What is the relationship between the good habits of stationmaster and culture?

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Absrtact: This is not a top SEO optimization technology article, if you just want to learn SEO technology, I tell you this article is not suitable for you, because you are still in a SEO the most basic level, in the SEO team, you also belong to a SEO strategy executive role

This is not an article on top SEO optimization technology, if you just want to learn SEO technology, the author tells you this article is not suitable for you, because you are still in a SEO the most basic level, in the SEO team, you also belong to a SEO strategy executive role, Enterprise SEO team record behind the culture, Only culture can unite people's hearts, only when the hearts of people are condensed, will form a team of resultant force, create amazing performance, such as Alibaba, such as Baidu, such as Tencent and Sina ... Technology is just the basis, then you will ask me, webmaster good habits and culture what relationship?

The author tells you, SEO team culture behind is seoer mentality, Buddhism says: The heart is born, the state of mind turn, the heart is good, all natural good. We Chinese ancestors, since ancient times to teach us "tiandaochouqin, Tenet", these 8 words to give the author very deep inspiration, any website SEO success must have the law of success, good mentality to develop good habits, good practice, good mentality can let you use the SEO method, find the direction of doing things, If you can persevere in this way, then you will use good habits in exchange for good rankings of the site, "three daily doomed, seven points by playing" I firmly believe that the success of the SEO 70% from the webmaster good habits, the design of the webmaster.

First, seoer in the selection of the server to choose High-quality Server, the author suggested to find million or new network of the most stable, domain name selection should also be selected to streamline, simple and easy to remember, space must be well documented.

Second, seoer in the site before the development must be based on the company's products, positioning to do a detailed website content and keyword distribution strategy, including your homepage keyword, column page keywords, product keywords and content of the keywords.

Third, the keyword distribution completes, must do well the content and the key word correlation. The most common is the site within the chain, reflected in the chain is a website structure of humanity.

Four, the site's architecture, in fact, in the second step, Seoer can describe the general structure of the site, on the basis of the general structure of the site, seoer to talk about each page of the site content and keywords to develop each page title and description, Seoer also ensure that your website URL is static.

V, Seoer in the site before the local to do rigorous testing, to ensure that the site is correct at the same time will be the first part of the planning content, released up, so as to ensure that the site online when there is content to avoid the web site bare butt online, such a site by the industry to see you ridiculous After the customer saw that you do not have the strength of the enterprise, Baidu saw that you do not have any site can crawl.

Site map design, including: Sitemap.html, with RSS subscription sitemap.xml and robots.txt file settings.

Seven, above six good, Seoer will be able to your website officially online.

Eighth, every day to do keyword analysis and mining, planning a high heat, low competitive keywords, these keywords summed up and make a table.

Ninth, Seoer every day to do some original content published to your website, it is best to stick to every day, this is the most successful serer very good habits.

Tenth, the writing of soft paper, the construction of industry-related external chain.

Now, we are in the era of search engine technology innovation, the author found that a lot of seoer are saying that SEO is a hard work, SEO more and more bad to do, but I think the big business SEO relies on corporate culture, team management is the final technology implementation, Good culture and management can make SEO team members have a good mentality, seoer has a good mentality will have good habits, do not impetuous, in short: Seoer as long as the heaven to do SEO, according to the law to do SEO, then the site is a good ranking of things.

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