Walking on the tip of a Shanzhai tablet computer: Price battles devour profits

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Flat world price battle swallowed profits, industry reshuffle the market at home and abroad, the big shuffle is under pressure, those positioned in thousand or more of the Shanzhai tablet computer, if not sharply reduced processing, immediately into inventory. In the field of consumer electronics, inventories, once more than half a year, become e-waste. At present in the white plate flat price has hit 600 yuan, low-end product prices are reduced to 300~400 yuan. And less than 10% gross margin. A Shenzhen tablet computer manufacturer said. Christmas season is coming in Europe and the United States, but for the overseas market-oriented Shenzhen Shanzhai Tablet PC manufacturers, this consumption season is likely to reap only disappointment. On the one hand, the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, so that the market demand is weak; On the other hand, Amazon (micro-bo) Kindle low prices, but also let the white Card (Shanzhai) flat customers lost a lot. In order to sales, white plate manufacturers have to repeatedly cut prices, vicious competition has emerged. Less than 10% of gross margin, a little inventory will be loss, feeling is walking on the tip. Industry reshuffle is unavoidable, a large number of small and medium-sized cottage will be eliminated. The idea of Sun Hongwei, head of Shenzhen's digital company, which began dabbling in Shanzhai tablets earlier this year, has almost reached a consensus in the Shanzhai tablet world. However, the industry also pointed out that the tablet mainly using ARM architecture chip and the Android operating system, this open architecture to white brand innovation left a broad space, white Tablet PC can develop a variety of innovative applications, so that in the market to find their own foothold in space. With the further expansion of the flat market at home and abroad, with a strong industry chain supporting capacity of the Shenzhen cottage Flat plate is likely to replicate the brilliant, those with independent development capabilities of the white card manufacturers or have the opportunity to bigger. Sluggish demand in Europe and the United States the decline in the Christmas season, Shenzhen white Tablet PC More is sold to foreign markets. Reporter in Shenzhen huaqiang North Electronic Market to understand that the white plate overseas market is mainly concentrated in two large, one is the European and American market-oriented developed markets, one is India, Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the main emerging markets. The two markets each accounted for about 50% of the exports. High-end products in Europe and the United States to sell better market, low-end products in emerging markets are popular. However, this year, the European debt crisis, the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, the European and American markets have been sluggish consumption. Overseas economic situation is not optimistic, the Shenzhen white plate PC shipments impact very much. Shenzhen billion road digital sales manager He Wenbo in the interview with South reporters confessed. This view has been fully verified in the near future. Since entering the October, Shenzhen white Plate manufacturers have been fully prepared for the western Christmas consumption season, hoping to take this opportunity to roll over. However, orders from the European and American markets were far below expectations, leaving the hopes of white-label flat makers frustrated. Originally expected October, November can get 150,000 orders, the company can make some money this year. How to get more than 80,000 in the end, before the 15A series of plans made by thousands of units have to be knocked down again. Patrick Sun Hongwei, digital director, said. Sun Hongwei told reporters that most of the company's orders than expected, the peak season is not a fait accompli. Fortunately, while demand in Europe and the US is sluggish, emerging markets are relatively resilient. A number of Shanzhai tablets in the south have been interviewed by reporters, said in the last two months, from Russia, Brazil, Eastern Europe, orders have risen markedly, although the volume of orders is not very large, but together is a big chunk. Now everyone is busy looking for Southeast Asia, West Asia, the Middle East customers, hope that these customers can bring some incremental orders to make up for the decline in European and American orders. Big brands to reduce the price of the cottage tablet face shuffle before, Apple ipad2 market price of more than 3,000 yuan, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Hewlett-Packard and other traditional PC manufacturers and Han Wang, Patriots and other digital manufacturers of tablet computers, the price is more than 3000 yuan. And the price of Shanzhai flat plate, in the high-end of about 1500, low-end products as long as 500~600 yuan. It is the huge price difference that has become the living space of the Shanzhai tablet computer. However, before and after the national day, Lenovo suddenly blew up a thousand-yuan storm, will have just listed 7-inch tablet computer ——— Lenovo Le Pada 1, and price adjustment is very large, 2G B volume version of only 1000 yuan, 16G b version of the sale of 1399 yuan (before 16G b version of the listing price of 2499 yuan. Lenovo's price adjustment immediately caused a stir in the market. Statistics show that Lenovo Le Pada 1 in the initial price, Taobao flagship store and Jingdong mall less than 3 days on the cumulative sale of nearly 8000 units. The physical stores in the major cities have long sold off goods. The domestic market is under the oppression of Lenovo, the world market in the days of Shanzhai tablet is also difficult. The Kindle is priced at 199 dollars, equivalent to more than 1200 yuan. This price, let thousand yuan above the white plate in North America market almost lost living space. Send de digital Sun Hongwei told reporters, North America an agent had signed 6000 orders, the deposit also played over. In early November, the customer suddenly broke the promise, the margin is not. The customer told me that many consumers were snapping up Kindle as the Kindle F ire a low price listing. Compared with the Kindle, the cottage flat plate and no price advantage, it is difficult to sell out, so can only break the breach. Shanzhai tablet domestic and foreign markets at both ends of the pressure, those positioned in thousand or more of the Shanzhai tablet computer, if not sharply reduced processing, immediately became inventory. In the field of consumer electronics, inventories, once more than half a year, become e-waste. In addition to high-end SHANZHAI flat plate pressure, a sharp downward shift in the price of front-line brands, but also to lower the price of low-end cottage flat plate. At present in the white plate flat price has hit 600 yuan, low-end product prices are reduced to 300~400 yuan. And less than 10% gross margin. Using the low end of the Granville ChipShanzhai Flat plate, shipping price of 300 yuan, profit only 20 to 30, and 500 of the midrange Tablet PC, margin is within 50. If other costs are counted, the net profit will be lower. Mainly rely on quantity to maintain profitability. He Wenbo points out. Sun Hongwei pointed out that the continuous price reduction to make the cottage flat plate profits are thinner, a little careless will lose money. The industry is shuffling, and so digested the inventory, many small and medium-sized Shanzhai tablet Enterprises will withdraw from the market. Differential survival, innovation or reconstruction of the magnificent cottage flat plate survival space is getting smaller, the industry reshuffle is imminent, there is concern in the industry, the cottage will not step in the footsteps of Shanzhai netbook, a Shenzhen cottage manufacturers of another Waterloo? This concern, billion road digital sales manager He Wenbo disagree. He Wenbo said that billion road on the future trend of tablets is very optimistic, especially in the industry customer market. For example, the catering industry needs to use tablets to replace the original recipes, the medical industry can use tablets to provide nurses and doctors better service, in addition, the education industry also has great potential. Of course, the excavation of these industry markets requires us to improve the customer experience of the products and produce products that are more suitable for them according to their requirements. ARM China President Wu Hanxiong also points out that the ARM architecture chip of the tablet and the a Ndroid operating system, this open architecture is different from the closed architecture of the W Intel ERA, providing great innovation space for industry. Tablet computers are widely used. China's chip companies are designed to sell more than 500 million pieces of arm-chip designs this year, and from 2007 to 2010 their sales rose 5, 5 times times higher than the global chip industry's 84% sales growth. For small and medium-sized enterprises, ARM launched a series of development tools, including some free version for them. In this era, software application development is the key point to determine the competitiveness of products. SMEs can fully innovate to find their own market segments. Wei Xinjiang Information technology company channel manager Mr. Jiang told reporters that white plate should adopt a differentiated market strategy to deal with the current predicament. For example, Lenovo Music pad A1 Although the price is about 1000 yuan, but it is only a tablet computer, and we have the same price of the tablet computer has 3G communications and other functions. We and A1 the same configuration of products shipped price only need 500 yuan to 600 yuan. Thus, the white plate still has its own living space. More industry point of view, the current tablet computer chip suppliers have more than 10, the solution provider is up to hundreds, a variety of innovative constantly gush, industry competition is sufficient, those with independent development capacity and reaction speed of the manufacturers are expected to stand out. To chip supplier Rui Core Micro, for example, in Google Android4 0 has just been released shortly, Rui Core Micro was the first to introduce the use of the RK29 program Android4.0 firmware version, a white tablet computer using the firmware version of the product has been listed. And that's when the first-tier PC brand tabletComputer products, many are still using the Android2.3 version. Now the Shenzhen tablet industry, and the mobile phone blowout on the eve of the situation is very similar. The MediaTek model created the brilliance of the cottage. If the tablet market at home and abroad is really on the big start, MediaTek in the tablet sector is likely to emerge. From the Shanzhai phone to the cottage flat plate Sun Hongwei summed up the way. Side report exclusive dialogue arm China President Wu Xionghang: Cottage tablet to learn with international resources Docking PC is small market, we do not value south: This September, the WINTEL (windows+ Intel) Alliance collapse, Microsoft formally joined the support of ARM, you think this for arm what kind of meaning? Wu Xionghang: First, the technology of the symbol arm is not only on the mobile platform, but also on other devices, its advantages are recognized. But in fact, arm is not the value of the PC market, for two reasons, the first arm shipments in this year about 8 billion, the PC market is relatively small, arm profit is by IP authorization, we care more about the amount of the market, but do not care about the specific PC market. Second, Jobs released ipad2 has announced the beginning of the PC era, the past PC played two roles, one is the commercial characteristics of the office equipment, one is the consumer to the Internet platform, it is obvious that the platform in the past has a lot of flaws, brought us opportunities. For us, the future growth of space is not the pure PC domain. We welcome Windows support, but that does not mean we can replace the PC, and W IN8 support is an important software partner for us. At the same time for our customer partners, including some of China's customers, there is a significant point is that there is this Windows support, they can open up a number of new markets, not to use the tablet users have to use Apple or Android, Of course, you can also use Microsoft Windows these types of devices. The ARM architecture is more suitable for the super-South: The industry is very concerned about the competition between arm and X86, with the increase of 3C integration, the target market overlap between arm and Intel increases. What do you think of the Intel chip handsets that are being laid out and Intel's recent heavy push for the super business? Wu Xionghang: For now, we don't see Intel's real advantage in mobile phones, and they've been announcing this type of stuff for years, but there's no concrete reaction in the market. So we have to wait and see. Super lightweight, battery lasting, this is a very good concept, this type of equipment will certainly have a good market. But conversely, this kind of market is more suitable for the combination of AR m plus w indow S. We see that they are targeted at the group, is mainly to meet consumer demand for the Internet, if this is the selling point, that arm for X86 more advantages. On the other hand, the compatibility problem of old software is important in the market, still be validated. Now the most direct competitor of the SuperIt's MacBook, but I think the compatibility requirements for old software are not very strong for people using these devices. So I think, ultra-extreme is the arm of the chip or x 86 of the chip, ultimately to see the composition of the user. If users want to use the company to work for office, then there are more people with X86, but if the purchase of these frivolous computers is purely for consumption, then perhaps x 86 advantage is small, because it power consumption, high cost. The second, I think, the reason for the success of the super, is that business people will choose such a platform. So in general, this type of equipment demand will be more. But inside X86 and arm's share still depends on the specific market. Nan du: What do you think of the Shanzhai tablet market? Why did the Shanzhai netbook not develop? Wu Xionghang: Domestic Small and medium-sized enterprises are many but scattered and small, these relative scale is also small and medium-sized enterprises how to dock with international resources, is also a key. Arm China is now starting to do some integration work. This year, they brought China's 5 chip companies into the ARM partner Conference to help them establish a communication mechanism with Google's androidcommunity. In the past, domestic enterprises were more at a disadvantage, no one gave him endorsement, they went to find partners, they are unwilling to provide real cooperation with them. Secondly, we do is software development, we have introduced some development tools, including some free version for small and medium-sized enterprises, because in this era, software application development is the final decision to determine the competitiveness of products. In talent training, developer cooperation is also our focus next year. Netbooks belong to old technology for new demand, which is why netbooks can't do it. In the consumer market, its PC advantage does not come out, and the commercial PC market netbook can not get, the profit is not, so both sides demo. I don't think there will be any more netbooks in the future, either Apple's MacBook Air or the tablet computer.
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