Viewing the effect of social media marketing from the perspective of activity and loyalty

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Absrtact: The Author: @ Yan Tao three life "write in front" thought for a while don't know to this article to open what title, perhaps now the title is still not the best, but there is no harm to express my opinion. Writing this article also stems from the several things I have encountered, which boils down

Author: @ Yan Tao San Shou

"Write in front" thought for a while don't know to give this article to open what title, perhaps the title is still not the best, but there is no harm to express my views. Writing this article also stems from a few things I have come across that are related to the effects of social media marketing.

1. In 2011, when I ran the Enterprise Weibo, I did a coupon activity, just 1 hours (3,600 seconds) with more than 1200 people, on average 3 seconds to participate, one months after monitoring its utilization rate of up to 85%.

2, 2012 I tutored a Amoy brand micro-blog operation, from the micro-Bo Guide Network flow conversion rate, customer unit price is higher than the average level of 600%, 13% or so. As shown in Figure 1

3, a few days ago a friend Taobao store told me that from the micro-Bo to shop to buy users of their scoring and evaluation is very high, higher than Taobao station other customers. It also reminds me of why the owner of a year Weibo accumulated less than 10,000 but brought in millions of sales, the activity is evident.

Figure I: An Enterprise Micro-blog for its web site diversion effect

Although a lot of people know that social media marketing as a general trend, do not do, but the company or boss is after all look at the effect of output, so the effect of social media marketing How to assess is a headache. However, I think that most enterprises are in the two-point dilemma, one is that the evaluation system is not clear, that is, do not know what indicators to evaluate properly, the other is not know how to monitor these indicators, that is, can not quantify the assessment. If the effect can not be quantified and reasonably recognized, enterprises will naturally not devote too much energy to do, and do not have the confidence to do a good job of social media marketing. Of course, today I'm not telling you how to build an evaluation system, but by using case data to explore how businesses should perceive the effects of social media marketing.

The degree of activity means not only the number of comments, but also the business conversion rate.

Many businesses and operators are aware of the importance of the activity of micro-blogging (letter) operations. So, what is the activity, how active can be increased, the index of the measure of activity in addition to the number of comments? I don't think most people can answer it completely. In fact, the active degree is a comprehensive factor, which is related to the amount of vermicelli, vermicelli quality, interaction, can be transferred, PV, the proportion of new and old fans, such as indicators, the most important through activities, interaction, content optimization is to improve the activity of a corporate microblog fans. In general, the higher the activity, the higher the quality of the enterprise Weibo.

Popularity so much we take a look at the first case mentioned earlier. Remember that the corporate fans were only 20,000, and this activity averaged 3 seconds of fan participation, coupon business conversion rate as high as 85%. To know that the company through the group purchase site and other channels issued coupons used in general, between 20%-40%. Why is it so high? This is the core of social media marketing, relationship and precision. Micro-blogging is a one-way concern (two-way) weak relationship, and fans take the initiative to focus on you means that it recognizes you, and you have established some kind of strong or weak relationship. This is more than rigid advertising to give it a more profound recognition. Then after a long period of operation accumulation, the fans and "you" relationship more and more deep. Just like a familiar name in our address book even if you only see one side, but the longer it exists there you will think the more familiar he is. So being able to participate in this event is a "good relationship" fan, and then through their friends to participate in activities, @ Friends are mostly with their strong relationship, give this layer of relationship (trust), fans and their friends the last use of coupons is more natural than unfamiliar users naturally much higher. Therefore, social media marketing is through the relationship between the impact of transformation, the first layer of the relationship is very important, but also become the core layer. Of course, the opposite is why we have always stressed that the quality of vermicelli is greater than quantity.

Social Media marketing results not only in quantity but also in quality, it brings you quality users

From the second/three cases we can clearly see that the social media marketing effect not only in quantity but also in quality, it brings you quality users. The figure can be seen, micro-blogging on the flow of conversion rate of 3.3%, higher than the average site Seminyak 6 times times more, and the user's customer price of 13% or so, the value of the site each visit is also higher than the average of 7 times times. These figures are enough to show that social media can deliver quality and efficient traffic to businesses. Flow does not lie in more than the essence is effective, effective flow not only reduce the cost of marketing will increase customer value. So we evaluate micro-blogging and other social media is not only to see the size and quantity, but also to see its marketing quality. Under the premise of grasping the quality to enlarge the influence scale. Social media marketing is to make the quality of the relationship into business value (deal), and the relationship between the impact of the use of the core of strong relationships to affect the weak relations around, the continuous cycle of repeated. According to the three degree influence theory, once relations influence in 50%, two degrees about 25%, three degrees is weaker, then the social marketing is to let more of your business has a relationship to affect the user, the user with a one-time relationship to affect its friends.

The charm of social media marketing is accurate and effective

We say that social media is different from traditional media not only because of the different forms of media, but also in the relationship between the aggregation, this relationship may be due to the common interests, values, or have a common friend, today this relationship into the trust, and thus formed their own circle, that is, birds of a feather flock together Therefore, the enterprise operating social media is to do a resource aggregator, to attract users of corporate identity together, at this time the enterprise can be more accurate information to push the user, and this is the relationship as a lubricant of information, and not to unfamiliar users as objectionable. This continues to pass information in a valid circle. This view can be analyzed in the following diagram case.

Figure II A website video promotion traffic effect

This is a micro-blog marketing course video promotion, mainly with the EDM promotion, micro-blog and search engines are natural flow. However, the most traffic from the EDM is visible from the data, but the user's page views are significantly higher than the EDM of direct (directly accessible), microblogging, especially when the page is accessed for more than 4 minutes longer than the Edm/direct user, Shows that its users are more interested in video and more accurate and efficient. And then there is the rate of site skipping (ie the proportion of users who close the page directly after the visit) and the minimum 57%. This time we found that in the regular promotion of micro-blogging aggregation of users for marketing more effective.

The above case analysis may not generalize all industry enterprises, but what we can see is the social network trend, the enterprise marketing must make the change and adapts, the future marketing really enters the people-oriented marketing era, the person is both the product purchaser is also the information dissemination person, or affects other people decision behavior factor, The impact of people is becoming easier and tighter for social networks. Of course, your company may not be able to feel the power of social marketing, but I believe that when you really feel it may be too late, your opponents are beyond you, your users are away from you. We need positive social media marketing results, but first we have to set up an evaluation system, and then quantify the evaluation system, your business is ready?


The author: Yan Tao Sina Weibo @ Yan Tao, micro-credit public account yantao-219, digital marketing and social marketing practitioners and explorers, a number of Web media columnist, marketing consultant/trainer, etc.

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