Verizon says the stage for FiOS's fibre-optic network is over.

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Absrtact: More than 5 years, Verizon finally in yesterday's Q4 earnings conference call, said the FiOS fiber network construction phase is over, the future will reduce the cost of laying on the cable network, in the wireless service. Fran Shammo says Verizon's cable

For more than 5 years, Verizon finally said in a conference call to Q4 earnings yesterday that the construction phase of the FiOS fiber network was "over" and would reduce the cost of laying on the wire network and exerting its force on the wireless service.

Fran Shammo says Verizon's wired fiber network has already had a high penetration rate in the US, although the cable business has a Q4 profit margin of 11.6% to 3.3 billion dollars year-on-year, but this is a piece of cake compared to the wireless business. Verizon's Q4 wireless business has a profit margin of 23.5%, with Verizon serving more than 100 million accounts. Verizon is also less interested in retaining traditional telephone networks, which encourage mobile phone users to migrate to fibre and wireless services.

Wired Optical fiber Network is a key element in the "network neutrality" legislation game of Verizon and FCC. The FCC wants to push ahead with "open Internet regulations" to eliminate "priority and extra fees for Internet operators to network traffic", while giants such as Verizon and At&t believe they have spent a lot of human, material and financial resources to build Internet infrastructure, But costs and benefits are not proportional.

The cable fiber network is a time-consuming infrastructure project, and Google fiber has covered only a few major urban areas for years. In addition, the third and fourth-largest operators T and Sprint and Verizon,at&t still have a considerable amount of gap.

In addition, Verizon has reason to step up in the wireless business, "Web portal" Google to work with T-mobile,sprint to complete the "operator" dream, the pressure from the T-moblie,sprint has never ceased. Recently, T is planning to give low credit records the same smartphone and Internet services as ordinary users, and allows users to add up to the next month's unused traffic. Although Verizon has not been "expected" to launch similar services, they immediately added a traffic package to prepaid subscribers. Last year, in the four quarter, T increased the number of users by 21 million, flat to Verizon users, and 10 million of Sprint's users.

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