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"Billion Power network" March 21 news, a few days ago industry rumors Wanda Group will be high-profile into the electricity quotient, and swept the well-known electric power executives to build a team. In this regard, billion power network to reach Wanda Group, the relevant responsible persons said that has not been informed, not yet understand the situation. But a number of the industry's famous celebrities have confirmed the news to billion power network. Wanda Group Crazy Recruit to do the electricity quotient, looked for 10 not well-known headhunting, everywhere calls, the electric business circle except Ma Yun and Liu, almost every Gao Yandu sweep, it is very unreliable, you have to be careful. ”

According to the Wanda Group insiders revealed that the Wanda Electric business is a farce is purely an accident. "Although the electric Business Insider asked once, but did not want to take the opportunity to hype." And I don't know what a headhunter is doing. ”

Electricity traders comment on the uproar of Wanda Electric dealers

A well-known traditional enterprises in charge of electric power network revealed, learned that Wanda Recruitment after the initiative to contact Wanda Group, and recommended Wanda Group to do the electrical business need to do the right way, then learned that Wanda Power business recruiting farce is not Wanda expected. And Wanda a communication just know, originally is Wanda Group on the command of the executive is not clear, and then headhunters did not grasp the good rhythm, plus good people to add, finally evolved into a Wanda power recruitment farce. ”

Wanda Electric Business No team want to do what is not clear

Recently, there are claiming to obtain Wanda Electric business strategy People said Wanda wants to integrate its five main business package online, open up new battlefield. Wanda Group is currently at the expense of recruiting, plans to integrate five product lines, and then E-commerce as the Wanda Group's sixth largest business.

And familiar with Wanda Electric business specific planning of the well-known retail actual combat experts, former Dangdang COO Huang Jo revealed, in fact, Wanda Group on how to do the electrical business and did not think well. "There is no specific plan for the time being and they are not thinking about what to do, and they are not building up the team," he said. ”

And also received the search company telephone Silver Thai network CEO Liao Bin also said that Wanda Group, although determined to do the electricity quotient, but has not found the right trader, the specific program is still in the process of formation.

A company with Wanda Group Business contacts revealed that to Wanda to talk about cooperation, found that the traditional retail sales of the squeeze has become more and more, the truth has been the attention of Wanda Group high-level.

In this respect, a senior person with the experience of retail sales of traditional electric dealers, as long as the retail-related retail business, Wanda Group as a traditional retail real estate giant layout of the electricity business itself is understandable. But commercial real estate expect to rely on a high salary to dig a strong man to do the electricity business basically not, must pay attention to three points: first, oneself think clearly how to do, do the purpose of the electrical business; the second is that they can only participate as an investor in the project, can not give too much interference; three is to have the mentality of entrepreneurship, e-commerce burning the speed of money has been given.

Dangdang before COO Huang Jo Forecast, the traditional enterprise electric business era is about to open, Wanda and Huawei and other traditional giants into the electric business will promote the rapid development of the industry. "In the past seven or eight years, in addition to Taobao, the pure electricity dealer has not formed the industry competition barrier, but now the traditional enterprise has been through a setback, has learned the lesson, and understands the electric business operation, has the resource superiority, the user foundation as well as the solid word of mouth tradition enterprise will have the opportunity Therefore, the traditional enterprises will become an important part of the power companies. ”

Rich-man recruitment is the accident industry blame pressure

Since Wanda Electric business has been a farce, no one dares to take up the dazzling position of Wanda Group's electric trader. "Wanda Group of electricity recruitment in the industry uproar, this use of the rich soil to hype their own, one is being scolded by the industry, the second is who will be in the forefront, no one dared to apply." "An electric trader who has been" harassed "several times by Headhunters said.

Recently, Wanda plans to enter E-commerce, out of 2 million yuan annual salary recruitment operations management team widely circulated in the industry, even the listed company Mai Lin CEO Beichun have been harassed several times by headhunters. "The claim is that apart from Ma Yun and Liu, the rest of us can dig, which is very unreliable!" felt like a rich dirt boss yelled at mummy to call all the ladies out and choose! "

And according to billion power network to understand that a number of electrical business people to see the light Wanda Group into the electric business prospects. "Seems to have been in the real estate for a long time to develop a domineering culture, in the Internet era certainly not." ”

In fact, according to people familiar with the story, Wanda Electric business recruitment farce is likely to be the result of the high pressure of the Wanda Group. Wanda High level to the pressure is very large, so the following is very impatient, in fact, Wanda Group also useless several headhunting company, plus the search company salesman do more expansion, and finally became a Wanda into the eve of the Electric business episode. ”

Although the traditional enterprises do have a variety of advantages, but the famous luxury selling network CEO Li Lishai said not bullish Wanda Group into the electricity business. "When will the next electric carrier be born?" will not be Wanda or Wangfujing (600859, shares bar) department stores, may still be born in the grassroots, electricity business is hard work, dirty and dirty Live, is grass-roots work. ”

However, it is clear that Wanda Group has decided to divide the food and electricity business from the urgency of the opening up of Wanda Electric. "IBM's technical Senior has joined Wanda, Wanda's own technical team is not weak, the specific planning is also in the formation, from a high-level attitude, determination will never be small." ”

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