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Online exposure to the payroll software anyone can put the payroll photo upload recently out of a magical exposure to pay software, anyone can put their own payroll photos uploaded to the inside, but also can see thousands of posts of information, by netizens called the artifact. The software is also designed to work with operators, such as products that provide social sharing, and users can get more queries after sharing them. The software occasionally also do activities in the Millet Community marketing, rely on a red rice to earn 18,000 reply. It is understood that there are only 5 core members of the software, including 3 products as well as operators and 2 developers. Talk about the user's privacy disclosure concerns, the exposure of the wage team said the user will not be individual files, users upload the payroll can also take the initiative to erase the name and work number, so don't worry too much. At present, only the Android version of the exposure software, from the functional perspective, the exposure of the software is only two: first, let users expose their wages anonymously, and second, let other users see the data you exposed. The product even registers the link to save, any anyone may take his own salary strip to photograph uploads. If the uploaded payroll data is approved manually, other users will be able to see it. The majority of users said that the use of the software is simply to seek the internal imbalance, see the better not look. It's a bit of a pity to look at someone's high salary and then look at the shrivelled wallet in your pocket. Exposure to the software simple to even register the link has been saved, this eliminates the need to register a way to save users worry about the leakage of information, you can rest assured that the sun's own wages. Users in the exposure of their wages, also do not need to fill in the real name, just write the company name, position, tax before the monthly salary can be. If the posted payroll data is approved manually, other users will be able to query and see the data. Software query function can not be unlimited use, users can get 10 times per share of the query opportunities, if you have exposed their wages and audit passed, you can have unlimited access to the query. Already working friends, gathering wages are often used as a conversation, may be interested in other people's wages, may want to compare their treatment in the same industry is reasonable, or just want to know other people's wages from my position, compare and so on. The sensitive topic of "salary" makes the software have plenty of topics. According to the official claim that the small application of exposure to wages can provide about 200,000 companies, 10 million wages information. Future plans to recruit business development.
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