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Qingdao to build 50,000 square meters logistics center

July 28, just walked down the "future star" platform of the Dangdang Executive President Guoqing, and Dangdang in Shandong Province is responsible for warehousing and transportation of three logistics Express company Mister Emergency meeting.   According to the minutes after the meeting, Dangdang will adjust the entire Shandong area of logistics and distribution, increase the number of distribution, improve the speed of distribution. According to Dangdang in Shandong Province, the largest delivery of the courier company, said, so far, the network Dangdang in the Net express acceptance rate from the original 95% to 98%, the next day's acceptance rate from less than 80%, to increase to 90% or so. When ...

Physical store into the electric business fitting room Business Taboo Customer view Item number

In the physical store optimistic about the model models of goods, go home to buy online shop, neither worry about the number style is not suitable, and can enjoy relatively cheap prices, this "offline selection, online buy" group to let the physical shop is quite a headache. Now, this group has expanded to furniture, home appliances, books and many other fields. Seems to be a petty advantage, but actually reflects the physical store and shop between the source of contention. Some entities are even feeling: "This business can not be done."      They racked their brains and began to fight back. Shopping malls hand-written price tag cover book, Put on plastic envelope ...

The dream of buying a house

Buy a house dream of Beijing's property market, to the feeling of home buyers and the film "Inception" like, Dream of the Dream, dream-connected, dream and cross. The difference is that every time the "dream" is over, the price is crazy up a big cut.  But the real estate developer's "steals the Dream" the technique is once more clever.  Sinorama reporter Fu/wen read the "Inception of the aggressively", home buyers Ms. Chen found herself is experiencing the Beijing property market version of "Stolen Dream space."  The dream of buying a house is constantly being "invaded" and "implanted". The Dom Cobb in the movie is an experienced burglar, Co ...

A ten-year estate for a factory owner: five years of factory profits

"It feels the hardest this year. "In the 2008, manufacturing was not really difficult, like having a heart attack and a shock," said He Hui, who joined the manufacturing industry 20 years ago and is now a well-known figure in the Shenzhen real estate investment Circle. But it's a chronic disease and it's hard to recover for a short time. "Statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics show that although 2013 first half of the national scale industrial enterprises to achieve total profit of 2,583,660,000,000 yuan, an increase of 11.1%, but the growth rate than 1-May down 1.2%, of which, main activity profit growth rate than 1-May Fall 4.2 ...

"Adult Products" the first operator of the 15-year entrepreneurial Road

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the present society, talks about "the adult goods", still has the majority of people to be unable to accept, thousands of years of thought culture already in our heart roots, too trendy thing is not everybody can be able to accept. For the first entrepreneur to open up the market, he is intelligent, in this market a blank when he seized the business opportunities, in the case of most people can not accept this product, he dares to open up this piece of desolation, when the initial partner gave up leaving, he can still stick to the dream of entrepreneurship ...

World Living Conditions Survey day to understand the housing environment of Zhengzhou residents

Today is the 11th World Living Conditions Survey day established by the United Nations, what is the living conditions of Zhengzhou residents? What else do you expect? Recently, the newspaper sent a number of reporters to explore the scene, visit the residents, ask the department to understand the housing environment of residents. Per capita housing area increased by 220% in 15 with the development of the economy, the biggest change of living conditions in our city is that the house grows bigger. 15 years ago, the city's per capita residential area of less than 9 square meters, and now has reached about 29 square meters per capita, by 2015, the city per capita housing area will reach 32 square meters. Data show that 1998 ~2007 year ...

Large data is not a universal oil: data analysis does not do

Not long ago I dined with the chief executive of a large bank. He is considering whether to withdraw from the Italian market because of the sluggish economy and the prospect of a euro crisis in the future. The CEO's economist paints a bleak picture and calculates what the downturn means for the company. But in the end, he made his decision under the guidance of his own values. The bank has a history of several decades in Italy. He did not want the Italians to feel that his bank could only share the pain. He doesn't want bank employees to think they're having a tough time ...

Large data is not a universal oil: data analysis does not do

Not so long ago I dined with the "> CEO of a large bank." He is considering whether to withdraw from the Italian market because of the 920.html "> economic downturn, and there is likely to be a euro crisis in the future." The CEO's economist paints a bleak picture and calculates what the downturn means for the company. But in the end, he's still in his own.

Real estate developers to expose the industry unspoken rules

5 years time 2 million fry into 200 million this reporter Wang Junxiu intern Tan Wei 5 years ago, spent about 2 million yuan to buy land, 5 years later, built up the sale of commercial housing, won a net profit of 200 million yuan.  A hundredfold's profit comes from soaring house prices, and behind it is a house slave. Liu (a pseudonym), a real estate businessman from a southern city, has been involved in the real estate industry for more than 20 years.  It is he, the developers of the project, recently to the Chinese youth newspaper reporter told the near empty gloves White Wolf's profiteering story, as well as the real estate industry unknown unspoken rules. He explained himself so ...

Grassroots marketing, from Non-mainstream to mainstream

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall from "the successful marketing" the 07 issue, then has the reader to call on "The Long Tail Time: The Marketing 2.0 ferocious" a article to carry on the exchange with this newspaper. Among these readers are the intellectuals who are studying marketing theory, the leaders who are taking up marketing in the business, experts and academics with different opinions, and executives asking specific strategies. Their affirmation of this article is no longer to repeat, in order to avoid "Wang Po sell melon" suspicion. But we still noticed that someone said: Hey! You put the long tail ...

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