U.S. "Exposure of the other" site is sought after: she is a family of the destruction

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[Reading] "She is a family wreck" website has been widely criticized since its launch, but has been "praised" nearly 250,000 times on social networking Facebook. According to an overseas Chinese newspaper, the United States devoted to exposing the third party's website, "She is a family wreck" (ShesAHomewrecker.com), has received nearly 250,000 acclaim since it was officially launched in 2012. Women who have been cheated on the site have been spitting out their grievances, even exposing more than 500 photos and personal information about the so-called third party. The Daily Mail of Dail and Mail reported November 4 that "she is a family wreck" has been widely criticized for its website, but has been "praised" nearly 250,000 times on social networking Facebook. The site encourages injured women to expose the identity of third parties and to describe the story in detail. The website bulletin says that if users want to share their experiences, they must provide details and photos, otherwise the editor will not disclose what the user is describing. The site shows that, so far, Texas has been exposed to the largest number of third parties, to 168 people. Followed by California State, a total of 152 third parties were exposed. Vermont State was exposed to only 1 other people, and Alaska State only 2. Most women are determined to cheat on their partner by tracking calls, emails and social networking accounts. On the site, a user exposes a photo of a third party and her husband living in Iowa. In the photo, the so-called third party snuggled up with the exposed man's husband. The user also wrote in the photo description: "She will never be like me to get this man's heart, never possible!" I will die in love with this man. I just hope that these family-destroying people can think of someone else's family. Another mother, who has two children, also wrote about her husband's infidelity, claiming that his "perfect marriage" was ruined by her husband's sexual encounters. She recalls: "The distance between husband and oneself is far and wide, change is very big." Fitness makes a husband a different person. Although "she is a family-destroying" website has been popular with many netizens, but commented that the site "terrible", "disgusting" and "despicable." A netizen named Daisy (Daisy) on the website said: "This site is terrible!" I wonder how this site has not been reported or turned off. Another netizen also believes that the comments on the website about hate, anger and violence are frightening, "you are ashamed of yourself by posting photos to incite hatred." In the summer of 2013, the charity Petition website change.org a petition to close the website "She is a family wreck". The petition statement shows that because of the bullying of the site, many women suffer harassment and slander, and life is destroyed.
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