brand crisis is a lot of enterprises will face a big problem, for enterprises in the marketing and promotion process, the brand crisis is to use large data analysis to be very clever to avoid. When the brand crisis broke out, the data analysis of the enterprise tracking the trend of crisis communication is the most important, the enterprise can use large data analysis to accurately monitor and release the information and the plan of the participants.

For the collection of negative definitions and other content, large data in the enterprise's marketing process has also played a role as a hero. We can control the crisis tracking and alarming function through the technology of large data analysis. According to the social attribute analysis of the crowd, the viewpoint in the cluster event process, identify the key person and the transmission path, then can protect the enterprise, the product reputation, grasps the source and the key node, quickly and effectively handles the crisis.

Edited words

Making money is the ultimate embodiment of maximizing the interests of each enterprise, for enterprises, how to give full play to their own advantages, to create more profit for the enterprise is a required course for many managers, with the current large data technology mature, We use data analysis in the Enterprise brand and product promotion and dissemination process can play its role, which is beneficial to the long-term development of enterprises.

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