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Google has just announced its latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, and the SDK Development Kit for the new system has been officially announced to developers, including Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and just the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, all will support upgrades to Android Lollipop. But when the new system was released, Google did not seem to mention much about Android Wear, which developed an operating system for smart watches. And what special features will Android Lollipop have for Android Wear? Clock interface API now in the App Store, we can see many third party smart watch clock interfaces. Although some of them look good, not all of them are satisfying. Most of them are especially exotic, and it doesn't feel like a watch after installation. This is because Google has not released a unified API for the clock interface. In fact, Google has asked developers to stop introducing custom clock interfaces, knowing that official APIs are officially released. Now, though, not all developers are so obedient. If you're just developing a simple clock interface, it's actually very simple, as long as it makes the design look beautiful. However, as a smart watch interface, it must be matched with card notifications, watches and other applications, whether smartphones or tablets. Believe that when the Android Lollipop really pushed to the majority of users, the unified and beautiful smart watch clock interface will become the mainstream. Every time project Volta updates a new version, Google adds a new feature named after project. In Android Lollipop, we have a new project Volta. In smartphones and tablets, Project Volta features a power-saving model, and battery history management features will help users find the most consumable applications and provide a job Scheduler API to help devices better manage applications running in the background. I believe we can see this in the future in Android Wear. Audio processing refers to smart watches, and it seems that everyone will not have too high a demand for their voices. However, the main control of smart watches is through voice commands, so the processing of sound may mean that the success rate of sending SMS or executing commands via Android Wear is higher. According to Google's Glenn Kasten, the audio API will be rewritten in Android Lollipop to reduce input and output delays. Although this upgrade is only 10 good, it is enough to make Android devices available as audio or pull-card OK applications as audio sources. If there is noSmart-phones or tablets can also achieve the same function in the future through smart watches. Battery life We all know that all Android Wear smart watches are a big problem, and the Android Lollipop will be able to provide real help. Google has been working to improve battery consumption and smarter use of electricity, and Android Lollipop is no exception. Smart watches, the next most promising electronic product after smartphones, must continue to fall in price if they are to be popularized as soon as possible. But the drop in prices has led to a corresponding reduction in the hardware configuration of the device, which makes the device run very slowly, affecting the user experience. Google hopes to improve the situation by using a project called Android One, which will ensure the equipment experience and reduce prices to a minimum. The Android Lollipop, as the latest operating system, can change that. When I used the developer preview version of the Android L system, it became apparent that the battery life of the device was much longer than that of the Android Kat, though not all. and Android L will lead to longer usage times, and the user's search for power is less likely to happen. And we all hope that these new energy-saving features can be brought into the Android Wear, after all, every day to charge for smart watches, not what we want to see. Along with Android Lollipop upgrades when the Android Wear just came out, we all thought it was just a 1.0 version, or even a beta. But it didn't take long for the hardware that was on the Android Wear system to be sold, and it all seemed a little too hasty. Although the operation experience has been improved through several updates, the Android Wear is not yet a truly mature piece. I speculate that the original Android Wear should be based on Android Lollipop development, although there is no evidence, but I firmly believe that. Google should actually launch the Android Wear with Android Lollipop in October/November is the right time, though not now. After the Android Wear device went public, I was more sure of my speculation. Although Google has not recently planned a big upgrade to the Android Wear, it is confident that the new features will gradually be integrated into the Android Wear system as the Android Lollipop continues to improve. After all, let the user in the smart watch and smart phones more seamless switching between the two systems is the purpose of unification.
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